Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (2017)

*Both dramas revolve around a physically strong female lead

*Both female leads are in love with the second male lead

*Both first male leads took their time and were very patient with the female lead until they finally captured her heart

*Both of the main couples have loads of cute and sweet moments

*The way the first male leads look at the female lead makes you want to melt into a puddle of goo. They both have so much love and respect for the female lead.

*Both female leads love to wear pink hoodies. ^^
Recommended by DoYouLikeMessi
Leads have super powers, both are based at gaming companies. Both have quirky humor. Both have OTT violence. Watch for Lee Dong Wook.
Recommended by StormDiaboli
*both main male character is the female character's boss

*both have a complicated love triangle

*both have comedy and light

*both female character despise main male character at first

*The two drama gave out similiar atmosphere
Recommended by Stephanie
Both dramas are romantic comedies with a criminal aspect to it that makes them both adorable and light-hearted while being thrilling and keeping you on the edge of your seat. Both female protagonists use their unique ability to help solve crimes and all the characters are loveable and bring a twist to the shows.
Recommended by Jenn
Instead to a girl and 2 boys, it's 1 boy and 2 girls and another boy that likes the girl that likes the boy.
Recommended by EmpyreanConqueror
Both deal with the male lead being in love with the female lead and she falling for him.
Though there are no supernatural elements, and the characters are in high school and not adults. Both have similar in the way the characters fall for one another. I found the movie cute and refreshing, the first I watched it, and while watching this drama, I got the same feeling behind the love story.
Recommended by PastelRose
Where the boy sees her doing something (gaming) and falls in interest with her. This is a good feel movie, that has the same love interest feeling like the others. Good Watch, with the same cheesy love.
Recommended by PastelRose
This drama is also about bodyguards, with an action, romance, and thriller tag and feel to it. Personally from the trailer itself I think it gives off a funny vibe too. And it also has 16 episodes just like SWDBS :)
Recommended by Ellie
Both of the girls have strong character and amazing powers!
If you like this drama...... you will also enjoy watching "My girlfriend is a gumiho". Strong super powerful girls with a sweet heart and a interesting relationship ^.^
Recommended by LittleMe
SGG is not a romance, but the moods of the dramas are similar: both dramas are comedies and evolve in a town and around a group of friend/a family
Recommended by Rangadeviii
Both male leads are so adorable and full of grease(cheesy af!). Junyeol and Hyungsik characters are CEOs of game companies while Boyoung and Jungeum characters are also developers of games. In short, both couples are into developing apps, games, and dating in the office. Haha. Both are fun to watch!
Recommended by mickey
Both drama have Park Bo Young as the main female lead, and both have amazing chemistry between the leads, also Park Bo Young's character name is also called Bong Soon here!
Recommended by Quirkitten
Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
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Alternative Titles

  • Native title:

    힘쎈여자 도봉순
  • Also Known as:

    Himsseonyeoja Dobongsun; Powerful Woman Do Bong Soon; Strong Girl Do Bong Soon; Strong Woman Do Bong-soon;


  • Country:

    South Korea
  • Type:

  • Episodes:

  • Aired:

    Feb 24, 2017 to Apr 15, 2017
  • Aired On:

    Friday, Saturday
  • Network:

  • Duration:

    1 hr. 10 min.


  • Score:

    8.8 (scored by 5,703 users)
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