You have to consider the originality, creativity, choreography the message/connection of the song and the MV.

Here's mine

1. Blood Sweat and Tears - BTS

2. Haru Haru - Bigbang

3. Come back home - 2NE1

4. You and I - IU

5. Wedding Dress - Taeyang

These are my top 5 MV :)

1. One Shot - B.A.P.

I knew B.A.P. since their debut, I love how they dance in Warrior but I love the concept of One Shot, the storyline of the MV is nice plus I really didn't expect the twist at the end is totally mind blowing !!!

2. 7th Sense - NCT U

7th Sense gave a fresh new feel for me, aesthetically different and gorgeous plus it fits the genre of the song well. I love the raps of Taeyong and Mark plus the vocal mixes of Doyoung and Jaehyun and lets not forget ofcourse the dance skills

3. Just Right - GOT7

GOT7 is just too adorable for words in the MV, I like how they cheer up the girl and encourage her. The easy dance makes it more addicting plus it just too colorful, it will surely brighten up a dull day.


ba-ba-bad girl..... I love the choreography of the song, ofcourse Infinite never fails at their awesome sleek sync choreo but I can say Bad is my favorite out of all of them (although I think the choreo of The Eye is cooler but I love Bad more)

5. Please Don't - K.Will

YOU DON'T DO THIS TO ME~ I generally like K.Will songs plus the corresponding MVs of the title tracks but the particular MV is my ultimate fave from all of his songs.

~~you can disagree with me its totally fine but I just love love these MVs, i can make the list longer actually~~
One Shot by B.A.P - Everything else comes waaaaaay behind that.

Blood Sweat and Tears (BTS), All In (Monsta X), Please Don't (K.Will), Sweet Dreams (Heechul & Kyunghoon)
1. Coup d'etat - G Dragon
..... Woah. I could actually list lots more of g dragon mv or even Big Bang mv (look at the colors they've got every time! Woah!) but I'm gonna stick with this one for now ^^ the messages are incredible, his voice is just... Whoah. And the play with the colors is incredible. The way he poses. Everything. I can't imagine the music without the mv and vice versa. 

2. one shot -BAP
its the mv that got me (back) into kpop. The music and the mv are well connected and there is a real story going on there. That f*cking plot twist that is still legendary. And BAP that always are geniusly geniuses. Whoah 

3.  K.will Please don't
plot twist. Do I have to say more? Seo in guk. Still more? Incredible music, incredible colors ! (The smooth voice fit so well these pastel colors!!! Gosh!!) 

4. In heaven -JYJ
the story, the colors... The message...EVERYTHING 

5.  Nue'st - Face
actually that's the one that truly got me into kpop in 2012 but then I left this world for a few months. I really love the anti-bullying message and the setting. The choregraphy of the dance adapts well to the music. 
I honestly cannot rate them, so in no particular order:

(I just wanna say that i never try to interpret any message from the mvs i watch, i just like when they are clean, and not so full of... stuff. Not too many cuts, and fits the mood of the music. I'm still picky about what i like, but i look for different things)(i gave up checking my spelling, it's not my fault i'm norwegian)

sf9 - easy love

they are on here because they are my bias group(i can't help it). But if i think about it, i might have put them even if they weren't, because i really like the cyber kind of concept, and tho there are a bit many cuts, it is a bit hard when there's 9 members. The sets are neat and clean, and i love the lighting. The choreography is interesting, and i recognise it easily.

Zico - she's a baby

my boy, this song might make him sound like a pedo, but this mv is glorious, so i don't care! It reminds me of minimalist art, and the pastels feels good in my eyeholes. I knew the tough cookie really was an animal cracker~

Longguo & Shihyun - the.the.the

did someone say aesthetic? Everything fits the slow beat of the song perfectly, it feels like the set is tilting throughout, and the choreo, what even is that(in a positive way)? Live, it might not look so cool, but with the camerawork it fits so well to the song that ot couldn't and shouldn't be any different.

Vixx - shangri-la

who said vixx was emo(rawr), they are traditional boys dancing on water like singing in the rain. It gives me undescribable vibes, i dunno what to say about this mv other then that i like it, honestly. Also, the choreo looks so good with the fans. The fans make it interesting, and the sound when they flap open is satisfying.

monsta x - beautiful

individual rooms for each member, and a gatekeeper? I love it, i know that there is some meaning, but i never tried to figure it out because i honestly don't care, and i am tired, so i can't be bothered to write anymore, just trust me when i say that i like it, ok?

1. BTS - Blood, Sweat and Tears

It's an original pastiche of great artistic masterpieces and BTS personal charisma and sensuality. 

2. BTS - Mic Drop

Theoretically wouldn't be of my stile, practically it is 100 %. An absolutely fulfilled choreography and a really powerful atmosphere. The music excellently suits the choreography.

3. BTS - Fake Love

Really artistic, of high aesthetic quality and emotional impact.

4. BTS - DNA

Charming: every movement in a perfect place.

5. BTS - Save Me

Subtle and refreshing.

I have a big list of favorites but I never kept them in order.  Here's an arbitrary selection of 5 from my list.

Loona/Lim Kip - Eclipse

Dreamcatcher - You and I

Crayon Pop - Doo Doom Chit

Girl's Day - Twinkle Twinkle

9Muses - News

I wouldn't say of all time but here are the ones that I thought of first.

Haru Haru-  Bigbang 

Loser- BigBang

Intro: Serendipity/ Singularity- BTS

Sorry- The Rose

True Love- Kim Sung Kyu

Not necessarily the all time thingy but here's what comes in my mind...
- Blood, Sweat and Tears - BTS
- Fake Love - BTS
- Love Scenario - iKON
- Pray (I'll Be Your Man) - BTOB

Forgive me, I'm a bit biased as an army...

I haven't seen many videos yet, but the one that easily stands out as the most memorable is Please Don't by K-Will. 

That twist at the end!

OK, I know it won't be original but I must add another MV: BTS IDOL. To tell the truth this band is so professional and unique, that I can't find anything close to it in the rest of Kpop...

Waow, this is hard! Instead of picking my top five, I'll just pick five that I really like (so they might not be my top top favorites... but how does one even choose that?)

Boy Groups:

ToppDogg - Annie

A.C.E - Take Me Higher

Cross Gene - 나하고 놀자 (Play With Me)

Winner - Sentimental

Block B - Jackpot

Girl Groups:

Secret - Shy Boy

Red Velvet - Ice Cream Cake

EXID - Ah Yeah

Oh My Girl - Liar Liar

Rainbow - Whoo

1. BTS - Fake Love
2. Seungri - Where are you from
3. Bigbang - Haru Haru
4. Taemin - Danger
5. BTS - I Need U (original ver.)

I just realized I really like pretty mvs with a lot of dance  but I tried to be somewhat diverse here lol.  I love Fake Love i Danger because they are beautiful, Where are you from is weird and I find it awesome, Haru Haru and I need u have great stories. For now I think they're my favorites. 

#1 BTS - Fake Love
#2 Girls Generations - Gee
#3 TWICE - What is Love?

#4 GOT7 Lullaby

#5 Monsta X - Jealousy

Hyolyn - Dally.... lol don't question me :p

Pristin V - Get It

Mamamoo - Egotistic and Paint Me

Jennie - Solo