Even they have different story, but they have similarities like: Both main leads are neighbor, The woman stalk the guy that she loves and does everything to meet him and enter his house,Both lead women do funny things, also there is a childhood friend who is in love with the lead woman, but the woman sees her as a friend, Both women are brave in love and they don't give up when the guy reject them.
Recommended by jinnborn
In both series the girl is an arrogant rich woman who after she loses her memory, she learns the true meaning of life.
Recommended by claudya87
In both series an accident causes the main actress to lose her memory about some years of her life.
Recommended by claudya87
Both main leads have parted/broken up with each other in the past due to misunderstanding. Now they are going to fall in love once again with the female lead having memory lost and they will try to clear up the misunderstanding. Both have second male lead who likes the female lead and protecting her after being hurt.
Recommended by loveanimeever
Both of the female leads are known as wei wei. The drama/movie have the same feel. except that one smile is very alluring is a little more light hearted.
Recommended by AbigaylePrice
The female leads are known as wei wei. They are both really cute and just kinda almost have the same feel.
Recommended by AbigaylePrice
It just has the same feel with the main male leads being the same. He helps the female lead with their profession. When a snail falls in love is a little less on the romance though.
Recommended by AbigaylePrice
There are a lot of similarities between these two. First of all the main female lead is the same actress and the second male lead in both of these is the same. If you watch cruel romance, remember ying dong? Well his brother in cruel romance is playing his father in stay with me. I find that a bit weird, but his character still does everything he can for his family. Also the main lead in here also does so much for the female lead in secret, like in cruel romance. The main female lead does some crappy things to the main lead as well. Also there is the situation of "killing" her father.
Recommended by AbigaylePrice
They both have to deal with amnesia and misunderstandings between the main leads.
Recommended by AbigaylePrice
Stay With Me
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