Goong (2006)

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Chae Gyeong is an ordinary art high school student. One day, she hears totally unexpected news that, based on her grandfathers will, she must marry the unemotional Crown Prince Lee Shin who attends the same high school. Chae Gyeong resists the proposal, but reluctantly marries him to help her debt-ridden family. As she struggles to adapt herself to the proper manners and royal duties of palace life and to her disagreeable husband, read moreLee Shins sentimental cousin and second-in-line to the throne Yul steps into her life. She feels like she can rely on Yul to help her, but cant help worrying about her haughty, cold-hearted husband. To help bridge this gap, the senior members of the royal family take some special measures to get them to spend the night together.

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    Gung; Palace; Princess Hours; Imperial Household; 宮;

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Jun 9, 2012
  • Overall 9.0
  • Story 9.0
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 10
  • Rewatch Value 9.0
I have finished this Kdrama on it's first airing. It was quite a sensation back then. Goong has 24 episodes all in all. The setting was beautiful, you can see the Korean culture in a splendid way. The cast were also great, sound track just perfect for every scene and the palace was definitely nice. This drama was taken off from a Manhwa which is considered as the Korean comics. They have read more used the plot almost similar to the original story line, I say almost because as the usual way of every drama/movie makers which takes stories from books, they mangle a lot of things and change it unnecessarily. I hate it when they do a lot of changes from the original story. It ruins the original writer's thoughts.

The beginning of the show was really cute, and Yoon Eun Hye as Shin Chae-gyung the leading lady role was just funny. Her character was a normal teenage high school girl who was clumsy, a bit stupid, always smiling, getting into tons of trouble and yet has a pure heart. Her life drastically changed after meeting Shin, the crowned prince and over hearing him propose marriage to a girl. Then she was thrown into an arranged marriage with the crowned prince after finding out the marriage agreement which was done by her grand father and the king's father when they were born.

This is a show where I started liking Eun Hye as an actress. Joo Ji Hoon who played as Shin, her leading man was also gorgeous for a Korean guy, although his eyes is too squinty for my taste. I still liked his character, the seemingly uncaring guy, but deep inside he just thinks too much of others.

Kim Jeong Hoon who acted as Lee Yul (Shin's supposedly cousin who wants to take his throne away) was cute and my heart went out for him as he was that guy who had to endure an unrequited love when all he wanted was for Chae Gyung to love him back that's why he wanted to be the crowned prince. Lasty Song Ji Hyo who acted as Min Hyo Rin was just perfect. She was the girl that Shin first proposed to before getting married to Chae Gyung, she seems to be the cold girl who acted like there was nothing that could ever bother her, but deep inside, her heart is crumbling to pieces as she watches Shin fall in love with Chae Gyung little by little.

As the story progressed, there where some draggy moments that I have overlooked because the setting and music was just beautiful, and I can't just help my self but watch it even if the lines have been too redundant. The ending was gorgeous for me because of the setting once again, but story line wise it was quite bland for my taste and went way off with where the whole story was really supposed to be. It gave me a sense of confusion which I didn't really like. Although I felt this way towards the ending I am still giving it a 9 for compensating with other areas in the drama that I have already mentioned which is also essential for making this a top rated Kdrama.
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Apr 5, 2012
  • Overall 8.0
  • Story 8.0
  • Acting/Cast 9.0
  • Music 7.0
  • Rewatch Value 8.0
I often read that this drama was too long, and I can easily understand why. But to me, the length of this drama has its place and its reason. It let the characters evolve slowly in a subtle and almost natural way. We get to perfectly understand the too leads. It also permit for their relationship to be more complicated that a simple "why don't you love me, I love you, even read more if at first I hated you!".

The story is actually very original, there is place for cuteness, drama, comedy, a great second female lead, and beautiful couple scenes. What's not to love ?

I gave a 9 in acting because I beleive the second male lead lacked nuance on his part, but the two leads are doing an amazing job.

Anyway it's a good drama, so go watch it ^^ lol !
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    abee 3 days ago

    Newer K-drama fans might dislike it since this drama is screaming 2000s (hung-up-over-the-second-female-lead guy, annoying second female lead, over the top love-hate relationship, miscommunication trope over and over again, etc.) but this is definitely a classic.

