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Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo
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Jan 12, 2017
  • Overall 10
  • Story 10
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 10
  • Rewatch Value 10
I’ve never felt so empty (yet so fulfilled) when a drama finished.
This is how good “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo” is.

In short, for those of you who are impatient, is a very sweet, yet very real drama, about friendship, family, love and coming of age.
But there’s so much grace in how it’s done, that it deserves a more detailed explanation.

The plot is very (very) simple, yet very well read more written. The story follows Bok Joo; a young girl in the campus of a sports university (?), that happens to practice weightlifting. That’s nearly all you will get to know about weightlifting (it could have been golf and there would’ve been no difference, so worry not about the topic. I’m mentioning this because I know the “weightlifting theme” could been a throwback to some).
Bok Joo has a group a friends; a romantic crush; a family; a passion (weightlifting of course), all the things and problems that any standard teenager experiences. The hole plot revolves around her and (again) the normal things that could happen to a normal teenager. The difference to other dramas, is that everything FEELS real. And that’s rare.
How many times did we found ourselves hating the protagonist or wanting to smash the TV because we couldn’t understand the decisions they made? Of course, deep down we now the writer makes them do that in order to fulfill the number of episodes that they need. But nothing like that happens here. The characters (and their dialogues) are delightfully written; each one consistent with each personality (which are very rich and most important, real life people), and they are incredible lovable. The writer skillfully makes you fall in love with each one of them (including the ones you initially “hate”) because you get understand them all.
Also, the character development is done very progressively (although that doesn’t mean that the show is “slow”); I’ll assure you, you will enjoy every second of Bok Joo & friends, as they discover who they are, and who they want to be in the world.

The acting not only is superb (everybody does their job so well and they’re SO believable); but the chemistry between Lee Sung Kyung and Nam Joo-hyuk is one of the best I’ve ever seen.
I was really surprised by Lee Sung Kyung! At first I was really skeptic but despite her character being adorably written, she also does a fantastic job in making you believe her. Her expressions and her body language is fantastic.

The music is very good also, and it respects the tone of the series, really sweet, but it's something that I rarely pay attention to, so there's not much I have to say about it.

Finally I wish to remark that despite all the good things I said, that alone it's not enough to be one of the best dramas I've ever seen (and the only one that has a 10 on my scores), it is because adding to all that there's the way it makes you feel. This drama is sweet, so sweet that every episode you'll watch it will feel as a warm ray of sunshine (and not cheese at all, that's only my poor metaphor choice). You'll find yourself smiling at the TV at all times. And that doesn't mean there aren't any sad moments, because there are, but it's not kdrama tragedy, it's real life problems/sadness. And the show has a very optimistic way to portrait it; instead of having you crying about how unfair life is, you'll be rooting for the characters as they (not without effort) overcome their problems and grow up in the process.

This drama accomplishes the (almost) impossible: It's sweet, joyful and innocent, (without feeling cheesy) and at the same time it's mature and realistic.

