Ruler: Master of the Mask

Ruler: Master of the Mask (2017)

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In the 1700's, Crown Prince Lee Sun fights against Pyunsoo hwe, an organization that has accumulated power and wealth through privatizing water all over Joseon. He becomes a hope for the people who suffer. Ga-Eun is the woman Crown Prince Lee Sun loves and she helps him grow as a ruler.

  • Native title:

    군주 - 가면의 주인
  • Also Known as:

    Ruler – Master of the Mask; Monarch; Goonjoo-Gamyunui Jooin

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  • Reply
    Ngan 1 day ago

    I'm excited for this cast, and L making his comeback as an actor, c:

  • Reply
    irilight 2 days ago

    The title of this drama is Ruler: Master of the Mask. Yoo Seung-Ho is the main lead here. And your poster is of the leading lady.

  • Reply
    Kris Redd 2 days ago

    wow! So Excited for this one! <3

  • Reply
    Abi 5 days ago

    Omg it's Kim so Hyun and the couple from One More Time!!! Excellent casting, I'm excited !!

  • Reply
    Light 6 days ago

    Kim So Hyun and L, I'm there.

  • Reply
    Saje 7 days ago

    omg can't wait anymore
    D - 19

  • Reply
    94loveKdrama 9 days ago

    Drama I'm highly anticipating!!~❤ May 10 it is!!!

  • Reply
    moondust 10 days ago - edited

    JUST noticed YSH character is listed as "Crown Prince Lee Sun Sado". I wonder if this is the same infamous Crown Prince Sado? :( Yoo Ah In's "The Throne" and whatever I've read up on this historical figure isn't helping things lolll

    • Reply
      fryyyy 3 days ago - edited

      yi Sun (king Sukjong 1674–1720) is dong yi's husband. dong yi (1670 – 1718) was conqubine to prince sado's (1735 – 1762) grand father.. so no worries. So will we see dong yi in this drama? but as a side character conqubine? Since Yi Sun is a prince here i guess dong yi wont show up, not till he's king.

  • Reply
    Otps4Life 11 days ago

    That looks like the SHR palace 0.o

  • Reply
    so hyun03 13 days ago

    Kim So hyun and Yoo Seung Ho really fits each other. Looking forward to this drama. Kim So Hyun unnie, i'll watch this for you and also for YSH oppa

  • Reply
    Ayumu 14 days ago - edited

    It's like a dream come true !
    A long time ago, I was watching a BTS of I Miss You/Missing You, I saw Kim So Hyun and Yoo Seung Ho there, they were so cute and I said "Okayy, I ship them !"
    And here, they are in a drama together ! I am so happy, I just hope the drama will be good !

  • Reply
    Trouble-chan 17 days ago - edited

    Does Light know that L's not dead?

    • Reply
      Natsume21 16 days ago

      I'm pretty sure Light himself is watching L's dramas

    • Reply
      Trouble-chan 16 days ago

      Well Ryuk's probably insisting.... ;)

    • Reply
      amourexdile 4 days ago

      Nah, he's too busy trying to win Misa back via Reverse (2017). ;P

    • Reply
      Trouble-chan 2 days ago

      I bet he could be swayed with an apple though. ;)

  • Reply
    dearD4NI 18 days ago - edited

    it's because yoo seung ho already completed his military service i keep forgetting he's only 23 damn everytime i look at this page it makes me uncomfortable and then i have to stop and think "no dani, he's younger than xiumin"

    • Reply
      AmastrisDratwka 12 days ago

      Xiumen is 90-Line; L is 92-Line; & YSH is 93-Line; it's just that YSH has had a more productive acting life than most adult actors before he even reached the age of 18. lol...I still remember absolutely adoring him as the Jade Emperor in Arang & the Magistrate, which was one of the first K-Dramas that got me hooked and obsessed, especially with any type of historical genre.

    • Reply
      Panda 10 days ago - edited

      Try watching the way home 2002 he was like 8 or 7. He was the main lead its super movie xD

  • Reply
    cjewel1974 24 days ago - edited

    I dont like KSH she is very young IMO this historical dramas need more experienced leads, but oh well, I ll be watching because of L & Yoo So Hee hopefully they will make second couple instead of antagonist since I loved them in their web series they had so much chemistry together....

