MDL is awesome! Eat cake!

and if something does happen again we have a chatroom going at http://webchat.freenode.net/# channel #MDL
Yepp (:

At least this'll give us MDL back! (:

Plus I need to build up my post count again :(
I trust nothing right now!
Haha I'm not sure I trust anything at the moment, either
wow three times eh !!...
Wah? What happened?
This is insane..
MDL got hacked again earlier :( Everything except for a few threads in the Announcements/MDL Help Feedback and The Chinese Music/General China threads got deleted :/

Skye backed the site up again so it's how it was this morning when it was put back up again
You have got to be kidding me. Until Skye makes an explicit statement about the security of the site I am not going to bother remaking the game threads again.
That's why none of us have made anything yet. I just made this thread for temporary use. Until we know for sure it's safe.

Everyone's in the chatroom
got it, I will head there. *mutters*
Uh I just got back. What happened?
MDL got hacked by the Chinese loving Russian again >__<