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Suspicious Partner (2017)

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Noh Ji Wook is a unique prosecutor. He is handsome, hard-headed and intelligent who strives hard to be successful. He is the perfect example of what a prosecutor should be. Later, he becomes a lawyer.
Eun Bong Hee is a prosecutor trainee. Once a former taekwondo instructor, she trained to become a lawyer. She is confident and strong, but naive. She is assigned to work under Ji Wook.
They work together on read morea mysterious case involving a sly psychopath murderer. As they're working as a team, they develop affection between them.

  • Native title:

    수상한 파트너
  • Also Known as:

    Yi Yeojareul Joshimhaseyo; Beware of This Woman; Be Careful of This Woman; Soosanghan Romaenseu; Watch Out For This Woman; 이 여자를 조심하세요; Suspicious Romance; Soosanghan Pateuneo; 수상한 로맨스; Love in Trouble

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Jul 13, 2017
  • Overall 7.0
  • Story 7.0
  • Acting/Cast 9.0
  • Music 7.0
  • Rewatch Value 5.0
I think this drama started off strong, but lost steam as it went along. The ending episode was meandering and pointless, honestly. It had a happy ending, but was lackluster and bland. I think that if they had cut this show to 16/32 episodes instead of 20/40, they could have written a tighter story. There were some things that got lost in the story, some things that were never explained, and some read more things that dragged on way too long. The romance sizzled in the beginning and then flickered and died, and then when it rekindled, it was barely an ember. One thing that some people liked, but kind of annoyed me was the lighting in the show. Every time the main characters were about to have a real kiss - there was always this bright light shining between them. I guess it was supposed to be artistic? Once would have been plenty for that and it might have been ok, but it happened at least 3 or 4 times.

Most of the actors did a good job. Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun are both fantastic actors and I love to watch the play of emotions on JCW's face. NJH is so earnest and sincere in her acting. Choi Tae Joon as Eun Hyuk was such a cutie pie and his awkwardness and his boyish charm and enthusiasm were fun to watch (this was my first show with him.) I wasn't really impressed with Nara or her character. She was bland and we didn't learn much about her. I thought Kim Ye Won was a scene stealer though! KYW as Ji Hye started off as an unlikable bully and a cheater, but she quickly became one of my favorite supporting actors in this show, and I kind of wished she had been the second female lead instead. I loved her snarky comebacks to Yoo Jung - she made me laugh a lot. And Dong Ha, as the villain Hyun Soo, did an amazing job. It's the first time I've seen him in anything that I recall, but he nailed his role.

The music was decent, nothing stand out, but appropriate.

I won't re-watch this. It was ok, but not one of the best I've seen. I think the longer run time severely hurt the pacing.
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Jul 14, 2017
  • Overall 8.0
  • Story 7.0
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 8.0
  • Rewatch Value 6.5
The potential was great! The beginning was great! The cast was superb! Did it keep being this way during the whole drama? Unfortunately, not. When I get to the point when I stop care, I usually drop the drama, and I think, I have more dropped dramas in my list then completed ones :) So why didn't I drop this one?

Reason 1. Jong Hyun Soo/ Dong Ha . The villian in read more this drama did outstanding job, this is the first time I followed specific character, witch is not the lead with such intencity!He actually was the one who kept my interest to this drama, and the only one who I really wanted to know more about! I just have no words. If he doesn't get an award, it will be final disapointment in SBS after they missed Lee Joon Gi last year!

Reason 2 The office team scenes. I truly enjoyed every single moment of them, they were hilarious and pleasure to watch! Great interaction and chemistry between all cast!

