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Heaven's Order (2013)

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The Joseon version of a Chaser about a medical practitioner who struggles to save his daughter from a terminal illness while being caught up in a plot to poison King Injong.

Royal Physician Choi Won, who works for the royal family, becomes involved with the plot to poision King Injong and is now a fugitive. He tries to save his daughter Choi Rang, who has an incurable disease. Choi Won has raised read morehis daughter alone since his wife passed away. Hong Da In is the nurse who’s in love with him.

Meanwhile, Lee Jung Hwan is the Euigeumbu detective who’s the one to capture him and he get help from bandit’s daughter, So Baek while he is a fugitive. Crown Prince Lee Ho is the suspicious crown prince who ends up thinking he was betrayed by the one person he trusted in the world.

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    Mandate of Heaven ; Cheonmyung ; The Fugitive of Joseon ; Heaven’s Will ; Heaven's Will: The Fugitive of Joseon; 천명: 조선판 도망자 이야기; 天命; Cheonmyeong : Joseonpan Domangja Iyagi;

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Jul 1, 2013
  • Overall 9.0
  • Story 8.0
  • Acting/Cast 9.0
  • Music 7.0
  • Rewatch Value 6.0
I simply started watching it because I was a big fan of Lee Dong Wook as I wanted to listen to Junsu's beautiful OST at the same time (pity that the osts weren't that many!). However I don't regret it. It had many surprises.. from Jihyo and Ji Min to Jong Ho and Yoobin.

As I said, the cast was excellent. I couldn't catch a fail on their acting... It was all read more credible and well-done.

As for the characters... Won was really funny at the beginning and I think the drama could have been better if they added more of it at the middle of the drama. Da In was that kind of non-salt character, I didn't really like her. It was nice when she played the hate-love relationship with him but after that it was bad, she was too much of a strict/noble woman.. they had no chemistry at all, unfortunately.
However, the second main couple compensated it a lot. You can't help but fall for them.. and if you do, you'll suffer a lot. The drama scriptwriter was playing with us, I found myself holding my fists just with the thought that one of them could die. ~~~
The romance between Baek and Kkeok was also nice but very subtle for my taste.
The king and the princes were also amazing... if I was a commoner then I'd want to have fair kings like those.

The only thing that I disliked was the plot. I found it very repetitive. What on the beginning started to interest us made the drama a bit boring on the middle. The matter took a long time to be settle... I feel that the drama could have been shorter instead of wavering around the same thing over and over again.

However, this is a drama that I suggest. I started watching it yesterday and finished today because it was really good :) And it's different from others as well ^^
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Jun 29, 2013
  • Overall 8.0
  • Story 8.0
  • Acting/Cast 9.0
  • Music 8.0
  • Rewatch Value 7.0
This is kind of a hard drama to rate. Why? Because even though it is a sageuk and it's 20 episodes, I wasn't ever bored but there were some aspects of the story that just could have been better. When it came to the acting, I must say the supporting cast out shined the main characters. Everyone from Im Seul Ong as the Crown Prince to little miss Kim Yoo Bin as read more Rang were stellar!! Will someone just give Song Jong Ho his own drama to be the lead already?!! I've been saying that since Princess's Man; repeated it for Reply 1997 and now Heaven's Order!! Enough is enough!! He was exciting to watch, funny and just carried every scene he was in; especially his back and forth with Kang Byul as Woo Young. Those two and their romance made the romance between Lee Dong Wook (Choi Won) and
Song Ji Hyo (Da In) pale in comparison! I think everyone who watched cared more about their relationship and that's simply because of chemistry. Sung Woong as Do Moon simply stood out to me throughout the drama as Da In's father's henchman. You wanted to hate him but simply couldn't help but love him and his beautiful (and real) mane of glory! I will remember his name for now on.

Overall, if you like the genre, it really is an easy drama to watch. Sure, the usual machinations of the royals and nobles but get past that, there are so many funny and fun moments to see and characters to fall in love with!!
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    RodJun828 Apr 19, 2017

    Just finished watching this drama. This is a must watch for saeguk lovers like me. What really stand out here for me is the action, the fight scenes is really well made and it's so badass. I wish I could forget everything and watch it again, it's that good.

  • Reply
    Syranus Jun 19, 2015 - edited

    I really want to watch this drama but Song Ji Hyo is holding me back. It's not that I don't like her. She's okay. But in this trailer, she looks old. How is she here? I don't mind spoilers. Thank you.

    • Reply
      leahakiko Oct 20, 2015

      kind of an odd reason to not watch a drama but i mean, it's a historical drama. Certain hair styles and a certain type of makeup are obviously used. Plus at the time she was already 33 so i don't know if you were expecting her to look like how she did in her Goong days or what

    • Reply
      Syranus Oct 20, 2015

      I watched Ex-GF Club and I disliked her there. I realized I shouldn't watch any of her dramas. Actors matter to me when watching a drama. No matter how good the drama is, if I don't like the lead actors, I drop it. Can't help it.

