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What Type of Drama Lover Are You?
Editorials - Jun 27, 2020

The portrayals of love and relationships in Asian dramas are as diverse as… um… eh… a handful of types?! In this quiz you will find five different types of lovers – maybe you are one of them?

A Stalker's Guide to Iura Arata
Editorials - Feb 5, 2014

If you're not already stalking Iura Arata, lily_b can tell you why you definitely should. He's not only handsome, he's a really great actor as well!

Currently Watching: Doctor X 2
Drama Recaps - Nov 26, 2013

lily_b is up to date on Doctor X 2. Are you watching? Should you be watching?

Everything is Mom's Fault!
Editorials - Nov 7, 2013

lily_b discusses one version of Dramaland mothers, and what their purposes might be. *Spoilers*