Love in the Moonlight

Love in the Moonlight (2016)

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Hong Ra On disguises herself as a man and counsels men on dating. Due to a love letter she wrote for a client, she meets Crown Prince Hyo Myeong. Ra On is unaware that he is the Crown Prince and Hyo Myeong is unaware that Ra On is a woman. The Crown Prince becomes interested in Ra On. His eunuchs become aware of this and attempt to get Ra On to become one of them.

  • Native title:

    구르미 그린 달빛
  • Also Known as:

    Moonlight Drawn by Clouds; Gooreumi Geurin Dalbit;

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Mar 24, 2017
  • Overall 7.0
  • Story 6.5
  • Acting/Cast 8.5
  • Music 5.0
  • Rewatch Value 6.0
So, what have I just watched?
In a nutshell, a saeguk for kids. Take a Disney film, split it into several episodes, dress the characters in hanboks and you have this drama. It mimics The Moon embracing the Sun - without ever nearing its intriguing plot or romance - in almost every aspect except for the detail of a girl dressed as a man despite the fact that she could never in read more a trillion years be mistaken for a man. To keep the parallel, we could say this is a fluffy rom-com dressed up as a Saeguk.

The romance is so cheesy I welcomed the politics with a sigh of relief. Everything happens too soon and... too much, depriving my otherwise romantic heart of the needed suspense and, yes, what I consider a must for romance: trepidation. I can't say I am an expert in historical dramas, but the little I know is that almost everything the two main characters do and say here is totally implausible: stroll hand in hand in the palace courts without anyone seeing them? Right. This is just one example out of dozens unlikely - no, impossible - situations. Unlike other reviewers here, I believe the second half of this drama to be a lot better than the first, with at least some plot developments, albeit rushed, at times.

The real saving grace of the show is Park Bo Goum. He clearly is talented and a pleasure to watch. His character is too good to be true, but well played out and multifaceted. On the other hand, I was a little disappointed in Kim Yoo Jung's performance. I know she's very young and has a lot of potential, but she didn't manage to make me feel a thing. By some camera angles, it was clear she wasn't looking at her partner when supposed to do so, and the result was kind of ridiculous. Her character is neither particularly brave, nor very strong or intelligent, so what's left in the end is a super nice crown prince who falls madly in love with a sweet pretty thing because she's a sweet pretty thing. I even came to prefer the appointed crown princess, she was refreshingly spunky.

The music is a collection of pop songs fit for everything and nothing. See above for the age target.

In conclusion, this drama had some real potential, even when the plot twists are predictable, but the final package is fluffy at best. Can be marathoned through for an overdose of lovey-dovey chirping.
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38 people found this review helpful
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Oct 18, 2016
  • Overall 9.5
  • Story 8.5
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 8.0
  • Rewatch Value 9.0
What a drama! This k-drama completely took me in for a ride and I genuinely loved every second of it.

To start off, this drama initially began as your basic gender bender. Typical. However, as you find yourself deeper into this drama you find underlying in that plot is so much more. There is a balance between your heart fluttering moments of pure fluff, moments that will make you laugh and the read more absolutely heart-wrenching moments-- this balance continuously plays with the viewers' heart, and it's exactly what keeps them wanting more. Since it was a romance historical drama, there was plenty of political elements to follow along with as well. I myself am a huge sucker for historical dramas, so naturally I found that this particular plot wasn't that hard to follow along with. But for someone who doesn't find much interest for them, they play a huuuuge role in the plot development - so I probably wouldn't recommend it.

The only portion I had dissatisfactions with was with how the story carried out towards the end of the drama. It dragged on for a little bit and then at the very last episodes everything felt very rushed to tie all the loose ends. There were a couple story arcs that they could have expanded on a little more which was disappointing. If they had cut the filler episodes a little short and was a little more detailed in the ending, it would've been absolutely flawless as a drama. But overall, the story was nothing short of amazing.

The general performance of the whole cast was exemplary, having both a reputation for their acting and endless eye candy! I even found myself becoming a Park Bo Gum fan in the process.

For starters, Kim Yoo Jung never fails expectation, upholding her crown as one of the best upcoming actresses with yet another hit drama to her lengthy list of filmography. Her character Ra On is a charming, optimistic and extremely outgoing. As having one of the more complex back stories in the drama, there were a few plot holes dealing with her family but nonetheless, it was carried out very well.