Reason 3 Ji Chang Wook and Choi Tae Joon - and I don't mean just looks, but acting :)

The rest.. I'll just say, starting from the middle of drama there were more and more moments, were I felt bored, except scenes with Jong Hyun Soo... And the worst for me was the last episode.. After great ep 37 and 38, two last ones were just.. well, I would't miss anything if I wouldn't watch them.. And it's a pity, because last episode is the one that leaves final impact from drama, and unfortunatly I felt nothing... But overall there were a lot of moments that I enjoyed, laughed and cared. And all the actors dida great job! It wasn't a bad drama, but it didn't left strong feelings in me...
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- Both have a serial killer on the loose that takes an interest in the main male lead.

- Both are set in the world of crime.

- Both possess the genres of romance and comedy (and are clearly showing it).

- Both have a romance where the main male lead is above the main girl (careerwise) --> In Suspicious partner she's his employee and in Love me if you dare she's his secretary/assistant.

- Both male leads have an interesting personality and are smart.

- Both male leads have high positions (careerwise).

- Both excel in their field of work (one as a profiler and one as a prosecutor/lawyer).

- Both male leads have experienced trauma in their past and are still suffering from it in the present.

- Both female leads have an interesting personality and are also smart.

- Both deeply engages in a complicated investigation of the serial killer that goes beyond a few episodes.

- Both have complex characters with their own internal battles.

- Both have multiple cases, regarding criminal investigations that have nothing to do with the serial killer but are separate cases.

- One is set in the world of the police while the other is set in the world of lawyers.

- One is produced in China while the other in South Korea.

- Suspicious Partner has 40 episodes while Love me if you dare only has 24 episodes.
Recommended by HealerDoge
From the same writer, the balance of romance/comedy and thriller is really good. And the criminals are very interesting in both of those dramas.
Recommended by ErisFerris3

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    namopanik 5 days ago - edited
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    namopanik 5 days ago - edited

    I'm so glad I pushed myself to finish the last quarter.
    Would it be better as a 16 episode drama, like I Remember You? Probably yes, but 1. it was always planned as 20 episodes, so the pacing as slow it may be is steady, the plot develops as planned, still having a twist (with an inner twist) in its sleeve and there's a space for a long, calming closure, 2. I wouldn't trade a more focused show for all the company meetings hijinks this one has. The overarching plot with the killings and past story connecting main pair's fathers felt pretextual at some point, only there to highten the stakes, but it grew back on me. The strength of this drama doesn't lie in another psychokiller story (although the actor playing him has a great presence and the writter excels in making sympathetic yet chilling to the bone villains), but in an enseble of an endearing characters. In that sense I wish it was even slice-of-lifier and some of them making up should have happened like 10 episodes earlier, because watching those people interacting in a friendlier, but still reluctant, snarky way was so much fun and I'll never grew tired of it! Not a single character annoyed me in the end. People complain about cliches, but so many typical connections were subverted and given a fresh twist.

    Reasons to watch:
    - to redeem Choi Tae Joon after Missing 9
    - people may say it's predictable now, but when it was airing, there were plenty of wild theories every week and not much of it proved right. When the story becomes a bit more predictable towards the end, I take it more as a payoff than a drop in quality (can you even call it a predictability? isn't that a point to solve things out in a rewarding way, so they wouldn't feel out of the blue?).
    - apparently pairing two bitchy second female leads results in something beautiful. Na Ji Hae is such a show stealer. If only the two of them and the heroine became friends sooner, their rapport was great!
    - no typical 2nd male lead third wheeling on the main pair. No typical 2nd female lead third wheeling either (double that). It felt more like people whom they met on their road and it's more complex and nuanced than usual. We have love triangles, but they are more a thing of a past, casting a shadow on the current situation.
    - most of them are like a bunch of broken puppies and they're all allowed to be imperfect.
    - the romance makes me all giddy inside (and slightly weepy at some points). Not even the story, because it's full of back and forths with noble idiocy and angsty separation on top, but the chemistry between the leads.
    - Prosecutor No is so good with words.
    - did I mention company meeting hijinks at least three times? I live for them. They deserve a spin off.

    If you're willing to pass some major improbabilities with how the prosecution works, you'll be rewarded with a lot nicer show about trust than comments and reviews paint it.