    • Reply
      SpadeZero 15 days ago

      Mm. He's awesome in Strong Woman :D One day, it might happen...

    • Reply
      AmastrisDratwka 15 days ago - edited

      ..don't take this wrong... but the actors Yeo Jin Goo, Kim So Hyun, Kim Yoo Jung, &
      Yoo Seung Ho have earned unbelieable praise from the S.Korea entertainment industry for years as child actors for shows like The Moon that Embraces the Sun, Missing You, Arang and the Magistrate, Operation Proposal, & Dong Yi, where their child actor roles are even considered the BEST part of the drama, especially Missing You which was panned as crap after Yoo Jin Goo & Kim So Hyun no longer appeared. Yeo Jin Goo, since 2008, has won numerous child/rookie/best actor awards for no less than 6 different dramas. Kim So Hyun, since 2012, has won numerous child/rookie/best actress awards for 5 different dramas. Kim Yoo Jung, since 2006, has won numerous child/rookie/best actress awards for 8 different dramas. Yoo Seung Ho, since 2002, has won child/rookie/best actor awards in 6 different dramas.

      These 4 actors have had long, successful, and praiseworthy careers, that many adult actors would die to have their current resumes. None of these actors are "idols". They earned their status and praise from their dedication to their craft and their hard work, much of which came from their interactions together within the dramas I mentioned above, so much so, that many fans of their acting have been waiting years for them to grow up and begin acting together in adult roles.

      I started to read this back and forth and had to laugh. I'm like, "what?" But I'm trying to understand how L & Yoo So Hee are considered "more experienced" and much more worth watching then the leads or because of "chemistry" in a "webtoon". I'm not saying that anyone's thoughts are not coming from their own VALID biases and likes that float their boat. I'm not one to even say that a person cannot want to watch a drama merely because their favorite sexy idol is in the drama. But, I cannot in good conscience let factual matters slide when it comes across as insulting talented actors careers in a way that makes absolutely no sense to me. Take Yoon So Hee for instance: She's a German national who was going to college for chemical engineering when she got noticed at TvN & SuperJunior events & a cameo in a ShiNee video. She's been on hiatus from college ever since, and even acted along side Kim Yoo Jung in Secret Door. She was in 10 episodes playing the older version of Kim Yoo Jung's character, Seo Ji-dam. Kim Yoo Jung, who was in 13 of the episodes, won 22nd SBS Drama Awards, New Star Award in 2014 for her part...and Yoon So Hee??? My point, there's a marked difference that no one can deny between an idol like "L", who has played in 10 different dramas since 2011 and only been nominated once and never won anything for his acting skills versus the likes of Yoo Seung Ho & Kim So Hyun.

      As for their age difference, Kim So Hyun, this past year, already had one of her first female ADULT roles along side an idol, Ok Taec Yeon [28], in Bring It On, Ghost with numerous deep kissing scenes. She's a year older now and working with a 23 year old in a drama that will likely be no different, in terms of romance, than what happened between Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo Jung in Love in the Moonlight. She's already crossed over the ADULT romantic lead threshold when she did Bring It On, Ghost. You cannot put the genie back in the bottle, and why would anyone want to stunt these great actors development and maturing their careers. Yoo Seung Ho went into the military at 18 just for this reason, to come back as an adult and get the juicy main lead roles. The girls are no different....

      ...but to call these folks "inexperienced", I just had to speak my mind, because their biographies speak to how untrue that statement truly is... I just couldn't keep quiet about it.

