Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (2016)

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When a total eclipse of the sun takes place, a 21st century woman, Go Ha Jin, is transported back in time to the Goryeo Dynasty of Korea. She wakes up in the body of 16-year-old Hae Soo, an aristocrat living with Lady Hae, her cousin who happens to be married to one of the sons of King Taejo. read moreShe soon befriends several of the princes, who find her carefree and exuberant attitude refreshing. Although she knows she should not get involved in palace intrigues over the succession to the throne, she inadvertently becomes a pawn in the struggle, as several of the Princes fall in love with her. ~~ Based on Chinese novel “Bu Bu Jing Xin” by Tong Hua.

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    달의 연인 - 보보경심 려
  • Also Known as:

    Moon Lovers; Time Slip: Ryeo; Daleui Yeonin - bobogyeongsim Ryeo; Moon Lovers – Scarlet Heart: Ryeo; Scarlet Heart: Goryeo; Scarlet Heart: Ryeo;

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Nov 1, 2016
  • Overall 10
  • Story 10
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 10
  • Rewatch Value 10
Moon Lovers and I go wayy back. When Scarlet Heart first came out back in 2011, it was all the rage. At that time I was into my second year of drama-watching and I hadn't watched anything much besides Korean dramas. But I remember a bunch of my online friends strongly recommended me to start Scarlet Heart. In fact, 5 years later, I still haven't been recommended a drama like that, with read more such intense passion and by so MANY people. But sadly, I never got around to watching it. I was really uncomfortable with the language, the historical setting, the bald-look of the princes (okay, I SAID IT, I'm sorry, I was shallow). But somewhere, at the back of my mind, I had made this little tale that the drama is going to be made into a Korean drama one day, with all these hot actors as leads and I'll just wait it out and watch it then. And okay, a remake is pretty logical because they go around making a lot of remakes but when they announced this, I swear I got goosebumps. Like "I don't believe this--this what I have been dreaming of all my life--someone please pinch me--I should star in the next Final Destination movie now" sort of goosebumps.

So yes, saying that I was excited for Moon Lovers was putting it very mildly. I was exhilarated. Ecstatic. A lot more words with an E. And they made us wait even longer by making it a pre-produced drama and waiting a whole year before it actually came out.

But the best part? It didn't disappoint one bit. I mean, after such high expectations, it is only natural to feel a little let-down just because of all the hype you've been experiencing. But Moon Lovers actually ended up surpassing all my expectations. The drama was perfect from the beginning till the end.

Coming to the plot, it was extremely well-paced. I mean, for dramas it is rare to find such consistently well-paced dramas. Sometimes the beginning is not that good and sometimes the plot dies down after ep 12-16. But here, you never feel like there is too much or too little. It is really hard to skip anything. You just don't want to. Another important fact is that because an older version is already out there, viewers are prepared for a possibly sad/tragic ending. Even if you come without knowing anything about the parent story, the vibe of the show itself whispers the possibility of an un-fairytale-like outcome. There is an intense and gloomy feeling in the show.

The characters are the strength of the drama. I mean, can we talk about the fourth Prince? He is going down in history as one of my favorite characters ever. Firstly, he is so sexy. I mean, you simply can't get enough of him. I have never really been into Lee Jun Ki before but after this, I plan to check out all his dramas. I have seen a couple of his shows but I never realized he was THIS good. The character of Wang So is so complex and so hard to deliver. And yet, Lee Jun Ki plays him so effortlessly, becoming one with the character. What is even more surprising is that he is such a cutie in real life (lol). I really don't know anyone more perfect for this role. I mean, Kang Ha Neul's character turned to the dark side too but it was nothing compared to Wang So. Wang So was simply..addictive!

Coming for Hae Soo. IU faced a lot of flack for her poor acting skills but I felt she was good in her role. I mean, she wasn't as good as Jun Ki or Ha Neul but she did really well. You could feel her transformation from a 21st century person to Goryeo lady to a woman with a lot of scarring experiences. In her previous works she has only done cutesy roles. I really enjoyed her work in this, she showed her versatility as a serious actor. The 13th Prince. He was gentle and kind and the most perfect friend. I loved his chemistry with Woo Hee. It was surprisingly great!

Wang Eun was a big baby but he was a sweetheart too. I wouldn't say Baek Hyun is a good actor but he was given an easy role and it was handled well. Ji Soo was a delight to watch! So far I have loved him in all his roles (I think I have watched everything he has starred in). The rest of the cast was really good too. My favorite among supporting characters was General Park. His acting was so on-point even though he only starred for a few episodes. I liked his daughter too. Ji Mong was a delight to watch. And court lady Oh Sang Goong, I loved her! I can really go on and on about the characters - the good ones and the bad ones, all did well. The acting was so good here, I just couldn't get enough of it. I cried with them and laughed with them.

The music. OH MAN, the music. I love each and every song. This hasn't happened to me since Dream High (I think). I really can't pick a song that I like more than the other.

I am definitely DEFINITELY rewatching this. I know for sure.

The biggest tragedy that comes out of this drama is that the Korean audience could not fully appreciate the perfection that this drama was. The ratings were so low there. Thankfully, it did well everywhere else and made up for it.
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14 days ago
  • Overall 10
  • Story 9.5
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 10
  • Rewatch Value 8.0
This drama really got me. I love historical dramas in general, but this one is a masterpiece!

The first thing that I felt in love with was the music. I am no person that is much interested about a OST but I seriously loved this one! It is a perfect mix between modern and historical sounding songs. It was amazing!