    This is honestly my definition of Korean dramas. Simple and sweet.

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    Nana8 14 days ago - edited

    This drama was fun to watch, the end could've been better -.- but is a good drama overall. Yoon Eun Hye's acting was so cute and funny XD and "Yul" was so cute at first and then was so annoying XD... finished the drama in two days haha

  • Reply
    DarkaNoir Dec 22, 2016

    I see so many positive comments and I can't help but wonder...
    Maybe this drama doesn't seem that bad, if you haven't read the manhwa it's adapted from...? But I can't help but make the comparison and this is just so, so, so bad. I can't even go beyond the first ten episodes, because everything makes me cringe and I feel like they have ruined a story and a "cast" of characters that I actually love so much. Urgh.

  • Reply
    SaranghaeOppa Dec 10, 2016 - edited

    Can someone tell me if this is good?

    • Reply
      Feli Dec 12, 2016

      Yes! It's a classic for a reason.

    • Reply
      Anne 23 days ago

      Very good drama

  • Reply

    Amazing drama! ^^

  • Reply
    Manuella Oct 15, 2016

    Such a heartwarming drama, watched it twice in the span of 3 months

  • Reply
    mayo Aug 25, 2016

    This is my 3rd watching it after i've done with the prince hour and same goes to manwha.

  • Reply
    SailorMoonCostume Aug 16, 2016

    I've watched it so many times XD

  • Reply
    Betty_Boop Aug 14, 2016 - edited

    my 2nd time watching this. and i still cry and cried hahaha still d best even if everyone's said is not.. one of my all time favorite... every time I felt the needs of sweetness and romance. i re watch this few drama that on my top list.. next FULL HOUSE...

  • Reply
    AdriGri Aug 11, 2016

    I liked the drama and is my second time seeing it, but the manhwa is still the best, read that 5 times... If you liked the drama read the manhwa... ;)

  • Reply
    DragonballMerchandise May 31, 2016

    One of my favourite dramas!

  • Reply
    mungmai May 4, 2016
  • Reply
    CatoCat Apr 15, 2016 - edited

    What a Journey GOONG is. Yeah 1st i was thinking should i watch this show and then i also saw 1st page comments and i wasn't sure. I had no other Tv show to watch so i picked GOONG UP.

    I have given 8.5 to GOONG.

    Music and especially Back ground music is too good. Story lacked a bit of direction as many times scenes started and ended randomly and then new scene in new location was started.

    1st Episode was simple and i was attracted to Shin Chae Kyung and Yoon Eun Hye.

    From episode 2 i really started to like the show and I just kept watching episode after episode.

    At first i thought actors needed to show more acting skills but later on Actors did well.

    I Watched Episode 23 Yesterday and i was uneasy upset tears in my eyes. My rose started to run. I was totally Emotional. I can say I love GOONG and its characters and i have feelings for them.

    Today i watched episode 24 and a Happy End brought made me really happy BUT I wanted to see much more. I think this is what most of the viewers wanted too.

    Lee Shin and Shin Cahe Kyung cried and cried and so did i and We got Few Minutes of Happy moments. WOW .

    Then Marriage is attended by only Grandma and Choi Sang.

    I wanted to see What Yul and Hyorin are doing these days. Where are the parents of Shin Chae Kyung. what are female friends of Shin Chae Kyung doing.

    I wanted to see marriage life of Lee Shin and Shin Chae Kyung. I wanted to see their new born child son and how they are celebrating it.

    I wanted to see Much more.

    Lee Shin's Elder and most sensible Sister taking the Crown was the best Thing that happened.

    Overall A Must Watch Show.

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    MinaVIP Jan 29, 2016 - edited

    This was a total disaster! The manhwa is 100 times better -.-* this almost felt like a parody of the original story and not an "adaption". Such a mess!

  • Reply
    dramaconnoisseur Jan 28, 2016

    I watched it occasionally when it was aired on tv so I missed many episodes. I like the soundtracks by the way!


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    Jan 11, 2006 to Mar 30, 2006
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