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Because of You (2017)

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Zhang Guo Guo grew up in a Wonton shop and is also the food-delivery girl for the town. Although Guo Guo did not receive very high education, she is loved by her neighborhood because of her enthusiastic and sincere personality. But what people don’t know is that Guo Guo is actually a famous embroidery workshop boss‘s daughter, and an accident caused her to grow up in the small town. Guo Guo has read morea unique talent when it comes to embroidery. Even though Wang Ai Yu strongly opposes it, Guo Guo worked with dedication and persistence until she gained approval and earned a chance to study at her father’s embroidery workshop. Guo Guo is very grateful for Wang Aiyu for raising her, so she views Wang Ai Yu’s biological daughter, Zhang Yu Xin, as her own family. Unexpectedly, Yu Xin turns out to be Guo Guo’s biological mother Xu Hui Jie’s apprentice. Yu Xin had studied design overseas and integrated that knowledge into her embroidery, and became Guoguo’s rival. On the road to pursuing their dreams, the two girls meet brothers Li Yun Kai and Li Yun Zhe, and love blossoms. Yu Xin lost herself to fame and wealth, but Guo Guo, despite challenges and setbacks, never changed her goal to learn embroidery. Ultimately, Guo Guo used her heart to awaken everyone’s conscience and made great achievements in embroidery.
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    Yin Wei Yu Jian Ni; Because of Meeting You;

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26 days ago
  • Overall 10
  • Story 8.0
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 10
  • Rewatch Value 10
This isn't a ground breaking drama with a new and different story. This is an average melodrama story. However it does everything right so that you finish the drama overwhelmed by a deep sense of satisfaction. Watching this drama it did my heart so much good! Maybe it's because the world can be so unjust that we take justice wherever we can. Let me be clear this story isn't about redemption... it's read more about justice and that's why I loved it so much.

The acting is outstanding. You really hate the evil characters as much as you love the good ones. I love how all the relationships muddle, so that it's not just about our heroine and the guy who loves her but it's about the heroine, her mum, her other mum, her sister, her father, her friend, her aunt, her mentor AND also about the guy who loves her, his brother and his father and mum and other mum AND how all these lives are entangled and how all the relationships and dynamics are played out. There are some beautiful heart-wrenching scenes including bittersweet ones in between those that pierce your heart - burning it even BUT oh man, when that justice comes the balm is so much sweeter for it.

The production value is high with everything looking really shiny and nice which is appropriate for a drama about embroidery. The Yun Kai's suits though... :S Still this is a minor quibble, my one other being that I felt that the ending was rushed. The original had more details in the ending, and I would have loved to have seen that played out in this version BUT still it's minor complaint.

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1 day ago
  • Overall 9.0
  • Story 8.5
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 9.0
  • Rewatch Value 7.0
I'm not into a "family" genre but the story is just simply addicting. In the first few episodes, I admit I got totally bored since it focused greatly on the family and the challenges they encountered. But with the grownups now acting, it has gained my attention. I'm warning those who are planning on watching this tho, the antagonist is super annoying, just pure evil. The romance side will totally pull read more you up tho!
Furthermore, rating it 8.5 as I noticed some inconsistencies in the drama but not great of difference in the story. But what's great about this is you get to see that you reap what you sow, you'd finally enjoy the scenes with the antagonist. There's definitely something to learn on this whole drama.

I find one of the actors (the antagonist's mom) not up to par with other actors' acting skills. Regardless, I would totally give this a ten! Notably, the kid who played Le Tong is really commendable. Her cuteness aside, she really has potential in comparison to other child actors. The rest, they played their role real good. You'll definitely feel their emotions, the love, the heartbreaks and the hatred. The leads especially, the antagonist will really make you hate her while the protagonists, they had chemistry and you'd totally follow their love story. Just great casting!

I liked their OST's that I even downloaded them to learn their lyrics.
Its OST is basically composed of sweet musics.

Maybe not. I doubt I would play it all over again, lol. With that large amount of episodes, NOPE. Besides, rewatching it would just make me see the antagonist again, tsk tsk NO.
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Because of you features the embroidery business, where Her Legend is the fine art of Hand Bags. A cruel relative switches places with female lead when she is to be adopted by a generous and kind woman. Female lead's talent, and positivity help her to rise up in her designs for bags but also to find the lady who was to be her adoptive mother.
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Both of these dramas have very similar plots. Rivalry and birth secrets galore!
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    eoniii 1 day ago

    Wow, what a ride...of skipping scenes. Nonetheless, I still rated it a 9.
    I didn't expect to like this series. The actors were really good!
    You'd definitely follow it especially the scenes with the leads.
    I skipped several parts tho, I just really hate the manipulative lead here that I skipped her whole wedding scene lol.

    One of the fun scenes here is with Yun Zhe's mom. In first few episodes, you'd get the feeling that you'd hate this woman but no, she got really good role to play here. She's like one the sources of fun in this whole drama. A real good drama. Notably, the scenes with our little Le Tong are worth watching! Despite being a rookie, you couldn't tell, really!! Her cuteness aside, comparing Le Tong with other child actors, she really got potential. She doesn't look to the camera, not stuttering. Just an amazing kid!

