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Eternal Love
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Mar 27, 2017
Overall 10
Story 10
Acting/Cast 9.5
Music 9.0
Rewatch Value 10
I'll just keep it short & to the point:

This has gotta be the best historical c-drama I've seen.

Because unlike majority of c-dramas, or any drama, really, Eternal Love - Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms didn't have the boring/super annoying part! Which usually lasts for more than 10 eps!
Every freaking historical/fantasy drama (especially if it's adapted from novel) has either a ruined middle or ending or even both. Case in point, Journey of Flower (totally ruined the ending), General and I (managed to ruin both middle and ending) and those are only the first ones (or rather, the most recent ones) that come to mind, there's a whole other bunch just the same!

Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms? Nope, didn't have it! I loved every single bit of it! Even the heartbreaking bits!

1. Didn't have endless stupid misunderstandings.
2. Male lead YeHua knew right away when the evil bitch consort aka SuckJin was scheming and his looks said it all, like - keep lying bitch I knew it ain't truth.
Hands down YeHua is the best male lead ever, not falling for the annoying/evil consorts schemes and seeing right trough them!
3.And the female lead BaiQian is all for revenge on said SuckJin. Our high goddess ain't gonna let some puny deity make her suffer and even when she had to suffer some, she won't just let it rest or be all merciful, revenge it is! Kick her ass! Take back those eyes! No more sweet, kind fucking merciful & forgiving aka weak female leads, oh no, no one's gonna step on this girl!

All in all, loved every bit of it & it kept having you excited for what's gonna happen next. This happened and then you kept waiting to see when that happened and so on. It really had me interested trough out all 58 episodes! Not once did I stray to another drama, once Eternal Love got me it had me till the last minute.

As for acting, whoever cast them struck gold, both with main leads & supporting cast.
Especially liked: Chao Mark as Ye Hua, his every expression was so heartfelt; Dilmurat Dilraba as the little fox princess & Gao Vengo as Dong Hua.

Story was also fascinating. I'm so buying & reading the novel & gotta find those pillow books too!

Music rather awesome actually, gotta get my hands on that ost.

Re-watch value? I'm already re-watching it and saving to my computer, gotta have this on hand whenever I'll feel like re-watching it, which's gonna be often.

Overall a rare 10-10 rating from me. Whatever little faults it might have, the overall greatness of not having the annoying middle or ruined ending more than compensates for what might not be as great. In fact, it's so good that I can't even think of anything that is not good.
Eternal Love - Ten Miles of Peach Blossom is a rare gem of a drama.

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Aug 16, 2016
Overall 9.0
Story 9.0
Acting/Cast 8.5
Music 8.0
Rewatch Value 8.0
Personally, I loved this drama!

Why I loved it and would recommend/think it's worth watching:

1. the male leads character does have an actual development ~.^
And while he's still jerk-ish around ep 5 and 6 you can start to see his doom, that is, development coming XD After that you'll come to love him more and more.
So for those who dislike him at the beginning, totally understandable, but you might be willing to give it another try until later episodes, because it is so worth it.

2. Strong female lead character - that is such a rare jewel in dramas. I can actually count the strong female leads on my fingers, which is sad. But King2Hearts does have it, so yay

3. No love triangles. For me this is a super big bonus because I hate triangles and not only did the drama not have it, the supporting cast couple was also truly great.
I want more dramas with main couples like this one - no wavering, they trust and stay true to each other. What more could a girl want, right?

4. The story was original and kept going nicely, wasn't dragging anywhere and neither was the ending rushed which is also a rarity, another yay
The plot did go a little (ok, maybe a lot?), well, a tad overboard with all the war stuff and who'd attack whom based on what. I truly doubt it'd be that easy in our time considering that the governments do realise the consequences it'd have for us all (...at least I sincerely hope they do)

5. The cast really did portray their characters very well. Liked the ones I'm supposed to like, hated the ones I'm supposed to hate. Brought tear in my eye when needed, made me happy and smiling when called for it. No one left me feeling like this character was lacking or this one was too much.
Except, the only bad thing I can say about casting are the foreigner characters. They (the characters), the acting and their English was awful. Asian dramas really need to start hiring better actors for their foreign characters. Nuff said.

6. Music. Nothing special, but was good. Beautiful even. I will look up two main themes that were played most of the time because they really were great.
Actually, except for some dramatic moments, when it called for those two themes (or is it one?), I didn't really notice it and neither was it needed. The plot and acting kept me captivated, so music really was more just of a background in this one except the few scenes where it added the emotional high, so it was very well done.