    • Reply
      so hyun03 13 days ago

      "I dont like KSH she is very young IMO this historical dramas need more experienced lead"
      lol! I guessed you didn't do a research before saying something that stupid. Just because KSH is younger than the other casts doesn't mean she's not an experienced actress. Since childhood she was always casted as the childhood counterpart of the main leads in historical dramas also in dif. genres. It's her 1st historical drama but is already an experienced actress since she've done many dramas already. For those dramas, she have received multiple awards for her acting skills. She's always praised by many. How about L? I think this is his 1st historical drama. And Yoon So Hee? opps! not even half of kim so hyun's. lol! Let's see.. Kim So Hyun had been in 8 films, 29 Television series, and 1 web series. Not to mention she has an upcoming cameo appearance in WYWS. Yoon So Hee had only been in 2 films and 14 Television series. Yoo Seung Ho had been in 13 films and 26 Television series. L had only been in 11 Television series. See the difference between the main casts? Kim So Hyun and Yoo Seung Ho had been in the industry since young. So don't tell us they're not an experienced actors. lol! you should have referred it to your L and Yoon So since it suits them pretty well.

    • Reply
      AmastrisDratwka 12 days ago - edited

      I'm still trying to understand why you all think she's not experienced in HISTORICAL dramas, let alone being cast due to "popularity"??? **scratches head** KSH is not an idol and has only be in a handful of "student/school" dramas to be considered "cast for fanbase". How did KSH garner her popularity??? That's MY point. She got her POPULARITY because she's a GOOD and EXPERIENCED actress. lol... She's played the YOUNG VERSION of the following POPULAR dramas, to which she was even earning credit as doing a better job in her role than when the actress who transitioned to adulthood was able to do with their character. THAT'S why she's so popular for playing in THESE popular shows:

      1. The Girl Who Sees Smells young version of Choi Eun Sul
      2. Triangle young version of Hwang Shin Hye
      3. I Can Hear Your Voice young version of Jang Hye Sung
      4. Birth Secret young version of Yi Hyun
      5. IRIS 2 young version of Ji Soo Yun
      6. Missing You young version of Lee Soo Yeon
      7. Padam Padam young version of Jung Ji Nah
      8. Thorn Birds young version of Jung Eun

      As for HISTORICALS she's played in her fair share of them as well. Historicals KSH has been in:

      1. The Duo young version of Geum Ok
      2. Moon That Embraces the Sun young version of Yoon Bo Kyung
      3. Rooftop Prince young version of Hong Se NA/Crown Princess Hwa Yong
      4. The Queen in Goblin
      5. Sol Bi in the movie I Am A King
      6. The Last Princess movie as young version of Princess Deok Hye

      I'm sorry but SoHee has had small parts in only a couple historicals, and L has no experience whatsoever in this genre. It's not just that the leads in this drama have many awards and praise over many years compared to the others, but the idea that either of them were cast NOT because they are actually good actors but because they are popular... when the EXACT reason either KSH & YSH are popular IS because they have been EXCELLENT ACTORS for YEARS in their youth and PROVEN their worth... I'm trying to see how L/SoHee have more merit in this regard. It's just not a realistic comment whatsoever. PERIOD.

    • Reply
      so hyun03 12 days ago

      AmastrisDratwka really true!
      And cjewel1974, you said " this historical dramas need more experienced leads " so don't you think that L and So Hee shouldn't be part of the main casts? or even in the drama? Since they haven't done much historical dramas and they still lack in skills. They are too far from the main leads.
      And you also said "Sometimes Korean dramas fail in the casting department because they rather go with popularity instead of acting skills". And I guessed you're referring it to our KSH. lol! Shouldn't you refer it to both your L and So Hee? Since they got to be part of this drama and even the main cast when they're not that good and haven't done much. So I guessed they entered this because of their popularity or something? Oh! I forgot that YSH and KSH are both more popular. Just the two alone are already popular so they don't need to cast someone just for popularity. So I wonder why they casted L and So Hee when there are many people who deserves to get the spot. Not to mention YSJ, who is also an idol-turned-actor like L. He's even more capable and has a good acting skills than L.

  • Reply
    moondust 24 days ago - edited

    I don't even care about KSH it's all about Seung Ho <3

    • Reply
      Panda 10 days ago


    • Reply
      moondust 10 days ago

      Lol! Don't get me wrong she's a fantastic actress. YSH is the main draw for me is all

    • Reply
      Panda 10 days ago - edited

      Im just messin around ¤♡


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    South Korea
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    May 10, 2017 to Jul 13, 2017
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    Wednesday, Thursday
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    60 min.


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