A woman from Goryeo marries Emperor Huizong and becomes a powerful Empress of the Yuan Empire, Empress Ki. The series depicts her loves and political ambitions as she is torn between the two countries.

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  • its same era and same people and same events but diferent series.
    reportRecommended by Raincat
  • The two dramas are EXTREMELY similar. Little girl pretends to be a man, trains to be a warrior and then as an adult everyone is loyal to her and she ends up becoming a beautiful Queen/Empress.
    reportRecommended by algelic

Comments (1267)

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  • Fiona_Faye 7 hours ago
    Episode 47.... WHYYYY
  • aoimemori 16 hours ago
    She was supposed to be Wang Yu's queen(Bi Soo)! #brbcrying
  • Stained_Glass 18 hours ago
    I am so emotionally exhausted after these last episodes... but I know I am going to miss this drama so much!
    1 ❤
  • steph_ravita 19 hours ago
    I'm so disappointed.
    Maha died without ever knowing who his parents were. Wang Yoo arrived all excited to meet his son-only to find his dead body instead. Does anyone else feel that heartbreak? Because I sure do. I mean, I know historically Maha doesn't exist but if you give him an existence, at least let him be happy? He could have gotten to meet his father if not his mother. Then he wouldn't have died without knowing he really was. I thought that was a cruel ending for an 8 year old kid. Also, my heart broke for Wang Yoo. He's lost his throne (again), the woman he loves is now someone else's concubine, his friend (who could have possibly been more) Yon Feisu died and he found he had a son only to lose him before he could ever meet him as his son.
    Don't even get me started on Ta Hwan or Golta. This drama is good but these last few episodes have been trying.
    1 ❤
    • mahgikkow23 6 hours ago
      TT.TT The scene of him made me tear up seriously! He had to live in such hard circumstances where no one loved him and he just leaves like that!!! I'm going to cry under a rock now. :'(
    • mahgikkow23 6 hours ago
      TT.TT The scene of him made me tear up seriously! He had to live in such hard circumstances where no one loved him and he just leaves like that!!! I'm going to cry under a rock now. :'(
  • Rascal 2 days ago
    Just make it clear. IS DRAMA GOOD OR NOT???? YES OR NO??
  • LillyV 3 days ago
    Does anyone else feel dirty after watching this? I'm here plotting like the rest of them. wishing people dead..I need to watch something happy now lol the only people i'm rooting for is Tal Tal, Lady Ki and maybe Maha... I felt bad for Yon dying, but she knew exactly what the Empress was like. Also I still want Wang Yu and Seung Nyang to be together in the end. If that doesn't happen, I'll settle for Maha's big Koryo booty on the throne.
    3 ❤
  • dramaqueen4life 3 days ago
    Havn't seen such a pathetic and worthless Hero in the history of my kdrama watching.
    she should run away with TalTal. ^_^
    3 ❤
  • Betty_Boop 4 days ago
    what a lousy emperor.
    3 ❤
    • Raincat 4 days ago
      jep..he is lousy but it would have been worse if there wasnt Nyang besides him all thous years. Think about from he comes, how he was rised, what he has seen and felt when he was kid... Still... jep, he is lousy...
      2 ❤
    • Betty_Boop 4 days ago
      I'm w/ you, I'm just displeased w/him the way he treat Maha. How can he say those words to a young boy, son or not..
      7 ❤
    • martyfairy 4 days ago
      I agree with you! I think the Emperor does know that Maha isn't his son unconsciously. Because you must be the worst person on Earth to dislike a poor child like this :( even though he isn't your son you cannot treat a child in this way DD: it's terrible! I don't know what he could do if he finds out the truth about Maha DDD:
      1 ❤
    • Betty_Boop 4 days ago
      Yeah that's what I want to know and see too.
    • Raincat 3 days ago
      its Korean belief again,that blood knows blood,mainly in father-son relations. They showed how king liked Maha and Maha liked him & Nyang when he was baby and how emperor didnt find any connection with him,with his Ayu he bonded instantly. For emperor his marriage with empress was humilation forced on him and kid from this marriage is poisoneus fruit. Add here that Maha is older and by rules should become emperor but Tahwan wants Ayu to become heir for throne. It is selfish and small minded from him but... his personality has gone twisted with all this fear and horror what he lived thru when he was kid, he is kinda damaged from it and unbalanced without Nyang.Still, he havent sent Maha away to countryside or outside palace, he havent taken away his privileges aso. and same time - he is honest.Maybe this honesty is cruel for kid but it is better than fake smiles.Btw Maha doesnt fear him..
      1 ❤
  • ELFishes 4 days ago
    Even though I hated Yeon Wha, I cried when she died:'( It was so cute the romance she and Yom had, and they just wanted to live a normal life.... I don't like Yom but I feel sorry for him..
    9 ❤
    • Raincat 4 days ago
      Isnt it wonderful how creators managed take two so damaged and twisted villains whom everybody has learned to hate and from whom nobody waits something pure and selfless ... and show us that even in mudd there might suddenly bloom beautyful flower? Never say never...
      3 ❤
  • MinaVIP 4 days ago
    OMG Ki finally found out about her son being Maha ;_; I wonder if she'll be forced to choose between her two sons, I mean no one else knows that Maha is her son ;_; I hope he'll find out she is his mother soon D'X I don't want it to end without him finding out the truth ;_; <3 Btw I do wonder when the scene from ep 1 will come :s I mean Wang Yu is supposed to be dead now....how will he suddenly show up on the Emperors and Empress Ki's wedding? X_X it's a bit confusing, but I guess it'll have to come soon since they don't have many episodes left :s
    2 ❤
  • Raincat 4 days ago
    Some Behind the ... scenes and NGs / ep44

    2 ❤
  • Drama_Lover 4 days ago
    To be honest, I never liked TaHwan in the beginning and I don't like him right now because he is so weak, I hate it when the female lead is way stronger than the male lead which is why I hate TaHwan and Nyang together. Like they don't make a good pair. xD
    7 ❤
  • Drama_Lover 4 days ago
    I just finished watching ep 45 and I went back and watched the beginning of ep 1 again and it makes me feel so sad because Nyang promised to marry Wang Yoo when they go back to Koryo together but instead she had to marry the Emperor. :(
    1 ❤
  • Ghettoe 4 days ago
    OMG, how is this so well rated? HOW?! I remember following this until episode 10 and it was unbearable, terribly written, cheesy and so freaking predictable. Ugh. From the villainous monologues, evil laughs, Ha Ji Won's doe eyed looks and Ju Jin Mo's slow motion turns. Furthermore, Ji Chan Wook's stereotypical cute, light hearted role that he plays in every drama to the awful awful script. The worst script I have sat through. It's so nationalistic that perhaps, I observe things too closely but there was so much dick riding of Goryo in the script, I was like ugh. I know there is no way the writing and directing improved so how in the world is this so high up?
    3 ❤
  • _Muffty_ 5 days ago
    If someone dies in a Drama he's not really dead.....I feel like a lot of protagonists in Empress Ki already "died"
    3 ❤


Empress Ki

Empress Ki


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