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So here is my third and last part of "Beloved Actors" article. I am aware that maybe this one was the most anticipated one so I hope it won't disappoint you. I am sure the results will not be as everyone wishes, trust me, some aren't mine either, but at the same time I know that the chosen ones are really popular and loved by many. All in all I want to thank everyone who helped with these articles and the ones that read them as well.

Enough with the chit-chat. Here is the list with Korea's BELOVED actors!

Older than 30

"Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young." - Henry Ford

1. So Ji Sub - 36 years

In my case, this wasn't a surprise for 1st place. With all the success he had in the last years, it was something I expected. I consider him a versatile actor that can pull off interesting roles which can make viewers crazy about him. I think that everyone agrees that if the main actors aren't good, then even with a strong storyline the drama/movie won't make you stay interested. In the past years he succeeded in taking on dramas that became instant hits in their genre. Not to mention that he looks good as well... just look at those sleepy eyes!!
Anyway, I admire him as an actor and I always appreciate his works... and view his commercials with pleasure ("Get Lost").

Known for: Rough CutSorry I Love YouGhostAlwaysThe Master's Sun

2. Lee Jun Ki - 31 years

He and So Ji Sub had a great fight for the 1st place... maybe the years in the industry had a say in this. First of all, he is one of the first recognized "flower actors" in the industry. The truth is that he is good looking... and those small eyes kill me every time. Apart from his looks he is a great actor as well... one of my favorites I may say. I always love the way he immersed in his characters and made them come to life. He was voted year after year as "the most handsome men in Korea". Also, his chemistry with his co-stars is magical as well. Can't wait for his new drama!

Known for: The King and The ClownMy GirlTime Between Dong and WolfIljimaeTwo WeeksArang and The Magistrate 

3. Hyun Bin - 31 years

Maybe many craved his place along with his absence in the industry, but the HUGE power of Secret Garden won. Even with his absence of 3 years, Hyun Bin is still considered a star among celebrities and viewers. The truth is you just can't overlook those kind eyes and killer smile. Even if Secret Garden was aired 4 years ago, it still remains one of the most talked and adored drama in Korea. In my case, I really miss him and his dramas... why does enlistment exist?!I Can't wait for his movie to appear on the net so I can watch it. Also, I happened to hear that he had chosen this movie over 300 dramas so it should be something with it, right?

Known for: A Millionaires First LoveMy Name is Kim Sam SoonSecret GardenLate AutumnKing's Wrath

Personal Choice: Kim Nam Gil - 33 years

I am totally biased with this choice. He is my FAVORITE actor in Korea and the one I would want to meet if I had to choose. Since seeing him playing Bi Dam, my mind went numb. Maybe some of you know I'm crazy for Johnny Depp... well, he is his "brother" from Korea to me. I was so amazed by his acting that I would start screaming at the screen when he appeared. I know that maybe many aren't as crazy for him as me, but I don't care... no one can replace him in my heart:D. Can't wait for his new movie to come out!!

Known for: Portrait of a BeautyQueen Seon DukBad GuySharkLovers Vanished

1. Ha Ji Won - 35 years

You were expecting this, weren't you? In my case, I'm not a die-hard fan of hers... Yes, I think she can act well, but she happens to not be my cup of tea. On the other hand, I really love her strong female characters... nobody can do these better than her. Also, she has that boyish look that I really LOVE on a woman. Going on, it's a sure thing that many people love her. In fact, she is the most loved actresses in all generations. She won 1st place by a huge difference to the others. Since 2010, she has become one of the most wanted actresses by directors and CFs. Without doubt she is the queen in her generation of actresses.

Known for: DamoSecret GardenKing2Hearts100 Days With Mr ArrogantAs OneEmpress Ki

2. Jun Ji Hyun - 32 years

If you want to make a 14-year comeback in dramaland, might as well make it BIG. This is exactly what she did with YWCFTS. Trust me... if I happened to make this article in early 2013, she wouldn't have been here. But life is about timing and she has chosen hers right. Actually, I already loved her from her movies (she isn't called MOVIE QUEEN by accident). I think you can see for yourself that she is beautiful, so I don't need to point that out. She can hold herself with younger guys just fine, without making us see a big difference in their looks. Anyway, she proved that she can manage a drama after all these years, so I just can't help but wonder what she will do next!