Park Bo Gum's presentation of the crown prince Lee Young was all in all praise worthy. I didn't feel much awkwardness from him even though he isn't nearly as experienced with historical dramas in contrast to his cast members. His tone, stance and relaying of emotions (his eyes I swoon every time), were executed in a manner that truly brought his character Lee Young to life. Not to mention, he suited the hanbok extremely well (and was very good looking in it). Although he was one of the more dull character archetypes, it was still entertaining to watch him grow from a childish troublemaker to a mature and refined crown prince.

The romance between the two was also lovely to the eyes, and although there is a bit of an age gap I didn't feel it as the chemistry between Bo Gum and Yoo Jung strongly made up for it. Although the romance did over shine the development of the friendship plot.

I definitely wish they would have shone a bit more light on the other characters Byung Yun and Yoon Sung. There was a lot of potential that the writer could of utilized to enhance the plot. These two character archetypes were definitely more on the complex side and it would've been really interesting to see more of their development and more of their story all in all.

The music in this drama was definitely really lovely to the ears, nothing really too special but they did include an OST by Park Bo Gum himself which was definitely a treat.

Another thing that I would like to make note on is the cinematography. I absolutely adooooore when producers pay respect to these aspects and I was taken by surprise at how stunning some scenes were. From the first episode until the very last, it was extremely extremely beautiful.

On the whole, this drama was definitely an exceptional coming of age drama deserving of all the hype and you should definitely give it a chance.
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Both dramas are historical, filled with comedy, romance and royal family matters. The female leads in both of these series are very similar in my view, also caught up in a love triangle with two men + the hidden king motif.
Recommended by hardpliers
The plot is quite similar. It is about a girl who was a princess, but her family was betrayed and defamed. She acquires the identity of someone else and makes her way into the palace to try and clear the name of her people. She meets the crown prince and falls in love with him. They go through many trials to be together. While there is no cross dressing it might be a drama many who like Love in the Moonlight would enjoy.
Recommended by insoles

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  • Reply
    Zarabara Oct 24, 2016 - edited

    It was a great drama and one of the best.
    Mean while after moonlight finished ... Scarlet heart got to 10% in ratings Well well well no one can cry over how moonlight stole the spot light because scarlet heart still isn't receiving it. Lacking dramas be lacking

    • Reply
      Patketina Oct 24, 2016

      so this drama was so boring you had to occupy yourself with other things like worry if the other of the same genre is better? Even tried so hard to make all of those fake profiles? Well, good for you, and good for this drama to have such loyal, a little psy fans :)

    • Reply
      Zarabara Oct 24, 2016

      if u hate this drama dont stalk the page

  • Reply
    Inessa974 Oct 24, 2016 - edited

    It was entertaining but it wasn't so good. Unlike many people I found some episodes very boring and it was hard for me to complete this drama.

    • Reply
      angelicamaullion Oct 24, 2016

      I'm reading the reviews and most of them have 8.5 ratings and above. I agree that this started so good. Actually, I really love the first few episodes. But after ep. 8, I don't get excited anymore. Idk why. I really love Bo Gum and Yoo Jung btw. But I just feel like the 10 episodes can be compressed into 5 episodes. There's just too many cheesy moments b/w the leads. I also hardly see Yoon Sung </3

  • Reply
    reika Oct 24, 2016 - edited

    Still cannot move on. Monday just arrived, and there's no crown prince lee young no more. (╥_╥)

    P.S. I'm actually sad seeing that there are people who failed to connect to this drama. But oh well, that's life, we can't agree on everything. But as for me, I'm a happy fan who enjoyed this drama. (I wish I am, but no, I'm no longer a teenager. And no, I'm not a kdrama beginner).

    • Reply
      Lili Oct 24, 2016 - edited

      Me too !! Not a teenager definitely nor a k drama beginner and I just LOVED this drama to death !!! Park bo Gum obsessed!! I'llol rewatch it very soon !!!

    • Reply
      Pari Oct 25, 2016

      Hi.. can u please tell me if its a happy ending?

    • Reply
      elvirad Oct 25, 2016
      Reveal Spoiler »
  • Reply
    SpicedSugah Oct 23, 2016 - edited

    Kwak Dong Yeon did an excellent job and I'd like to see him in more main roles. It's a light entertaining drama.