The cast was amazing too. The acting seemed really natural, nothing was read more out of place and I feeled the emotions they tried to show with their acting. Every scene felt real and not like acting and I was astonished about how good it was.

The story was absolutely fascinating and thrilling, I was not one second bored while watching this drama. I had a few unanswered questions at the end tho, and that is the teeny tiny aspect that bothered me, but aside that it was really, really good.
Maybe rewatching this drama will answer my questions, so that is worth a try.

So you can say that this drama is definitely worth a watch! If you like this kind of genre, it is almost a must-watch in my eyes!
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It basically has the same concept, but in a historical setting. Both dramas have a strong female character who is caught between the good, romantic boy with a sad romantic backstory, and the stubborn, dark bad boy. There are supporting characters very similar to the ones in this show, as well as a mean girl/rival of the main character who has eyes for the bad boy. Both main characters find themselves in a new lifestyle and find themselves being surrounded by royalty (the rich people in Boys Over Flowers, the princes in Scarlet Heart: Ryeo). While one might find the two dramas very different from a distance, they are actually quite similar when you look closer.
Recommended by hangeulbby
Actually it is not a historical period drama like this one yet you can watch it if you hate the end like me. Indeed, Scarlet Heart 2 is the second part of Scarlet Heart chinese version. In this version , you'll see the two main leads in the 21st century.
Recommended by MissHoly

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  • Reply
    Adrielle Reis Mar 16, 2017 - edited

    Me ajudem!! Onde eu clico para assistir o ep?

    • Reply
      Juh Mar 18, 2017

      Tiraram essa função do site por enquanto :(

  • Reply
    rutuja Mar 16, 2017

    it is not a perfect drama but it was so addicting that i cant forget it till now

  • Reply
    EmpyreanConqueror Mar 16, 2017 - edited

    Flipping Cow, I hate the ending of this drama, (Spoiler alert) The female lead has a daughter with another prince instead of the main lead (4th prince) I got so angry I nearly wanted to throw my tv out the door. She wakes up in reality and finds out it was all just a dream..... right so I cried to my hearts content for nothing,,,, and that's how it ends, however she finds out near the end of the drama that it wasn't a dream, that the (4th) prince actually existed and she helped him to be an emperor, well I wouldn't say helped in a way that made him happy as he was all alone but season 2 will be the (4th) prince reincarnated to modern times in the body of the brother of the guy the female lead had a daughter with, not complicated at all. Can't wait for season 2, if they cancel it I'm going flipping rage!

    • Reply
      EmpyreanConqueror Mar 28, 2017

      I watched the drama.. just didn't think them two kissing lead to love.

    • Reply
      XiaoZhanoppa Mar 28, 2017

      we're feeling the same...

    • Reply
      Otps4Life Mar 29, 2017
      Reveal Spoiler »
    • Reply
      EmpyreanConqueror Mar 31, 2017

      Obviously you know a lot in this area of topic. hahahahha

    • Reply
      Otps4Life Apr 1, 2017

      Of course SoSoo is my otp of all otps<3 When they were on my screen together I was super glued to my computer screen xD

  • Reply
    tequilaloo029 Mar 15, 2017 - edited
    Reveal Spoiler »
  • Reply
    hamed Mar 14, 2017

    I really liked this drama. And I hope has season 2.

  • Reply
    hamed Mar 14, 2017

    this drama had a more rating if had a better end...

  • Reply
    rainbowreflects Mar 14, 2017

    i'm watching this for the second time. That has never happened to me yet when it comes to a Kdram......Lee Jun Ki and IU just both did such great acting in this. So many feels, excitement and beautiful images! OST is wonderful, i even enjoyed watching it more the second time around because i knew all the music! Don't miss this if you like historical drama's!

  • Reply
    Otps4Life Mar 13, 2017

    I still can't get over this drama-.- I need my SoSoo to have a happy ending:"(

  • Reply
    EstherT Mar 13, 2017 - edited

    I don't know if I will get over this drama T__T

  • Reply
    Lovely Mar 12, 2017
    Reveal Spoiler »
  • Reply
    RoselynDellota Mar 11, 2017

    I really liked this drama. And I hope has season 2.

  • Reply
    Fran Mar 11, 2017

    How I miss this story: how I loved, I became angry and I cried! I will always love this drama because it involved me emotionally, its final scene is one of the most epic, meaningful and exciting I've seen in so many years of dramas! Joon Gi (my love, king of the epics <3) is certainly the biggest responsible for me to have liked it so much, his Wang So was the force of the whole plot, there are few actors with this talent to give life to such a powerful character And full of conflicts the perfect way he did. Moon Lovers is incredible, has remarkable characters, a beautiful OST and many intense scenes that will mark forever.

  • Reply
    Lisa Kim Mar 11, 2017

    I am really not interested in this drama at first, even when a friend gave me a copy I just keep those on my device. Until I got a chance to watch it and dang! I didn't regret giving it a try. Actually for me one of the most decent drama in 2016, although I cringe sometime on the female leads acting. To some up it, it's good and worth trying :)

    And thanks to this drama, I discovered Kang Haneul ♥ ♥ ♥

  • Reply
    Kanha Mar 10, 2017

    I imagine that what I feel for this drama, is the same feeling as heartbreak.

  • Reply
    Oliver Mar 10, 2017

    Gosh I wasn't expecting to fall in love with it this much


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    South Korea
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    Aug 29, 2016 to Nov 1, 2016
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    Monday, Tuesday
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    60 min.


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    8.7 (scored by 10,934 users)
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