So, I'll definitely recommend this to anyone, despite what your preferences are, I'm sure you'll enjoy it and it will bring you joy.
Kim Bok Joo is SWAG! :)
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Dec 26, 2016
  • Overall 8.0
  • Story 8.5
  • Acting/Cast 8.5
  • Music 8.0
  • Rewatch Value 7.0
I'm really not used to japanese television, but I really enjoyed this dorama!
It's a comedy; It has the "sitcom" format, but let me warn you, the kind of humour it displays has nothing to do with american sitcoms (that's why there's people that didn't find it funny at all).
Of course, being a sitcom, it has no story at all, but the situations the employees of a late night shift in read more a convenient store; and they are hilarious. The contrast between Urai Kenji's facial expressions, and the expressionless Shotaro is fantastic.
The acting is pretty good (I'm really sorry Sato Jiro wasn't there more time, because he was superb every time he appears), and I have really no idea how Mamiya Shotaro kept a straight face with all the ridiculous yet hilarious situations.
If you enjoy bizarre (and sometimes "stupid") humor, and WTF situations, this dorama is for you.
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Love Sick: The Series
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Dec 27, 2016
  • Overall 8.0
  • Story 8.0
  • Acting/Cast 8.0
  • Music 7.0
  • Rewatch Value 6.0
As somebody said in a review: "BL that isn't just BL"
And that's so true.
The basic premise is the one of a high-school drama, with all the ingredients you would expect from one: the poor boy, the new girl that is transferred, the exams, the adolescent love, etc.
But I was very surprised to find here very serious elements such as the implications (and the alienation) of being openly gay; the read more effect of social media and the spreading of rumours; the difference between who you are and who you are expected to be; how society determines your "place" according to your status (and what's on your bank account), and so on.
But don't be afraid, everything is being displayed in a very light way (there's no forbidden love drama), with lots of humor and in a realistic way; there's nothing there that couldn't have happened to any of us (more than a few years ago in my case =P); and there's no intention in the writer to make you suffer either.
The acting, despite none of the kids being professional actors is quite good, specially Phun and Noh; I'm sure you'll grow very fond of them although they are more adorable than believable.
Last but not least, this is the first part of a two part series, so beware that the story doesn't "end" here.
So, if you're looking for a realistic yet innocent BL/High-school drama (but keeping in mind that the production values aren't all that great) this one's for you.
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Fated to Love You
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Dec 26, 2016
  • Overall 7.5
  • Story 6.0
  • Acting/Cast 9.5
  • Music 8.0
  • Rewatch Value 6.0
I'll start this review by saying that Jang Hyuk is the best.
His acting is SO good (and so funny and over the top), that you can't help but fall in love with his character.

That being said, here's my review:

This drama has it all. The first part is so funny, with many happy, romantic and comical moments when the two protagonist met and the love triangles are set (yes, it's read more pretty standard material and full of cliches). But then something happens, and all of a sudden you're crying your eyes out.
I'm not saying it's wrong, I'm just warning those of you who (just like me) where looking only for something light and funny to watch.
I felt that the writers had to do a 20 episode story, but with material for only 15 or 16 episodes, so there's a point in the story where you want to kill the characters and their stupid (stupid) decisions...
But, everything is compensated by the acting (and the ending is also a nice reward).
Jang Hyuk as a (weird) CEO is fantastic. I love how the character develops throughout the series.
But he's not the only one, Jang Na Ra is a (very) weak heroine, and the cliche of a poor girl that slowly grows episode by episode.
(I'm sorry for the vagueness but I don't want to spoil anything)
And the support actors are all superb; from Jang Na Ra's protective mother, to Jang Hyuk's hilarious assistant; everybody does a great job.

In short: lots of feelings, good OST and a cliche story that goes on for a little more than I'd liked; but more than great acting makes me tell you that you should give Lee Gun & Kim Mi Yeong a chance ;)
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The Lost Tomb
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Jan 15, 2017
  • Overall 6.0
  • Story 5.0
  • Acting/Cast 7.0
  • Music 7.0
  • Rewatch Value 4.0
I enjoy action/adventure stories, that's what initially made me interested in this drama but... I have to say it's a complete mess.
The story on its core it's a really interesting one, with plot twists, intriguing characters, interesting old history but... It's so badly executed! And I don't mean the production, which is pretty good for a chinese drama. The script is a mess... I'm sure the books are really great, but read more there are lots of times in this drama when you have no idea why something happened, or why the characters are doing what they are doing. I know that some things are left unexplained simple because this is intended to be an 8 part series, but I mean things like: one of the main characters appears out of nowhere, nobody knows who he is, he doesn't speak, he joins the party and everybody plays along with that. I don't know, maybe I'm too picky, but I think this had the potential to be very good and instead it's nearly mediocre.
On the bright side, I'm really interested in the books right now =P
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Dec 4, 2016
  • Overall 8.5
  • Story 9.0
  • Acting/Cast 8.5
  • Music 8.0
  • Rewatch Value 6.0
This is my first review but it felt like I needed to do one after finishing the last chapter.
Signal is a very good drama, the kind of drama you feel compelled to recommend to a non drama viewer. Not because it's seems American, but because its "goodness" it's beyond nationality or language.
In short:

