I strongly wanted to introduce my profile in a beautiful style and now the time has come.
So I hope shows something about my personality here So Take a Look,



About Me:-

Real name "Sunny",  24 yeas old, addiction since late 2007and the firts drama was "Full House" thus began my love story with the (Rain"aka" Bida) more than a singer, because I started listening to his songs since that moment, anyway this person was the reason of all our fight between my boyfriend and I !!! but on the other hand was also a reason for us to reconcile, when my boyfriend was losing to me, he claimed that he likes to listen to his songs, too! to be both of us have the same interest, anyway this has become just memories.

I'm more to Korean movies and dramas and you can see that after first glance to my lists! it's actually more than Japanese and Chinese movies and dramas,This does not mean that I do not watch any of Japanese and Chinese movies and dramas, actually I'm interested in that recently, so if I rushed to watch Japanese or Chinese dramas & movies, It’s motivated by a wonderful reason. so, guys don't hesitate to suggest anything to me!!

Quote Of August;

Some words which was a reason to changed something of my feelings for the better!

People without money usually talk like that, right? "Just because of money you acted that way!" Just money?! if you're not capable of making money, you can't ignore it. It's not because of someone you're poor, it's because you're inept so you're living like that!!!

                                                                             Kim Kang Woo | A Man's Story 2009

OST Of August;

Glass - Hwayobi

On YouTube #HERE

As I put on make-up, I'd pray ...
That at least you to me, to my heart full of scars even you won't be able to enter it

@ Miss Ripley; OST Part (1)

Gif Of The Week;
A parking garage! The TEN team hides behind a concrete pillar (lol, MinHo twists his body in the funniest way in order to fit behind it,while DoSik takes more space). They are breaking into the police offices!

                                           @Special Affairs Team TEN 2 - Episode 2   Understand, Part (2)


Favorite Song Of August: 

Byun Jin Sub - Becoming Alone! (1988)

On YouTube # HERE


I'm not afraid of farewell, I can hold my tears back,
이별은 두렵지 않아, 눈물은 참을 수 있어, 

But becoming alone makes me sad!
하지만 홀로 된다는 것이 나를 슬프게 해!


Favorite Dramas :-

This is a another list of  favorite TVseries; and I would recommend to see it:

  • Perhaps there maybe more than one part of one drama, I chose posters randomly, so this does not represent that this part better than the other.I mean the drama itself.

Favorite Daily Dramas:

..........Well, I always wanted to separate the daily drama for other drama! as for me daily drama is something else, it means a lot to me, so this is some of my favorite mature movies,such as:


  • 1. Golden Fish: I've watched this drama for Lee Tae Gon! after fell in love with him in   in drama winter bird, I wanted to see more of his works, so I have chosen this drama, it's really worth seeing, it's about an orphan man revenge of the family that adopted him after opposition his love for his non-sister!!!
  • .
  • 2. Yor Woman: Great drama, and the story such a kind! it's the favorite for most viewers, it'll make you on the edge of your seat! Habit all revenge dramas! but still I think it was should put an end early, I liked the cast, both those who were playing the evil roles; Park Young Rim, Lee Byung Wook and Kang Suk Jung, or who are victims of the conspiracy, Lee Yoo Ri and Park Yoon Jae. worth watching!
  • .
  • 3.Good For You: Last daily drama I've seen, good one even though I did not like Ha Hee Ra,and I think it was represented exaggerated somewhat, specifically when she lost her sister! however, it's really worth watching, I fell to both of Lee Hyeong Cheol and Shim Hyung Tak.
  • .
  • 4. Two Women Room: I still don't know what to say about this drama, it's one of a kind that will make you on the edge of your seat as well! but the bad thing about it, when it went over the limit of viewers energy to anticipate what is reasonable!! I don't deny that I enjoyed watching this one, with a very good cast,Wang Bit Na, Park Eun Hye and handsome Kang Ji Sub.


