Lee Seung Gi

Lee Seung Gi is a talented multi-entertainer who made his debut in 2004 as a singer.

Lee Seung gi was born in Seoul, South Korea on January 13, 1987. He grew up in a family that consists of his parents and a younger sister. He's very private about his family because he doesn't want his work as entertainer interfere with his family life. This is why in late 2009 he was called 'The Hidden Child' after he revealed himself on KBS 2TV 'Entertainment News' that his family hides the fact that he's part of the family when they go outside.

Being tall and handsome, his voice color is contrary to his soft looks. Lee Seung Gi has a low and powerful tone of voice that appeals to many pop music lovers. Lee is an active student at school. He served as the student president in his second year in Sangkye High School. He first started music in high school by joining the school band as the leading vocalist. While performing with his band in a small theater in Daehagno, Lee was scouted by Lee Sun Hee, former singer in the late 1980's and '90s. After two years of hard training, Lee Seung Gi made his first appearance on stage with the song entitled "You're My Woman", written and composed by Psy. Lee Seung Gi has expanded his career to acting, appearing in a series of television sitcom called "Nonstop 5", and officially debuted as an actor in the drama "Infamous Chill Sister". Lee Seung Gi is also well known for his likable variety skill in "1 Night 2 Day" and "Strong Heart". Being acknowledged as a singer, actor and variety show host, Lee Seung Gi is often referred to as the ''Three Crown Prince'', title he gained after years of work. Lee topped this week's Leespiar poll of popular male celebrities.

Drama & Films


Kim Ji Yong / Eun Dae Gu Main Role
Eun Dae Gu / Kim Ji Yong Main Role
Choi Kang Chi Main Role
Prince Lee Jae Ha Main Role
Himself Guest Role
Cha Dae Woong Main Role
Seon Woo Hwan Main Role
Hwang Tae Ja (college student, Jong Chil's tutor, 21) Main Role
Lee Seung Ki Guest Role


Joon Soo Main Role

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  • Reply
    94loveKdrama Sep 7, 2014

    I once had this thought...
    LSG and yoona relationship; I get to see how much they like each other♥ if by chance they break up then I "might" not believe in love.

    but then I learned something from eun dae gu played by LSG:
    "it's not the love that changes, its the people who change."

    I was like heol!~ *-* ♥

  • Reply
    zalcu Jun 26, 2014

    Wow! I thought he'd been in way a lot more dramas than what I saw here considering how popular he is. I thought maybe he'd just been around a lot of dramas and gained popularity, but most of the dramas here are all quite well liked, so there's not as much as a surprise now. But still, the more you learn~!

    Enjoying his role in "You're All Surrounded" currently! ^^

    • Reply
      wafa-aktouche Jun 30, 2014

      he's 27 years all what did u expected :) !!! beside all his dramas are epic not just well liked u should surly try and watch them :)

    • Reply
      wafa-aktouche Jun 30, 2014

      he's also an mc and a very good singer u know :D so that explain a bit too :D

    • Reply
      zalcu Jun 30, 2014

      Haha, I'm not sure what I expected really~! Just a naturally talented guy (which he is talented for certain) with quite a few dramas behind him. Ahh, he's also a singer? I did not know that, I did know he was an mc though. But that certainly helps with explaining why! Thank you for telling me that! ^^

      I've watched a few of his dramas, although I haven't completed a lot of them yet - I'm working on it though! You're correct however, they are pretty epic! He's good at choosing his scripts to act out, that's for certain.

    • Reply
      Sarah Jun 30, 2014

      Well I'm his hardcore fan but I kinda agree with you ... I wish he had more dramas and movies because I never get enough of him even if I see him 24/7 :) I know he is very busy also with music and mc and ... but I want to SEE him in more movies and dramas (I'm rewatching all his dramas again and again LOL), hope he does a couple of movies soon ;) Yay Seung Gi ya??

  • Reply
    wafa-aktouche Jun 25, 2014

    ur the best seung gi oppa

  • Reply
    misa7 Jun 23, 2014

    Love his smile <3

  • Reply
    Sarah Jun 22, 2014

    Oh I forgot to say something: Please take good care of your eyes and your health too! You almost killed all of us your fans worrying about your injury... Are you ok now? I'm still worried tbh. Hope you fully recover soon <3 <3

  • Reply
    Sarah Jun 22, 2014

    Seung gi Oppa Pleaaaaaasssseee do the movie with Moon Chae Won plz plz plz plz plz accept it!! I cant get enough of you <3 <3 I want to see you every day and every where And of course I want to see Hwan and Seung mi toghether again :)) I love you my cute baby

  • Reply
    Haven Jun 22, 2014

    ugh I can't get enough of this man

    ((heard he's in final stages of discussion for a lead role in some movie with Moon Chae-won *fingers crossed*))

  • Reply
    wafa-aktouche Jun 21, 2014

    YAAS 8.4 :D :D oppa ur the beeeest fightiiing

  • Reply
    lilyheights Jun 20, 2014

    OMG!!!!! I can't believe there was such a good actor in the history of Kdrama so good and so CUTE!!!!!! I am so addictive to his dramas!! I've just finished King2Hearts and Ive never come across this drama before, this should be a highly recommended drama!!

  • Reply
    gabs Jun 18, 2014

    Oppaaaa~ <3. It seems LSG always chooses good projects, All dramas he was the main lead has good ratings.

  • Reply

    gosh the only drama where he is one of the leads that haven't watched yet is Famous Princesses - if anyone knows where I can watch or download this - please let me know :D

  • Reply
    AngelaSaRang Jun 10, 2014

    Just found out this morning that LSG was injured while filming in YAS. He was stabbed in the eye with a prop knife. Update from Singapore FC:
    "Because he has went to hospital without delay, it has prevent him from going blind. Doctor advised him to rest for a month, cannot exercise. Hook said if continue with the filming schedule, the wound would not heal and may cause inflammation, if serious, might even need to do surgery which will lead to longer healing period. Seung Gi current vision is blurred. Seung Gi is wearing an eye mask now. Doctor said is a must to rest, temporary for now, cannot go back to the set. In order not to affect the filming, Seung Gi is trying his best to recover... He is visiting the hospital twice a day and has been taking medicine and receiving treatment. Because there is wound, even with make up, it is obvious. Because of the vigorous exercise or fighting in the script, it may lead to eye cornea within to bleed, in order to reduce intraocular pressure, he is using a steroid eyedrops. If the intraocular pressure continues to rise, it may result glaucoma. After treatment, the likelihood of relapse is very high"
    We are praying for you oppa!

  • Reply
    Jhulaz May 28, 2014

    My bias forever! SARANGHAE OPPA! <3

  • Reply
    Faizullah May 25, 2014

    I spent an hour trying to find a film called "lee seung gi difficult words to say" but I didn't so please help me to find the full film that I can watch I really loved it although it was my first time watching the a small part of a Korean film help me where I can find that full film that I can watch.

    • Reply
      wafa-aktouche May 27, 2014

      lee seung gi doesnt have films .. difficult words to say is an mv u can find it on youtube :)

  • Reply
    chiraz May 18, 2014

    by fevorite korean actor <3 <3 <3


  • Name:

    Lee Seung Gi
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  • Also Known as:

    Lee Seung Ki; Yi Seung Gi
  • Nationality:

    South Korean
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  • Born:

    January 13, 1987
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