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BL/Gay themes movies, dramas and short movies from Japan. 

For a comprehensive list of Asian (China including Taiwan and Hong Kong), Japan, South Korea and Thailand; see my huge list for Asian BL/Gay movies and dramas (at the moment; 771 titles and counting.) Also see my separate BL lists for each country, lists for Short movies and mini-dramas sorted by country, and other lists.

List will only contain titles in which BL/Gay/Male Bi couples/characters/themes, have at least a somewhat prominent role. 

***(Titles with (only) Trans characters; not included--a Trans woman who loves men is straight, not gay.
Crossdressing has nothing to do with gender identity so titles with cross-dressing guys who like guys; included.
Bodyswap is (reluctantly) included.
Bromance if there is an implication that it is/will go beyond friendship)***

Adding titles and comments every now and then. 

Note; To make it simple; I'll just call BL, even if it would be more correct to say; stories about guys who are attracted to guys.  
"Gay theme" and BL are two different things.
But as long as one can tell fantasy from reality--it's a convenient word.

Another note; Included are dramas made of the manga "Hanazakari no kimitachi e". Even if it's not BL, there is a beautiful point made, which I think deserves attention because it's present in a manga/drama which has no BL connection. 

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  • 30-sai made Dotei Da to Mahotsukai ni Nareru rashii

    1. 30-sai made Dotei Da to Mahotsukai ni Nareru rashii

    Japanese Drama - 2020, 12 episodes


    This is so simple--just your basic, lightweight, by-the-book cliché BL manga (here in live action version)--but darn, is it fricking feelgood...
    At times, quite hilarious--but mostly just... cute and puts a smile on your face. 

    Add to that a  pretty nice production and decent acting--that wraps it up as one of the most endearing BLs of 2020. 

    I can't rate it higher than this, since it's just TOO light weight to make an impact, but it's so sweet that I'm not bothered by its silliness and ridiculous innocence.

  • 46 Billion Years of Love

    2. 46 Billion Years of Love

    Japanese Movie - 2006

  • A Cappella

    3. A Cappella

    Japanese Movie - 2016

  • A Touch of Fever

    4. A Touch of Fever

    Japanese Movie - 1993

  • Ah, Wilderness 1

    5. Ah, Wilderness 1

    Japanese Movie - 2017

    Not sure about the actual BL content, but at least has Gay character(s). 

  • Ai no Kotodama

    6. Ai no Kotodama

    Japanese Movie - 2008


    Old School Japan

  • Ai no Kotodama 2: Sekai no Hate Made

    7. Ai no Kotodama 2: Sekai no Hate Made

    Japanese Movie - 2010


    Old School Japan

  • All Night Long 2

    8. All Night Long 2

    Japanese Movie - 1995

  • Angel in the Toilet

    9. Angel in the Toilet

    Japanese Movie - 1999


  • Anger

    10. Anger

    Japanese Movie - 2016

  • Antique

    11. Antique

    Japanese Drama - 2001, 11 episodes


    Old School Japan, based on (at that time super-popular) manga. BL hints are almost all wiped out, if I remember correctly. (Haven't watched it for a looong time, nor will I rewatch.)

  • April Fools

    12. April Fools

    Japanese Movie - 2015

  • Asymmetry

    13. Asymmetry

    Japanese Movie - 2008

  • Athlete

    14. Athlete

    Japanese Movie - 2019

  • Be Love

    15. Be Love

    Japanese Drama - 2020, 4 episodes


  • Berlin Drifters

    16. Berlin Drifters

    Japanese Movie - 2017

  • Bittersweet

    17. Bittersweet

    Japanese Movie - 2016

    As far as I understand; no BL, but with one of the MCs being gay.

  • BL: Boku no Kareshi wo Shokai Shimasu

    18. BL: Boku no Kareshi wo Shokai Shimasu

    Japanese Movie - 2009

    Old School Japan. Pretty sure I've watched it but can't remember a single thing... Which would probably mean that it sucks.

  • Bokura no Ai no Kanade

    19. Bokura no Ai no Kanade

    Japanese Movie - 2008


    Old School Japan

  • Boys Love

    20. Boys Love

    Japanese Movie - 2006


    Old School Japan. Classic, but crappy.

  • Boys Love: The Movie

    21. Boys Love: The Movie

    Japanese Movie - 2007


    Old school Japan. Even crappier than the first movie.

