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This is my All time Favourite Dramas lists (including Thai Lakorn) everything is in Random Order. Some Thai lakorns might be too much if you are just a beginner, new comer to the lakorn world..  I noticed I have watched quite a lot of K-C-TW Dramas, more than I thought and the  lists doesn't even include the ones, I have watched over the years before I joined MDL.   

asiandramafan Apr 27, 2020
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Historical Dramas
59 titles 2 loves
Favorite Actors
192 people 57 loves 4 comments
Favourite Thai Actors
48 people 8 loves 1 comment
Favorite Dramas
58 titles 4 loves 1 comment
Thai Lakorns Slap Kiss / Revenge
56 titles 80 loves 1 comment