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Things to note about me:

I love watching my Korean dramas with the genres of investigation/law/medical and my Chinese dramas with the genres of historical/wuxia and a penchant for the subgenre of xianxia.

I enjoy watching lakorns despite the awareness that the plots are downright ridiculous and redundant most of the time. 

I’m the type of watcher who is okay even if there is no romance tagged as an element in the series, but I do seek good romance sometimes. 

I don’t watch BL series. It’s just really not my cup of tea (and doesn't help that it feels like there's so much queerbaiting involved). I do watch series with bromance however. Anyway,  I don’t judge anyone who watches BL though. Watch whatever entertains you!

I rate my series higher compared to others so it may look weird for others. Lol. 

Like legit, I seldom give 7 or less as a rating but my 7 means it’s already a bit of a bad watch. An 8 is quite a so-so. Really, it’s a matter of how the series got me hooked/entertained. I don’t even care if the plot is not realistic (especially for lakorns as I feel like no other asian dramaland can beat lakorns in terms of absurdity) so my list can’t really be a good basis of ratings for people who accidentally visit my account. Anyway, my rating system for series I watch is like this:

  • 10: holds a special place in my heart; doesn’t have to be perfect plot wise FOR SOME tbh though most rated this high are really well-executed wholly (again, not saying all because back to the first reason which is ‘holds a special place in my heart’ for reasons i only know; i.e. KC, FOTD); high re-watch value
  • 9: put together nicely but still have some room for improvement in terms of 1.) pace; 2.) storyline; 3.) ending; or 4.) all mentioned above
  • 8: so-so — it’s okay but boring at times; liked it enough to finish it bingeing the series 
  • 7: frustrating — sometimes bad or most of the time, boring and showcases stupidity of characters and storyline but still watchable (fast forwarding of scenes starts to happen in this score range)
  • 6: bad but its quite bearable to finish it still (probably through skipping and fast forwarding A LOT of scenes)
  • 5: awry — things really have veered in (dizzying) random direction but i have the WILL not to drop 
  • 4-3: ... erm it’s the kind where i think wth did i just watch or why did i even try so hard to watch it? nuff said, that’s just it —a bad watching experience
  • 2-1: worst — it was me who wasted time to finish it but a bad production deserves to be rated how it deserves to be rated

— Though I did say my emotions play a role in my rating, I still try to rate a series as objective as I can get if that makes sense. Also, I don’t rate the works of my favorite actors/actresses with a 10/10 just because I like them. Their work’s rating still depend on how it was as a show for me.

 don’t usually rate dropped series but there are probably a few that have scores (only if i have gone halfway the series though and for some reason, the series disappointed/frustrated me due to high expectations from the get go).

I live for Korean variety shows. PDs and their team are just so good with what they do, from their conceptualization up to their execution, from their casting to the editing, and even the CGs and BGMs they put. Hands down, pure geniuses!

tbh, I mostly rate my variety show watches very high so below 8.5 means I probably don’t like it that much.

Favorite Actresses: Liu Yi Fei, Ni Ni, Yang Mi, Zhao Liying, Kimberley Voltemas, Yaya Sperbund, Mew Nittha, Baifern Pimchanok, Mint Chalida, Bella Campen, Jeon Yeo Been, Kim Ji Won, Kim Go Eun, Seo Ji Hye, Shi Min-Ah

Favorite Actors: Nam Goong Min, Kim Nam Gil, Shin Ha Kyun, Lee Je Hoon, Kang Ha Neul, Ji Chang Wook, Lee Dong Wook, Lee Joon Gi, Han Seok Kyu, Mark Prin, Pope Thanawat, James Jirayu, Yin Fang

Favorite Film Actors/Actresses: Kim Nam Gil, Sol Kyung Gu, Uhm Tae Goo, Esom, Lee Je Hoon, Jeon Yeo Been, Gong Yoo, Yoo Hae Jin, Ni Ni, Yin Fang, Zhou Dong Yu

Note: I specified my favorite movie/film actors/actresses but that is in no way to say that I think they are superior than those who prefers to do series. No! I think a great artist is great no matter what their medium to showcase their artistry. I did specify ‘favorite film actors/actresses’ but merely because it’s where I’ve seen them doing their art and enjoyed the craft they put there (e.g. Gong Yoo — he’s a talented actor but I still haven’t found any series of him that interests me but it is a different story when it comes to his movie/film lineup).

Other Actors/Actresses I root for: Liu Xue Yie, Wu Lei | Choi Sungeun, Janice Wu, Peng Xiaoran, Zhang Bojia, Zhao Lusi, Zhou Ye, Jean Phongpeeradej,  Im Jin Ah (Nana), Pyo Ye Jin


Additional Fun Fact/s:

  • I rarely get second male lead syndrome in Asian dramaland. A lot of times, I don’t get it when I see people commenting or reviewing how they wished for the female lead to choose the second male but okay? Lol. 
  • Funnily enough, my canon shipping does not apply on Western shows and books though! It also doesn't apply when the characters have chemistry but the genre has nothing to do with romance. Lol (crime-thrillers are the major suspect) 
  • I don't ship real humans! I enjoy the chemistry of the leads and cast in general but I don't give too much meaning into their off-cam actions. If colleagues end up together, then good for them! That is their life! 
  • I have many actors I like and I do appreciate great acting from men BUT honestly, I can't help but facepalm at how ridiculous and obnoxious some stans can get. I don't and won't identify with those kind of people!
  • Stan talented women! They need all the love and appreciation they could get working and nailing their credentials in such a chauvinistic and patriarchal industry! 
  • Can't wait for Harbin – gonna be movie of its year, I feel! 

ᶘ ͡°ᴥ͡°ᶅ

NOTE: have too much in my Currently Watching and Plan to Watch List so the series written here are the watches I’m really watching.

Current Priority Watches (On-air): The Silence of the Monster, Royal Doctor, Taxi Driver S2, Till the End of the Moon

Other Watches (Binge-watches): A Dream of Splendor, Bad and Crazy, Love and Destiny, Remembrance of Things Past

Movie Binge/s of the Week: Anarchist from Colony, Gangnam 1970, Midnight Swan

Weekly Variety Watches:  2 Days 1 Night S4, I Live Alone, Kick A Goal, Omniscient Interfering View, Ticketing Two Feet, Welcome First Time in Korea

Current Variety Binge/s: 

Favorite Individual(s) of the Week: Zhao Lusi | Liu Xue Yi

Note: faves of the week is mostly ≠ new discovery (i realized that i just tend to rotate with my faves per week lol it depends on what series/film/movie I've seen them in/on; rarely does it happen that a new discovery captivates me as much as my usual faves) 

(づ ◕‿◕ )づ

《 Currently: Juggling with real life and binge watching! 》


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