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I watch and read way too many things, and as of 2017 k-drama is my latest addiction. Since we're not counting bollywood movies asian (what's that about anyway?), I guess my "first" exposure to asian movies was the live-action Death Note movie I watched in middle school. After that, I only watched live-action adaptions of manga here and there until I finally succumbed to my friend's urging and watched Descendants of the Sun - my first k-drama love, a love that I don't ever see dissipating. I marathon'd DOTS in less than 3 days... I've been hooked to k-dramas ever since, and loving it

My favorite genre - period - is fantasy. If you know of any really good fantasy ish (and it doesn't have to be a drama) please recommend it to me! I'll love you forever. Magical stuff makes my heart soar.

Also, I think I'm in love with Lee Jong Suk. They say no one is perfect, but... 


HOW??????????/ I want to be reincarnated as this man's mole 

  • Loves: fantasy, romance, comedy, action, mystery, sexy time
  • Dislikes: female love rivals, infidelity  

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The one and only K-POP group I've become a lover of is B.A.P. I've been a Baby since BANG&ZELO, even during their tacky earlier eras lmao. I was living for these six buttheads!

I strongly recommend giving them a shot if you haven't yet. Their group strives to drive a message through their music - often political and chastising society. They've been through so much, from going head-to-toe with their CEO in court to accidents to mental illnesses, but my Princes are resilient <3! newest mv 


must watch: Jongup and Daehyun reenact scene from W - Two Worlds

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