Overall I'd say that this drama was great and portrayed very nicely how not to give up and just talk. Communication is important and could solve so many problems.
King2Hearts had plenty of action, politics, drama and romance.

Re-watch value? I've already re-watched it and totally will later on in the future ^^
Thou I'll just skip the horrible foreign actor parts :D

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Once Upon a Time
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Sep 7, 2017
Overall 8.5
Story 7.0
Acting/Cast 9.0
Music 9.0
Rewatch Value 8.0
Ok, seems like the movie has mainly followed the novel's way of storytelling, that is, we get everything from Bai Qian's perspective with flashbacks.

But gotta say, it's tad hectic, the way scenes just change and not because of flashbacks, simply not enough time in a movie to tell it all fully, so if one has not read the novel or seen the drama it might be somewhat confusing, but I'd need someones take on it who has seen only the movie, no novel & drama - was the plot easy to follow/understand? If you have read novel or seen drama, piece of cake, everything was clear.

That aside, whoa, the cgi and cinematography is breathtakingly gorgeous! The sets & clothes too! I do believe it's one of the best I've seen if not the best from China! Like, whoaaaaaaaa, a feast for eyes!

And the music is also good!

Even thou the scene changes & plot are somewhat fast forward & and the end was super abrupt, I'm still loving this movie. Wouldn't have thought I would, but I do.

Story: obviously difficult to stuff a whole books contents and little nuances into less than 2 hour movie, but they did pretty good.
Acting/cast: I'd say there were 4 main roles: The lead roles Liu Crystal as Bai Qian & Yang Yang as Ye Hua did great. And Luo Jin as Zhe Yan was also great. Li Frida as Su Jin I'd also consider among the main cast, she was ok.
As for other roles, the actors did ok as well, considering how little screen time there was and the kind of characters they had.
Music: music was actually very good, great even, I'm gonna find that soundtrack.
Re-watch value: It's worth re-watching now and then, definitely gonna do it myself.

Overall: the movie did very good.
Acting was great. Visuals/cinematography was spectacular. Plot was ok considering it's a book to movie adaption. Music was nice too.

In the end:
Loved the novel, loved the drama and loving the movie too ;D Each is great in it's own way ^^

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Jun 26, 2017
Overall 7.5
Story 8.0
Acting/Cast 9.0
Music 9.0
Rewatch Value 4.0
This was a trademark k-drama so further review can't really be considered spoilery as it happens in basically every drama.

However, If you can live with or it doesn't bother you that:
1. The good ones, as usual, get all walked over by bad ones who don't get any punishment or retribution, everyone's all friends afterwards instead of getting burned alive.
2. Drama adds totally unnecessary drama just to drag it longer and so it certainly dragged the last 3 eps instead of flowing nicely (thou not that the added drama was draggy, it went well... but could've done without it)
3. The completely unreasonable break up. I'm not even gonna comment on that one.

THEN if you can overlook those 3 above, I would recommend watching it cuz I truly enjoyed Heartstrings up till end of ep 12 when noble idiocy took place and it annoyed me to anger. Had someone warned me of it I would've been prepared & not as angry, could've just rolled my eyes and munched on popcorn while cussing them XD

It was fun, the music was great & the main leads were great :)
Even with the trademark wide eyed & stiff act from heroine whenever kiss is involved.

#3 has now made me rather vengeful, cuz I don't even remember which drama it is by now that has all the 3, well, 4 if we count stiffness too, trademarks that could totally be done without as it only ruins the drama for me. I really wanna find a drama where for once when the idiot who breaks up with their loved one for their own good aka so that loved one could achieve whatever, they wouldn't get back together and the loved one would find new love & live happily ever after, while the idiot who decided to break up for the better & let go instead of holding on & not letting go, would then wallow in misery. Would totally serve him/her right.

So yeah, while I liked the drama, the #1-3 has ruined it for me and not gonna watch it again.
Goody two shoes are overrated, stand up for yourself and don't be a well meaning sacrificial idiot either!
If they had left out the mess and had this ending, I would've re-watched it again, but now it's barely worth watching once.
Plot was good, actors did good, music was good too, so I'd say watch it once and see for yourself. At least till ep 12 and if you can tolerate not breaking your laptop (which I somehow managed) watch the last 3 eps too just to see them on screen or if you're already used to this kind of k-drama or maybe if you like the added drama :p

And also watch it cuz Shin really was a great boyfriend, for that alone it's worth to see ;D

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