    Worth watching? Definitely. I totally felt the emotions here.

  • Reply
    NEPNamstar 1 day ago
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  • Reply
    elizabeth 6 days ago - edited

    i felt like wringing yu xin mother's neck argh!!!!!...@olzdive you were right..i like to binge watch dramas..i shldnt have for this drama cos there is only so much u can wld advice not to marathon or u will be like me who kept throwing things and screaming at the TV....

    anyways good drama..

    • Reply
      OlzDive 6 days ago

      Hahaha... anyway, it's good drama, right? if I'm not mistaken the drama got no.1 rating in their country

    • Reply
      GraceLee 5 days ago

      Alright I'm sold hahaha. Thank you everyone

  • Reply
    Meshe 20 days ago

    I like the fact there is just enough difference from Bori to keep you watching what else they have changed.

  • Reply
    kdramarathoner 20 days ago - edited

    Just finished watching and it became one of my favorite chinese drama! A must watch despite of its slow progress due to 56 eps.

  • Reply
    dramalalaland 23 days ago - edited

    I just finished this and (人´∀`).☆.。.:*・° best decision ever!

    At first I was like, "omg O______o" when I saw the number of episodes but OMFG GUYS don't be discouraged because it's really good and freakin entertaining! I thoroughly enjoyed each episode. When I got to a certain episode and then looked back at the remaining number of episodes I got, my reaction totally changed to "omg noooooooo (ಥ﹏ಥ) don't let it end~ I need moooore" The couple really got awesome chemistry. Deng Lun's character made me squeal so hard ミ☆( *uωu人)+゚. I pity my pillow for having bite marks now. I seriously couldn't stop gushing over his character omg I think I'm in love with yet another fictional character ♥(ノ´∀`)His face is too handsome to look at and OMG /SCREAMS/ his dashing smile is incomparable. I am so weak when it comes to people with great smiles. UGH <3

    Fangirling over the lead aside, the story pulled me in so fast. I never thought I'd be into family affairs this much! They did a wonderful job telling the backstory. Also, the family matters will give you a peek of the traditional Chinese familial bond which is really interesting.

    Overall, this drama will give you a roller coaster ride of feels which you can either enjoy with a pitcher of iced coffee + fried tofu or get off at the first circle and missed out on something rare ( ̄︶ ̄) I hope everyone will give this drama a chance and appreciate its charm <3 [I posted the same review on KA btw]

  • Reply
    Red 24 days ago

    good drama xD would've given it a higher rating if it wasn't slow paced in my opinion

  • Reply
    Yasi Yasi 24 days ago - edited

    What is the real name of our adorable Le Tong? :)

    • Reply
      jia 17 days ago

      王亭文 (Wang Ting Wen)

  • Reply
    makeuptemple 25 days ago
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  • Reply
    OlzDive 25 days ago - edited

    For me, the secret to endure to keep watching this drama is that I maintain only watching 2 episodes per day, cuz if I marathon watching this, the conflicts will boil my anger and then i will stop watching. hee hee hee

    • Reply
      ShiraYuuKii 25 days ago

      i wish i have seen this cmnt before.. my 2 days went on with jsy cursing n swearing!!.. ~sigh~ i almost flipped my laptop !! :')

    • Reply
      Mitta 24 days ago

      Haha! I was doing the marathon thing and you're exactly right - got so mad with the evil sis manipulating everyone and getting her ways - aaargh!

    • Reply
      GraceLee 12 days ago

      thanks for the heads up :)

    • Reply
      elizabeth 6 days ago

      i shld have listened to you TT

  • Reply
    foxfirenights 26 days ago - edited

    Please someone tell me that all the evil characters get what they deserve because I am so mad right now!!

    • Reply
      OlzDive 25 days ago

      yes, they do. But it's gonna loonggg waayy to watch, but this drama held rating the first in its country., so this definitely very good.

  • Reply
    steph_ravita 26 days ago - edited

    I'm just happy with Guo Guo and Yun Kai's bit of happiness in the end. Needed it after Fifteen Years to Wait for Migratory Birds. The actor and actress make a great couple.

  • Reply
    Alice 26 days ago - edited

    by the end i can truly say that I stopped liking or rooting for Guo Guo

    • Reply
      OlzDive 26 days ago - edited

      why? it went happy ending, but since it's family drama there's no lip-sucking kiss. hee hee

    • Reply
      Alice 25 days ago - edited
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    • Reply
      yahel 25 days ago

      Did we watch the same drama???

    • Reply
      titi owo 22 days ago

      haha that was funny

  • Reply
    OlzDive 26 days ago - edited

    is there any drama recaps about this? I can't wait to know the progress of the drama

  • Reply
    Yasi Yasi 26 days ago - edited

    Is this heavy drama with a lot of villain?

    • Reply
      OlzDive 26 days ago

      nope. just a standard makjang drama. Not heavy, i thought so at the first time, I gave it a try and now I'm addicted to this drama. anyway, it also only took about 45mins of your time

    • Reply
      Yasi Yasi 26 days ago
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    • Reply
      OlzDive 26 days ago
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