Known for: Il MareMy Sassy GirlWindstruckDaisyYou Who Came From The StarsThe Thieves 

3. Kim Sun Ah - 38 years

In my opinion you can either love or hate this actress, for me it goes both ways. I saw some of her works where I just couldn't make myself watch further, but on the other hand, there were some that I truly enjoyed! Also, I love her so much more with short hair! I think it suits her more than any other hairstyle. Many consider her a genius and the others only a mediocre actress... this means that she isn't for everyone, but for the those that love her, she is THE BEST. Also, she is one of the most respected among actors as many say she has a strong and professional aura around her. I hope her next drama will be one that will appeal to me!

Known for: S DiaryThe FiveMy Name is Kim Sam SoonScent of a WomanI Do, I Do

Personal Choice: Song Ji Hyo - 32 years

Don't mind me, I'm just biased. Look what Running Man has done to me. Honestly, she isn't the best actress out there, but I LOVE her despite that. I think she acts in a really natural way and isn't afraid of complex roles or daring situations. Also, I love her natural looks... even without makeup, Mong Jyo is the BEST!! It's truth that many said that they like her for her personality, but that is something she can't help due to Running Man. Anyway, I enjoy her works, and I can't wait to see her new role!

Known for: A Frozen FlowerGoongJumongCodename: JackalEmergency Couple

Younger than 30 or 30

"You can't help getting older, but you don't have to get old." - George Burns

1. Kim Soo Hyun - 26 years

From playing younger versions in dramas, he ended up being the most wanted actor by directors. He is now the King of commercials and the face of many products. At first, I didn't think he was such a good actor, but with time he sure developed and became better and better. Everywhere you look people are talking about him and his skills. He is the ideal type of many celebrities and isn't shy about it at all. Fact is that nowadays is the era of Kim Soo Hyun. Also... what's with that face and body?! You don't see men like that everywhere... why is God so unfair? I am really curious what his next work will be like, other than a huge success ,of course.

Known for: Dream HighThe ThievesThe Moon that Embraces the SunCovertnessYou Who Came From The Stars 

2. Joo Won - 26 years

Cuteness overload! I swear he is just like a teddy bear. You just want to put him in your pocket and never let him go... EVER (stalker mode). No, seriously now... this guy can actually act. His emotional scenes are the best out there. Who can play a character with mental disorder better than him? No one, I tell you that. Many actors in their twenties confessed that he is someone they look up to and want to become like. He has been an inspiration for many and I'm sure he won't stop here. Did I mention those cheekbones? He is just too cute for his well being. Ok, I'm finished with my fangirling.

Known for: Ojakgyo BrothersCatch MeBridal Mask7th Grade Civil ServantGood Doctor

3. Lee Min Ho - 26 years

Yes, people, the prince of Asia is in this list:D
I must admit that I thought he would be a little higher, but oh well, maybe next year. What you have to see is that his "eternal enemy" Jang Geun Suk isn't here so he must have beat him in this round. LMH evolved from a pretty face to a well known and appreciated actor. At a young age, he gave life to a character that became iconic in time (does Go Jun Pyo ring a bell?). Truth is that nothing can stop him. When you hear his name in the cast list that drama/movie become a must watch without second thoughts... that is how powerful he is. I'm sure that if he chooses his next role attentively, he will regain his "crown".

Known for: Boys Before FlowersPersonal TasteCity HunterFaithHeirs

Personal Choice: Song Joong Ki - 28 years

My darling really struggled before becoming popular and appreciated. I think I mentioned before, but he is a jewel that was polished by Running Man. But no, I couldn't enjoy his popularity much because he enlisted... why is destiny so cruel sometime? O.o
Anyway, the idea is that I just LOVE him! I think he is a really talented actor, with versatility and charm. Each of his roles has been different and interesting. Also, how can he look so good? Those eyes... he can look at me for as long as he wants and I won't get bored. And those lips are just perfect. Sorry, I've gone mad yet again. Anyway, I can't wait for the day he comes back to us...

