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To Be Released
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Movies & dramas that have yet to be released (at the time it was added) and that have caught my interest, I''m looking forward to.…

The true OTP gems
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These are those dramas and movies where the main couple is a true OTP because  they stay true to each other all the way. No freaking love…

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These are the dramas and movies that are worth re-watching at least once, several times or for years to come ;)

Favorite Dramas
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My fav dramas - like them above others, love them or adore them and am so re-watching them now & then! They're not in any particular…

Want To See but ain't no SUBs (or even raws)
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The dramas and movies that I would like to watch and they have already aired, but there are no eng sub yet for them or sometimes not even raw…

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So, I had my The true OTP gems list where are the couples that stay true to each other romantically with no second guessing, basically the…

Favorite Actors
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No matter supporting or main role, these are definitely those actors whom I really like/admire - some more, some less, but they're all awesome…

Favorite Movies
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Ok, for once in my life I might actually truly have a favorite, a single favorite not many favorites as it is most of the time cuz there are…

Favorite Directors & Screenwriters
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These are those people whose dramas/movies are among my favorites so they're also my favorite directors/screenwriters for their work is…

Foresight and/or Time Travel
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Dramas involving foresight (visions, dreams etc of future) or time travel either to past or future.