    • Reply
      leahakiko Nov 2, 2015

      Okay well that's a completely different issue than what you previously said. lmao you complained about her looks and that was it..I personally preferred her in Emergency Couple and i'd recommend it but since you've already made your decision i guess it's pointless right?

    • Reply
      Syranus Nov 2, 2015

      Yea. I am more into Historical Dramas but I don't know; I can't stand her since EX-GF Club. I even prefer Historical than Modern romance, much more into serious, political, historical dramas. And Comrades is my #1... Have you watched it?

  • Reply
    guiong Jan 3, 2014

    I'm on episode 17 and I'm so over this whole being pardoned and then still guilty at the last minute stuff. Let the story happen dog gone it. We all know it's gonna have a happy ending. I feel like most dramas could be cut down b/w 12-16 episodes. This is definitely one of them

  • Reply
    yankumi23 Jul 15, 2013

    anyone know where can i watch this drama.....help me plzzzzzz

  • Reply
    loverain777 Jul 11, 2013

    Omg!!!! This is getting better and better! Really! *know that this comment is coming from someone who has never enjoyed or liked sageuks* This is probably my first one that I'm interested in. I'm at episode 18 now, and everything is just so interesting and unpredictable!!!!

    But ugh, Sobaek is starting to really annoy me! She keeps spoiling good plans! I wish I could rant more in detail but I don't want to spoil this...things are getting really steamy! Can't believe I have to wait another week for the last 2 episodes!!

    • Reply
      Sarah87 Jul 13, 2013

      It has already finished airing :)

    • Reply
      loverain777 Jul 13, 2013

      I'm watching on KBS world (1) not KBS 2 :) it finished airing on kbs 2 alr but kbs world is like 2-3 weeks behind

    • Reply
      Sarah87 Jul 15, 2013

      ah ok :)

  • Reply
    Lorell Jul 5, 2013

    Really love fighting scenes and theirs background music. But tbh I more enjoyed Red Demon ( sexy <3 ) - Choi Won's sister romance than main leads romance :P

  • Reply
    Marooya Jul 2, 2013

    omg I LOVE Yoon Jin Yi character !! so adorable and funny

  • Reply
    fatima_july Jul 1, 2013

    i really had fun watching this drama, i waited every week for the new episodes. i will miss this show

  • Reply
    Panda-Sama Jul 1, 2013

    I enjoyed this drama especially the fight scenes and the awesome music to go along with them and of course, the eye candy and children. However, the chemistry between the leads and Choi Won's bad luck really pushed it.

  • Reply
    arang Jun 29, 2013

    love it! everyone has their own closure in the end. it has a great and satisfying ending.
    oh and did you guys see the last meeting of the King and Choe Won? I thought there's romance going on in there..haha!

  • Reply
    loverain777 Jun 25, 2013

    I was watching this show but after the first few episodes I got a little bored and I didn't understand it either. But u guys make me wanna watch it again! Which is the episode when things get more interesting?

    • Reply
      arang Jun 26, 2013

      actually I'm always waiting for the subs online..haha!

    • Reply
      loverain777 Jun 26, 2013

      oic.....which episode are u at now? Ep 13 is showing tonight on kbs

    • Reply
      arang Jun 26, 2013

      I'm waiting for subbed ep 19 :)

    • Reply
      loverain777 Jun 26, 2013

      Woah that's fast O_O just watched ep 13 just now, really good! Better than the first few episodes...><

    • Reply
      arang Jun 27, 2013

      right! it gets better after each episodes

  • Reply
    loverain777 Jun 25, 2013
    Reveal Spoiler »
  • Reply
    Moleymole Jun 25, 2013

    wow that little girl's acting is super awesome!

  • Reply
    Mareina Jun 23, 2013

    Won's face whenever he's running somewhere is hilarious xD

    Love the bromance in this show! And of course Rang <3

    • Reply
      loverain777 Jul 11, 2013

      Ikr! That's what makes the drama extra special! ^^

  • Reply
    arang Jun 17, 2013

    Oh! One of the best Sageuks!

    • Reply
      Rascal Jun 17, 2013

      Why is it not as popular as Gu Family Book then? :'(

    • Reply
      arang Jun 18, 2013

      Oh I wonder why..
      Maybe it's darker and more mature. And it's more of a standard sageuk where it focuses more on politics and drama. I dunno what's with the tastes of korean viewers but I like it. It gives me thrills every time I watch it :)

    • Reply
      NewKDramaAddict Jun 25, 2013

      It's a whole lot better! I abandoned GU after the first 4, obviously GumiDad was the show for me.

    • Reply
      arang Jun 26, 2013

      if you continue watching, GumiDad came back! but these last episodes before the finale were kinda boring and underwhelming i think...<br />and yeah I agree that Mandate of heaven was better


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    Apr 24, 2013 to Jun 27, 2013
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