What I liked:
-Most of the acting and their script is great, you feel the characters, and read more they feel like real human beings; with real human reactions.
-The plot; and how all the sub-plots connect into one big story which slowly unfolds.
-How the fantastic element is inserted, the "rules" they come up to (you'll understand this when you see it), but it doesn't feel "cheap" and it could've been.
-The direction and production is very good for a TV product.

What I didn't like:
-Sometimes the editor/director feels like he has to over-explain some things that are pretty clear, so you'll find yourself re-watching some scenes from time to time (it's not a big problem, but it's something to mention).
-The acting overall is very good but, OMG Kim Hye Soo "surprised face" is... well, very bad =P

If you're looking for romance, there's almost none, so this is not the drama for you. But, if you're looking for a good story, with good and unexpected twists, good characters and acting with high production values, this drama is for you.
Also, the violence is there, but it's not excessive, and for those who complain about the ending; let me tell you that it's consistent with the rest of series, you'll not feel disappointed.
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Yuusha Yoshihiko to Maou no Shiro
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Jan 18, 2017
  • Overall 10
  • Story 10
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 8.0
  • Rewatch Value 10
Most reviewers here describe this dorama as a “Low Budget Action Adventure Story”; which it’s not accurate.
Actually, it’s a parody of the video game series Dragon Quest (Dragon Warrior here in the west), which is a HUGE thing in Japan (even the enemies, such as the adorable slimes are here!
If you've never played a JRPG (or any RPG), you'll miss about 20% of the references/jokes; but I'm sure you'll be read more able to enjoy it.
The story is quite simple and straightforward; a young man is elected as the "village hero" by mistake and sets on a quest for (nothing less) than defeat the "evil lord" and restore peace in the country. On his journey, he'll find the usual RPG characters to be his companions: the wizard, the rogue and the warrior.
All the performances are great (although Takayuki Yamada -whom I adore since the crows saga- as the hero; Tsuyoshi Muro as the wizard; and Jiro Sato as the budda who guides them are outsanding).
As a parody is perfect (at least for me being an ex-Dragon Quest player), and although some of the jokes are used more than one time, is never boring.
If you're looking to a low budget action comedy, this one's almost perfect; and if you're an RPG player, is a must.
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Bitter Blood
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Jan 12, 2017
  • Overall 8.0
  • Story 7.5
  • Acting/Cast 8.5
  • Music 7.5
  • Rewatch Value 6.0
I'm not at all surprised that this dorama was so popular when it was released, and let me tell you why.
The plot is quite simple, a young rookie detective on his first day in the force finds out that his assigned partner is no one else that his father; who abandoned him many years ago (and apparently they haven't speak with each other in a long time).
As a detective/investigation drama read more it fails horrendously. The cases make almost no sense at all, and when they do, they're very predictable. But the great thing about this dorama is that it doesn't take itself seriously; and as a comedy is a great success.
Every case depicted is an excuse to see the fantastic interactions between father and son.
Obviously none of them wants to admit that they really care for each other and having such different personalities there's a lot of humor involved.
And speaking of humor, the rest of the detective division, "the team", although full of clichés, are hilarious. You have the chief, the girl, the nerd, the ladies man, and so on.
The two protagonists make a fantastic job in their roles, and the rest of the cast is pretty good as well. Some people may find the "japanese acting" a bit over the top, but you'll get used to it in no time.
In short, it's a great comedy with bits of thriller, (almost none) romance and (quite a few) sweet family/friendship moments that it's really worth your time.

Also, the music is pretty tv standard but the main theme is terribly catchy! (I can't stop singing it my head :P)
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