The Emperor: Owner of the Mask

The Emperor: Owner of the Mask (2017)

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In the 1700's, Crown Prince Lee Sun fights against Pyunsoo hwe, an organization that has accumulated power and wealth through privatizing water all over Joseon. He becomes a hope for the people who suffer. Ga-Eun is the woman Crown Prince Lee Sun loves and she helps him grow as a ruler.

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    군주 - 가면의 주인
  • Also Known as:

    Ruler – Master of the Mask; Monarch; Goonjoo-Gamyunui Jooin; Ruler - Master of the Mask;

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Similarities that you can see in both of them:

-There is a problem in the country's ruling and at least the citizens are unhappy with it.
-There is an evil organization that is connected to the counrty's ruling.
-There is a love connected to a little duration of being together, and a parting apart with a "Remember me with this when we become together in the future again!" object.
-There is a main character who has to hide his identity with a mask.
-Full of action.
-The heroine and the main character are both brave.
-Both are historical.
-Both are very great!
Recommended by Vologirlchan
Scholar Who Walks The Night and The Emperor: Owner of the mask have similarities. Both story is developing the crown prince to become a great King.

It's because there is a cruel person/vampire that stand behind the Kings order and the Prince were forced to serve that person/vampire in order to keep his people save.

In The Emperor: Owner of The Mask there is Daemok. In Scholar Who Walks The Night there is a vampire called Gwi.
Recommended by Nurul Hana

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    namopanik 20 hours ago - edited

    I catched up with last few weeks of episodes, and now I can't really blame anyone who dropped it sooner. I enjoy it in a way since I considerably lowered my expectations, but so many things are hard to buy (instrumental use of poison and its timing being the easiest of them). The level of angst is unproportional and for something that mostly relies on a great love and whatnot, relationships accelerate from 0 to 100 in a blink. Why do they even love each other, and through all those years? Who knows. Acting is better than character building, so it carries the whole show. Maybe even not acting, but pure charisma. We have powers, but no real struggles - instead two lovesick boys bickering over a terribly underinformed girl making stupid choices. People act half assedly all the time and keep dragging whatever serves as a plot here with misunderstandings, lack of communication and keeping others in dark, but we're to believe that they care deeply about revenge or justice (but not deep enough to bother going and finding a stupid pot or drawing a usable map or whatever). It reminds me of the second part of The Moon That Embraces The Sun or Joseon Gunman in a wrong way.
    /ok, it get's better in the 2nd halft of 27th and in 28th.

  • Reply
    cherries 22 hours ago

    why so many complaints:oo Ep 28 and I'm still enjoying watching this drama xD

  • Reply
    Kaylee 1 day ago

    all the characters are so dull except hwa gun and lee sun the commoner.. yawn

  • Reply
    WsupItsAnna 1 day ago

    The only good thing this show gave me is Kei's Star and Sun OST. BECAUSE THAT SONG IS MAH JAM.

  • Reply
    vanooshe 2 days ago - edited

    Battle for the throne. Really enjoy it! Even more than watching the boys fight over the girl! :)

  • Reply
    soepspaansenler 2 days ago

    I find lee sun (the king) way more horrible and annoying then our real villain..

  • Reply
    Nikita Dela Pena 2 days ago

    I am loving it!

  • Reply
    AmberSteininger 2 days ago - edited

    Are the poppy pills a real drug that you would have to keep taking? Seems like a stupid question because I know poppies are poisonous but looking it up, I don't see anything close to what is displayed in the drama.

    • Reply
      insoles 2 days ago

      Obv it;s made up. The poison in the drama is one with no known cure. The person has to keep taking it in order to stay alive. It's sort of like heroin in a poison form. Except you wouldn't die if you stopped using heroin. The poison can only stay neutralized if it stays in your system constantly.

    • Reply
      AmberSteininger 2 days ago

      Okay, thankyou! Found it unlikely that it could be real :)

  • Reply
    suju5 3 days ago - edited
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      I dropped this drama on episode 7 or 8, I was watching because of L & Yoon So Hee, didn't like the leads that much. But then I dislike L's character and the main lead and loved the real prince and Kim Hwagun character so much that I had to drop it because I knew this ship would never sail. I found Ga Eun character so boring for my taste. If you are looking for historical, rom-com look for My Only Love Song, that's why I dropped this drama.

  • Reply
    neptagen404 3 days ago - edited
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    lhisa 3 days ago

    After watching the latest episodes, I am really frustrated on how things turned bad on everything, but I think that's the purpose of it, I have to keep watching this until the end, because I really want to see that eventually, everything will turned out well. So, to the writer of this drama, CONGRATULATIONS!! You really did a good job! Even for those who are saying that some of the characters from great actor/actress frustrates them, they are still watching this drama.... :)

  • Reply
    lattebean_ 3 days ago - edited

    I'm starting to get really frustrated with this after recent episodes... it feels like there's always a new misunderstanding and anything isn't resolved in the end.. Only reason I'm still watching this is because of Yoo Seung Ho, funny because before this drama I didn't even like him much. But his character here is interesting and I have to admit Seung Ho is skilled at acting.

  • Reply
    HezlPhoebe 3 days ago

    I stopped watching this series after episode 8.. I lost the excitement but my mother is still watching it and there's one thing she doesn't like about this show.. it's Kim So Hyun.. her acting is good but her face is just so young and it doesn't really hit to her character..

    I too.. think the same thing.. I like the Yoon So Hee's character more.. I like how they met in the secret garden.. crown prince and her :)

  • Reply
    insoles 4 days ago - edited

    yall complain too much . this drama isn't bad at all. what kind of wack ass taste do you guys have? i feel like some of yall watch terrible sht. cant relate.

  • Reply
    Moza 4 days ago - edited

    Does anyone know, Who is the writer of this drama?

    • Reply
      Moza 2 days ago

      Thank you namopanik..


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    South Korea
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    May 10, 2017 to Jul 13, 2017
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    Wednesday, Thursday
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