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Daughter of Taichen Palace

Daughter of Taichen Palace

I rate my series higher compared to others so it may look weird for others. Lol. 

Like legit, I seldom give 7 or less as a rating but my 7 means it’s already a bad watch. An 8 is quite a so-so.

I love watching my Korean dramas with the genres of investigation/law/medical and my Chinese dramas with the genres of historical/wuxia and a penchant for the subgenre of xianxia.

I enjoy watching lakorns despite the awareness that the plots are downright ridiculous and redundant most of the time. 

I’m the type of watcher who is okay even if there is no romance tagged as an element in the series, but I do seek good romance sometimes, especially when I feel like I’m low on sugar. Lol.

I rarely watch school youth series.

I live for Korean variety shows. PDs and their team are just so good with what they do, from their conceptualization up to their execution, from their casting to the editing, and even the CGs and BGMs they put. Hands down, pure geniuses!


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