Known for: Hearty Paws 2Sungkyunkwan ScandalPenny PinchersNice GuyA Werewolf Boy 

1. Shin Min Ah - 30 years

I always had the impression that she was older than her actual age... maybe because she seems to have been in the industry since forever. I love her so much. I consider her the most beautiful actress in Korea. She is just too charming and interesting. Not to mention her acting skills... they are really top notch. Everything she played in became top viewed and she even came 1st place in many polls. Did I mention the amount of CFs she has done?!
They are many, let me assure you. In my opinion, you just can't help but love her. She can play both sexy and cute, and sometimes even at the same time. I'm looking forward to her next work.

Known for: My Mighty PrincessA Love To KillThe DevilMy Girlfriend is A GumihoArang and the Magistrate

2. Moon Chae Won - 27 years

Even if she hasn't been around for a while, it seems that people didn't forget about her... I mean, how could you? I really like her style of acting. I've watched almost everything she played in, and she didn't disappoint me so far. Also, she has this mature look that she totally nails down without a problem. She was voted by many, and the boys told me she is one of the most beautiful women they've ever seen. (It's not like I'm jealous or something, why should I?!). She made her name known among viewers and actors at the same time, so I'm sure her new drama will be a masterpiece as well.

Known for: Shining InheritanceThe Princess' ManNice GuyGood Doctor

3. Park Shin Hye - 24 years

If LMH is the prince of Asia then Park Shin Hye must be the princess. I have to admit that I'm not her biggest fan, to me, almost all her roles are the same with tiny differences here and there. This doesn't mean that I hate her. I actually really enjoyed her dramas and I'm always interested when I hear she will appear in a new one. Anyway, the scary thing here is her age with her popularity. I mean she's only 24 and already has the world at her feet. Everyone loves her and considers her "Nation's Little Sister" or so it was before IU appeared. So the main idea is that I'm really curious on how this actress will develop in the future.

Known for: Miracle in Cell No. 7You're BeautifulHeartstringsFlower Boy Next DoorHeirs

Personal Choice: Yoon Eun Hye - 29 years

She was my first girl crush, so she will always have a special place in my heart. Actually, I was kind of disappointed that she didn't take part in the actual TOP 3. In my eyes, she is like an upgraded version of PSH. Anyway, I love her since her Goong days and I try watching anything she plays in. So far I've been really pleased with her acting and drama choices. I can't wait to see her new work and maybe appearing in Running Man for good old times (I ship her and Kim Jong Kook so hard).

Known for: GoongCoffee PrinceLie to MeMissing YouMarry Him If You Dare

Well, this is the last part of my article... I really hope you enjoyed it and I'm sure there will be many other opinions, so feel free to share. Once again, I want to thank everyone that helped me with their opinions!! You're the BEST, as always<3

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  • Reply
    louloudi Aug 4, 2014

    Lee Min Ho has the first place for me.Actually he ranked Number 1 in a Chinese poll which took place for 2 months and with 10 millions votes he won the title Asian Male God 2014. KSH came in the 3 place with 9.96 million votes.Voting was based in popularity , looks and talent.

  • Reply
    elkah Jul 6, 2014 - edited

    Personally, I consider Shin Min Ah the queen <3

    • Reply
      elvi Jul 15, 2014

      I totally agree!!! I love her so much. I wish she did more dramas, but it is known she likes modeling more.

  • Reply
    rainruma Jun 21, 2014 - edited

    Since this article is from Apr 2014 ... I must say, neither Lee Min-Ho ....nor his "eternal enemy" (as u call him) Jang Gun-Suk should be on the list.... .....neither had a great drama this year ("Heirs" fever is dying fast) and neither did a great job acting in them.

    Kim Woo-Bin should have been there!.....
    He has burst on to the scene w/ his powerful acting .... He steals every scene he's in .... even from Jang Dong-Gun ("A.G.D.")..... among his generation, he's the most in demand by film directors.
    I don't find him handsome ...... What I like is his energy and presence on screen! and 2013 is his breakthrough year!...He's very popular now .