  • Reply
    Andrea Oct 23, 2016 - edited

    "Historical drama for teenagers"

    • Reply
      HAMEX Oct 23, 2016

      ... and for k-drama beginner

    • Reply
      bettyboo Oct 24, 2016

      100% right!
      I don't even know in what category I should put it. If I rate it compared with other historicals it'd not even reach a 5 :( And that would be a bit too low... Dilemma :|

    • Reply
      Miracle Oct 24, 2016

      Yup couldn't agree more...

    • Reply
      Inessa974 Oct 24, 2016 - edited

      Same here, I didn't enjoy watching this one. Some episodes were really boring and like it was said before, there was the feeling this show was made for teenagers with a very young lead actress. :(

    • Reply
      angelicamaullion Oct 24, 2016

      I'm glad that I wasn't the only one who feel the same way. Idk if I'm going to continue. :'((( I love sageuk drama but this one's too cheesy to handle :/

  • Reply
    666 Oct 23, 2016
    Reveal Spoiler »
  • Reply
    Pate Oct 23, 2016 - edited

    This is way better than that Moon Lovers trash.

    • Reply
      Zarabara Oct 24, 2016

      Well said

    • Reply
      ChaoticNai Oct 25, 2016

      just because they're two Period dramas that were airing at the same time doesn't mean you should show your appreciation for one by dissing the other.

  • Reply
    Mari Ela Oct 23, 2016 - edited

    has it not been because of kwak dong yeon, i would not pick up on where i left , it was boring, very slow pacing, no content, amsarry

  • Reply
    Ruyi Oct 22, 2016

    at first, i rated it 8.0... after watching the special... 8.5 :)

  • Reply
    OppaHasLongLegs Oct 22, 2016 - edited

    i cant seem to get myself to continue watching, im at ep 15 and damn this drama is just too typical and im kinda tired of the lead's smiling all the time it's so cheesy.

    • Reply
      RhopalocerA Oct 22, 2016

      the cheesiness does'nt get better. trust me

  • Reply
    Ashleyxx Oct 22, 2016 - edited

    I loved this drama! It's one the best I've seen all year! I was a bit disappointed with the ending because I wanted MORE but it's still in my top 2 for this year!

    I'm definitely Park Bo Gum obsessed!

    • Reply
      Lili Oct 22, 2016 - edited
      Reveal Spoiler »
    • Reply
      Ashleyxx Oct 24, 2016
      Reveal Spoiler »
  • Reply
    namopanik Oct 22, 2016 - edited

    I'm stuck at ep 14 for weeks. Does it get better? I'm so done with the weakness of the king and how flat polical intrigues are. Those characters who seemed to be strong and interesting at the beginning are gradually becoming less and less relevant. Anything worthy fast-forwarding down the road?

    • Reply
      RhopalocerA Oct 22, 2016

      for me, it's not..from ep 9 to the end, i keep on speedwatching the whole episodes..just want to end this quickly and move on to a better drama

    • Reply
      namopanik Oct 23, 2016

      Yeah, that's basically place I'm in right now. I think it's a waste to watch it on fast forward. Maybe another time. I have no idea what went wrong, even second leads are likable, but overall it's not captivating.

    • Reply
      Ari_Lee Oct 23, 2016

      It does not get better.

  • Reply
    LPA Oct 22, 2016 - edited

    Loved this drama. It is now on my very favorite historical drama list. Every actor was perfect for their role and the acting was excellent. I really liked the two male leads and the two female leads. What a great drama--a definite must watch. It had the right amount of serious drama combined with romance and humor. It was like watching "Descendants of the Sun" in a historical drama because it was so good although, of course, the story was completely different -- just really well executed. Congratulations to everyone on their hard work who helped put this drama together including staff, directors and actors. In the near future, I will watch it again (and again). Also, as a last note, I really enjoyed watching the Special episode 19 that showed a lot about the actors and how the drama was filmed. Good work and Take care!

  • Reply
    goongshim Oct 22, 2016 - edited
    Reveal Spoiler »
  • Reply
    YummyD Oct 22, 2016

    The ending was well done. Great acting by Bo Gum and Kim Yoo Jung. The 18 episode mark was perfect for this drama. Will definitely miss this show!


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    Aug 22, 2016 to Oct 18, 2016
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