Favorite Movies:-

This is a another list of  favorite movies; and I would recommend to see it:


Favorite Mature Movies:

         Well, I'm not interested in this kind of movies, as it is not my type or my favorite genres, but this is not mean that I don'tt watch mature movies, on the contrary, there are a lot of successful movies of this kind and by well-known directors!!!, so this is some of my favorite mature movies,such as:


  • 1. Time: A movie by director Kim Ki-Duk, a strange story and totally loving it, I've seen it more than once so far and still worth 10! also, actor Ha Jeong Woo became one of my favorite actors after this movie!! he's a such actors, and loving all his work. 

  • 2.Bad Guy: Another movie by the same directed; directed Kim, it was another strange story, and it was the first movie I watch for this director and then fell in love with his movies! also this movie is the reason behind why I became addicted to Jo Jae Hyeon's works!

  • 3.White Night: it's a gay movie! I'v watched it because it's inspired by an actual case (based on a true story) of random street assault by a homophobe in Jong-no! by Leesong hee-il.

  • 4. Secret Love:I watched this movie for Yoo Ji Tae, I'm one of his fans, perhaps he was one of the early actors who I fell in love with, also he's one of the actors who make you want see alot of his works whatsoever it was! a secret love story largely similar to the korean movie "Addicted 2002" starring by Lee Byung Hun.


Favorite Dramas & Movies Directors;

I chose a group of filmmakers, this choice is not because just one work of the one, but several works! especially director Kim Ki-Duk, almost watched all his works

Kim Young-Ki (Profile), Lee dong-Hoon (Profile), Lee Jang-Soo (Profile), Joo Sung-Woo (Profile), Park Sung-Soo (Profile),Kim Ki-Duk(Profile), Park Soo-Young (Profile), Bong Joon-Ho (Profile). 

With two excellent actors, they're become new directors last year: 

  • ..........1.Actor: Ha Jeong Woo - (Korean Movie) Fasten Your Seatbelt 2013
  • ..........2.Actor: Park Joong Hoon - (Korean Movie) Top Star 2013


Favorite Bands, Artists & Their Songs:

I'm addicted to Korean music, as well: " Pop, Hip Hop, Rap and Rok"! I loke all kinds of music especially Trott and folk songs, it's lend calm to my heart and make it warm!! I love the old songs so much, but that does not mean that I don't listen to the new songs, on the contrary!!!

..........Here are some of my favorite, but it's not everything!!

......... Favorite Old Artists:

..................Kim Choo-ja, Kim Gun-moo, Shin Joong-Hyun, Bae-Ho ,Cha Jung-Rok, NaMi, Kim Jung Ho, Ham Joong-Ah, Kim Min-Ki, Na Hoon-A, Lee Yong-Bok, Cho Yong Pil, Kim Min-Sun, Kim Jung-Ho, Kim Guk-Hwan, Kim Dong Ryul, Lee Bang-Shill, Kim Ji-Ae, Nam Sang-Kyu, Min Hae-Kyung, Terminal, Kim Kwan-Seok, Jin Simon, Byun Jin-Sub, Yoo Jae-Ha, Lee Moon-Sae, Go Han-Woo, and Kim Hyun-Sik

......... Favorite New Artists:

...................Ailee, Kim Jong-Kook, Hwayobi, Hwangbo, Lee Hyo-ri,Yoseop Yang,Yong Jun-Hyung, Sun-Mi, Lee Sung-Chul, Gary, Bi Rain, Lim Chang-Jung, Drunken Tiger, Sung Ki-Kyung, Lee Juck, Yim Jae-Bum, Bobby Kim, Baek Seung-Heon, K.Will, Hong Dae Kwang, Lee Jung, Park Hyun-Bin, Tie, Lee Jung-Hyun,Verbal Jint, Wheesung, San E, Swings, Park Ji-Yoon, Ahn Jae-Wook, Heu Reun, Kim Kyu Jong, Uhm Jung-Hwa, Haha, Kim Dong-Yul, Kim Bum-Soo, and Lee Hi.