  • Reply
    maida11 Jun 10, 2014 - edited

    Being a popular doesnt mean u r a good actor or actress and vice verse , bad to find tallented one has no opportunty , i think this industry is really tough in korea

    • Reply
      Aya97 Jun 19, 2014

      I agree with you on that, but this list is about the most beloved ones...and I think that they've been chosen mostly because of the roles they happened to play and gained popularity by them.It's true that they are more brilliant actors out there that don't get the credit they deserve but I also think that most actors that made it to this list are quite good as well....maybe not mind-blowing like Choi Min Sik or Lee Mun Sik (I personally adore this 2 "grandpas") but they have the time and space to improve themselves.

  • Reply
    Mariem Grine May 30, 2014

    lee seung gi must be here too!!

  • Reply
    kanz_cech May 21, 2014

    I agree with all in older than 30 actors ^^

  • Reply
    vienna May 20, 2014

    Wow! I didn't know Joo Won was this popular. <3

  • Reply
    arkwen May 9, 2014 - edited

    I completely agree with you about Yoon Eun Hye being the upgraded version of PSH. When ever I see PSH in something I'm disinterested and I know people like her but I am often left feeling like her performance is lacking in a big way. I agree with everyone else on this list by the way! <3 ^___^

    • Reply
      rainruma Jun 21, 2014 - edited

      I agree w/ you about Park Shin-Hye.....I especially hate her whining and crying all the time.... the worst is when she acts cutsie....

      NO Comparrisson b/w PSH and Yoon Eun-Hye.... completely different!...
      I find Yoon Eun-Hye very daring, like she exposes herself completely when acting.... She makes all her roles very appealing, no matter how bad the drama is....
      Also, she is very funny....personally I don't find her face very pretty, I prefer she wear some make-up... but she is ADORABLE...

  • Reply
    peacewon May 1, 2014

    As far as beloved actors/ actresses go, I am so pleased to know I was not feeling this all by myself. Its kind of fun too that your fave female (song Ji Hyo) and BOTH your male picks are usually my favorites as well. I say usually because every now and then I just scream over Seo ha jun the newbie, and So Ji Sub is always a cutie but sometimes he loses to philip lee for me because he is one of the most freakishly sexy men i have ever seen. I think we need to keep our little eyes peeled tho. There are a few up and comers that are already making inroads into hearts. Look at little Yeo Jin Goo. He has a seriously daebak personality, and his looks are amazing and his voice is to die for. He is way young yet, and already he is making some waves in an all around kind of manner, which bodes for another one on the list of beloved actors.

  • Reply
    sweetmelissa Apr 29, 2014

    Ha Ji Won and Joo Won ! My faves, love them. :-)

  • Reply
    AmeriLa Apr 28, 2014

    Kim Soo Hyun era!! <3 xD that's so trueee !! <3 love him :3

  • Reply
    doragon Apr 24, 2014

    OK, this one titled 'Beloved actors', so I can agree with the list because all of them have large fans especially younger fans (I thought so). If it the title is 'good actors' or something like that, I would not agree it.<br /><br />I think there are many other actors that are capable into the list but it is always impossible to satisfy everyone.<br />Everyone have different beloved actors.<br />If me, I will list down<br /><br />Actors: <br />Lee Byung Hun (All in, Beautiful Days, Masquerade, IRIS)<br />Ha Jung Woo (Take off, The Chaser, The terror live, love fiction)<br />Jang Hyuk <br />Ryoo seung ryong <br />So Ji Sub <br />Lee Jun Ki <br /><br />Actresses:<br />han hyo joo <br />lee yo won (<br />im soo jung<br />

  • Reply
    Selty Apr 23, 2014

    I agree to 80% of this list hehehehe
    I'd rather be her stalker than any other men !

  • Reply
    Titus2woman Apr 21, 2014

    Older than 30 HAS to include Ji Jin Hee!!!!!

  • Reply
    Aryael Apr 20, 2014

    Kim Nam Gil is my twin's husband. Sorry, Aya97, he's taken! hahaha For me, fav Korean actors are Joo Jin Mo and Go Soo. However, they are not my hubby, merely my concubines. My hubby is not Korean. ;)

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