  • Reply
    Drdrama 6 days ago

    Best of this year..I will miss this for two years... JCW..miss u

  • Reply
    Fathi 7 days ago

    Why do i miss this drama so much!!!

  • Reply
    PabboStell 8 days ago

    I really like both Changwook and Jihyun, but after 10 episodes (5 per 60 mins), I FEEL NOTHING for any of the characters.
    No suspense and I definitely do not like how the romance started and where it's going, so... dropped for now.
    Maybe I will continue it one day... if I have nothing else to watch/do xD haha

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    Hime 12 days ago

    Great start, the first few episodes got me super excited about the story, then it gets a little draggy and predictable and the ending was meh. I felt something was missing and this could have been so much more. But at the end of the day, overall, I still feel like giving it a good rating (8/10) and I will definitely watch it again. If some things were done differently this would have been easily a 10/10 drama and one of my favourites.

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    Reeserose 12 days ago - edited

    Pretty boring I'm disapointed and might drop at 26.I love ji Chang wook and I really thought this would be more similar to I Hear Your Voice which I think balanced humor and drama well. I think this one fell pretty flat on the drama and suspense bcuz it's never really believeable that anyone is going to get hurt or that anything bad is gonna happen. Also the main couple just don't have a lot of chemistry and I feel like writing doesn't really show us why they like each other

  • Reply
    polly 15 days ago

    Loved it gets draggy in between but can be ignored ... jcw and njh have good chemistry, kang do ha rocks

  • Reply
    Winter_ 15 days ago - edited

    dragged so much and the whole drama is ... eah
    and a LOT of cliche.. cliche... cliche

  • Reply
    Hillja 20 days ago - edited

    Dong Ha: the only reason why I watched all 20/40 episodes.

  • Reply
    baudelaire 21 days ago - edited

    The second person never died though haha

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      baudelaire 15 days ago
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      Winter_ 15 days ago
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      baudelaire 15 days ago - edited
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      Winter_ 15 days ago
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    • Reply
      LMitsuki 5 hours ago
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  • Reply
    UntamedLioness 22 days ago - edited

    Dong Ha, the only saving grace of this show! I couldn't care less for Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun's love story...

    • Reply
      Sanida 21 days ago

      That's exactly how I felt while enduring this whole show!!! Dong Ha was brilliant, but everything else was so boring and dragged out...

  • Reply
    meth 23 days ago - edited

    I am on ep 15 and i m not sure if i should continue watching... I like Ji Chang Wook acting but the story... It got really boring. Does it get better?

    • Reply
      polly 22 days ago

      Then I don't know if this drama is your cup of tea . It will get draggy but personally I am glad that I didn't drop it or else I would have missed some amazing acting especially the psycho's story, chemistry between leads, funny office interactions and cat fights between female characters. Though the plot is predictable it somehow made into my fav k dramas I think the credit goes to the actors but I am not sure If you will feel the same coz everyone has their own way of digesting things. But I liked JCW the most in this drama got to see his different shades and what a talented actor he is

    • Reply
      UntamedLioness 22 days ago

      I hear you, and it doens't get better: the love story gets even more boring and somehow annoying!
      But I stick to the end though because of Dong Ha, he was just the shining star of the show, so just for him, you should keep going!

  • Reply
    fanitha 23 days ago

    I may be in the minority here but this dramas was not what I was expecting, it really gets thumbs up for the suspense part of the drama but the romance wasn't well portrayed. The problem for this drama for me is that it didn't defined what kind of drama it wanted to be, a suspense drama or a romance drama or a comedy drama? It was not a good combination in my opinion. But I would love to see a suspense drama written by this author because the plot twist and the villain were written extraordinarily!!

  • Reply
    JinBei 24 days ago

    Best drama I love nam ji hyun acting 9.5 for me <3


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    May 10, 2017 to Jul 13, 2017
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