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Chicago Typewriter (2017)

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Han Se Joo was a writer in his past life during the 1930s Japanese occupation of Korea. He has been reincarnated and is a bestselling author in the modern day. But Se Joo is depressed and has writer’s block that keeps him from completing his next bestseller.
Yoo Jin Oh is a talented ghostwriter who can bail Se Joo out of his predicament, but the mysterious man has a condition for his read moreservices that Se Joo may not be able to meet.
Jeon Seol is a veterinarian and book lover who runs her own delivery service. She becomes an anti-fan of the overrated Se Joo.

  • Native title:

    시카고 타자기
  • Also Known as:

    Sikago Tajagi;

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Ghostwritting/book stealing is an important plot point in both. Both have a muse figure, a love triangle of sorts and are well shot and rather slow-paced. Bonus points for bookshelves galore (more reallistic in A Muse, carrying metaphorical hints to their owners personalities in Chicago Typewritter).
Recommended by namopanik
Same vibes, fantasy drama that leaves you hanging. Goblin is a lot better but CT does a good job at stepping outside the box too.
Recommended by Janey

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  • Reply
    KimchiFever 1 day ago

    I'm so in love with this drama so far. I do have to admit that my opinion might be biased since I will watch and love anything in Yoo Ah In in it.

  • Reply
    sickofme 1 day ago

    Until 6th episode I simply liked this drama but it wasn't very groundbreaking, in my opinion. But this sixth episode changed my mind, like seriously. It was wonderful. And the music is just amazing. This really is getting better and better!

  • Reply
    Banada6 2 days ago

    Ep 7 will air with ep 8 on Saturday 29/4

  • Reply
    Lourdes 2 days ago

    Ep 6 has been amazing. The puzzle pieces are coming together and we can understand a little better the story. All is so beautiful. I love the three leads. I can't wait for the next episode.

  • Reply
    iamgeralddd 2 days ago - edited

    Personally i love the three leads, i love the pace (slowly but sure lol) and the mysterious side in it. I like it when i can't guess what will happen in the next episode :) so far, it's perfect!

  • Reply
    JulySnow2 3 days ago

    Gosh the slow pace is ruining it for me. Going to have to put this on hold and then cotinue watching once more episodes have aired. Maybe this is more suited to binge watching.

  • Reply
    coolcancerian 3 days ago

    yoo ah in a great actor ..very real
    And go geong pyo is just tooo him :)

  • Reply
    Sani 3 days ago

    EP06 the story is going slowly I'm patient but this is too much

  • Reply

    patiently, (or so I think) waiting for FRIDAY.

  • Reply
    SimbiAni 3 days ago - edited

    Finding a truly canon #OT3 is so rare, usually the closest I get is just vague hints or implications or "what-ifs" or behind-scenes jokes.. but ~this? The writers are really messing with me this time!

    I honestly don't kno if my heart can take it.. x__x (please let the trio get their happy-ever-after!!)

    • Reply

      I swear the OT3 game is SO GOOD here! I do think it might actually be possible here, the happily ever after OT3

    • Reply
      SimbiAni 3 days ago - edited

      After the horrible mess (to me) that was "Don't Dare to Dream" (forever kicking myself for not obeying the warning riight in that title, lol), I was like, oyy never again will I live-watch a series! ie better to "wait & see".. well, I caved for Dokkaebi cuz of all the shippy advertising piquing my curiosity (& ~still have mixed feelings about it, but overall positive cuz LDW as our lil angel?? omg looove) which then led to needing extensive emotional recovery major, until ditto for ~this one, promos pulling me in, so here I am again.. weaker than ever xD

      Btw, of all the dramas I seen so far: My Love Patzzi has my ~fave & most OT3 ending!! <3

      & for more similar trio-shippy goodness.. #lovelovelove

    • Reply

      I remember we were hoping for good OT3 in Jealousy incarnate which was thrown to the wolves!!

  • Reply
    Panda 3 days ago

    Yoo ah in is really good at acting

  • Reply
    peacefulsoul 4 days ago

    the drama was kind of messy at first and it kind of made no sense especially because of the random flash backs but all is starting to come together and ITS SO GOOD the script is quite tight!!

  • Reply

    I just started on this drama, currently on episode 2, and I find this drama weird, and not in a good way. Does the drama develops a plot later? The flashback scenes doesn't seem to do any importance and doesn't ignite viewer curiosity.

    • Reply
      JevelynYang 4 days ago

      The next episodes are getting better and better! I didn't like the flashback scenes at first, but now I'm craving for more. Each episodes of this drama always got me shook and left me with so many questions in mind.

  • Reply
    Iffah 5 days ago - edited
    Reveal Spoiler »
    • Reply

      I've always loved slow paced stories, cause there's always more details involved when it's paced slow and you understand so much more with details. I for one really like it when there's a lot of elements to a same character and that's achieved well in slow paced dramas. You get to know them slowly, then delve into the plot or romance.

      Also, Yoo Jin Oh is ADORKABLE!

    • Reply

      @stolcci - magical, it looks magical and far off. makes you wonder!

    • Reply
      stolcci 2 days ago

      @-executedtoperfection That's it! It looks so pretty.

    • Reply
      stolcci 2 days ago

      Me too. They look so adorable together. And Kim Shin and The Grim Reaper!

      Seriously, I hope the writer's won't rush the flow of the story. It really goes well with the story.

    • Reply
      stolcci 2 days ago

      A big guy yet he reminds me of a little kid. So adorable. And their bromance. I'm looking forward to more bromance (and hopefully not a betrayal)

  • Reply
    tattylovestofly 5 days ago

    Episode 5 was beaut, I don't think I've laughed so hard in a while xD


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    South Korea
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    Apr 7, 2017 to May 27, 2017
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    Friday, Saturday
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    1 hr. 15 min.


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    8.4 (scored by 316 users)
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