..........Favorite Old Bands:

..................Shinhwa, G.O.D, H.O.T, CAN, Turbo, ZAZA, NRG, Solid, DJ DOC, Boohwal, Deulgukhwa, LeeSSang, Onions, Epik High, V.O.S, Dynamic Duo, WAX, Fly To The Sky, Country Kkokko, Clazziquai, and Rose Hotel.

..........Favorite New Bands:

................. Big Bang, Got7, BtoB, Super Junior, TVXQ!, JYJ, Beast, 100%, Block B, SS501, EXO, Wonder Girls, BTS, NU'EST, 4Men, EXD, MBLAQ, The Boss, 5urprise, Trouble Maker, B.I.G, C-Clown, INFINITE and 2PM.


Favorite Variety Reality Shows;

Also, I'm interested in Korean shows, specifically games and music show, there are many shows that I watching continuously, such; Gag Concert, Hello Counselor, Inkigayo, Music Core,Music Camp, Comeback Stage, and Music Bank!! also there some show that I follow but not contunuously, just when I've a big free time or if I'm get tired of dramas and movies marathon! such as Shinhwa Broadcast, Running Man, The Human Condition, The Return of Superman, Love Letter, Happy Together, and Let's Go! Dream Team!


Best Korean Channel Ever!




Okay! That's Me! ~
So, Feel Free To Send Me A Friend Request


My Best Friend;


She's my best MDL friend ever, no, she's my lovely sister, really! ;) Thanks to actor Lee Tae-Gon, he was the reason for start our friendship, Then we created an appointment brings us together, watch a movie every Sunday,Tuesday and Thursday' watching a movie at one time,then shareing our opinions and feelings about it! then our relationship has evolved, we've a lot of things in common now, we talk about dramas, movies, hot oppas and listening to alot of songs for many favorite singers, so we talk about almost everything now!!! as well as we now plan to see a lot of dramas together, too!!what a great thing to have a friend like oure @bettyboo here.

The following, Table shows our plans : 

Week #5 (Days): Sunday (Oct 19) Sunday (Oct 26) Sunday (Nov 1)
The Movie: A Har Day 2014

The Statu: Completed!

The Score: 10/10



Special Dramas!


#1 Empress Qi (Battle of Flowers)



.The following, Table shows our plans: 

Started August 30 with episode #9, we watch separately the first 8 episodes before we decide to continue this drama together! | 4 Episodes per week | Days: Saturday and Sunday.( putting on hold for awhile)!!

Week #1(Days):The EpisodesStatusWeek #2(Days):The EpisodesStatus
August 30Episodes9&10Done!September 6Episodes13&14Done!
August 31Episodes11&12Done!September 7Episodes15&16Done!
Week #3(Days):The EpisodesStatusWeek #4(Days):The EpisodesStatus
September 13Episodes17&18Done!September 20Episodes21&22Done!
September 14Episodes19&20Done!September 21Episodes23&24Done!
Week #5(Days):The EpisodesStatusWeek #6(Days):The EpisodesStatus
October 25Episodes25&26-November 1Episodes29&30-
October 26Episodes27&28-November 2Episodes31&32-



#2 Bad Guys!

나쁜 녀석들


the following, Table shows our plans: 

Started October 4, an ongoing drama, it releases one episode per week, on saturday. it's actually daebak drama, with an excellent cast and story, we don't abide by a certain date to watch a week episode!

Week #1 (Day) :The Episodes StatusWeek #2 (Day) :The EpisodesStatus
October 4Episode 1Done!October 11Episode 2Done!
Week #3 (Day):The EpisodesStatusWeek #4 (Day):The EpisodesStatus
October 18Episdoe 3Done!
October 25Episdoe 4-
Week #5 (Day):The EpisodesStatusWeek #6 (Day):The EpisodesStatus
November 1Episode 5-November 8Episode 6-



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