  • Call Boy

    22. Call Boy

    Japanese Movie - 2018

    I'm actually not sure if this belongs on the list, at all. It's been listed with "LGBT" and similar tags, here and there--but the synopsis mentions nothing about it. Perhaps the MC swings both ways. When I feel motivated, I'll check to be sure.

  • Candy and Kiss

    23. Candy and Kiss

    Japanese Movie - 2015


    One of the crappiest of the bunch of Japanese BLs based on mangas. It's your run-of-the-mill typical Japanese BL. Harmless, meaningless, kind of cute--and totally forgettable.

  • Candy Boys

    24. Candy Boys

    Japanese Movie - 2015

  • Coming Out

    25. Coming Out

    Japanese Movie - 2014

  • Dangerous Drugs of Sex

    26. Dangerous Drugs of Sex

    Japanese Movie - 2020


    Adaptation of the manga by Mizuta Yuki. 

    WARNING: Not for the faint of heart... This is GRAPHIC. Basically--very forceful BDSM porn, but with a story. So this piece would be very uncomfortable for the sensitive.
    Subber's insert in the beginning; "Watch with headphones"... Yes. I strongly suggest you do... (Unless you live in sound proof surroundings, your neighbours are deaf, or you don't have an issue with people who overhear, labelling you a porn fiend.)

    I expected to dislike this--maybe even hate it. I didn't. I really liked it. 

    It's so graphic that I literally choked on my juice. And I am definitely seasoned when it comes to X-rated BL... Visually very daring, but even more so, it's the content that'll make you go "oh-my-gawd".
    Yes, it's gratuitous--it's a porn-party deluxe, but it does fill a purpose and it's the core of the story, really. Two lonely and broken perverts crossing paths. 

    Normally, I condemn all the rape that sadly is a staple in BL, but here it's placed in a context, and depicting a story of sexual kinks. But it takes an open mind to understand and accept that there are people who don't fit the frame of what's considered normal.
    It takes maturity, a willingness to figure out these two--and perhaps experience of being screwed up, as well as a bit of a perverted streak--in order to appreciate the portrayal of a far from "normal" relationship. 

    The acting impresses the hell out of me. Perhaps not due to overwhelming talent--but anyone brave (and crazy) enough to take on these roles--and convincingly pull them off--deserves respect...
    The direction, visuals and other tech stuff--is neatly and quite aesthetically done, and the result is an eye-poppingly outragerous, yet sensitive story--mesmerizing in its super strange appeal. 

  • Dare Yori mo Mama wo Aisu

    27. Dare Yori mo Mama wo Aisu

    Japanese Drama - 2006, 11 episodes

  • Does the Flower Bloom?

    28. Does the Flower Bloom?

    Japanese Movie - 2018


    Based on the lovely manga "Hana wa Saku Ka?" by mangaka Hidaka Shoko (another of my favs). A mellow, gentle little story--and I think the movie managed to adapt the story and the atmosphere of the original work, very well. 

    Unfortunately, it would have needed a longer runtime in order to flesh out the story and make it less shallow. In the manga, the relationship develops slow and much softer than here--where it becomes a little bit too haphazard. 

    The chemistry between the leads doesn't work for me and that's due to Amano Kousei's non-convincing acting. He does his best but does not catch Sakuragi's feelings for Youichi and feels awkward in their interactions even if Watanabe Tsurugi works his ass off trying to meet him halfway. (In case you haven't read the manga; it's not Watanabe being stiff, it's his character. He makes a good portrayal.)

  • Double Mints

    29. Double Mints

    Japanese Movie - 2017


    This... is definitely not for everyone. I, for one, went ballistic when I heard the news about it being filmed. I just couldn't believe that someone would choose THIS title to adapt into a live action. The manga is already in itself provocative and far from an easy-chew. Nakamura Asumiko is one of the greatest mangakas ever, IMO, but her art is not for everyone and some of her stories are heavy and dark enough to make many BL fans shy away.

    This one is one of her darkest, and pretty much one that one either loves--or hates. It takes effort to understand these twisted characters and their screwed-up, but profound relationship. They're not likable at all, there is nothing cute about their love, their bond is much stranger than that. So to turn it into a movie was a bold move.

    It turned out good. And bad. Some parts were exceptionally well adapted and it catches the dark and menacing beauty of the original story, but other parts didn't work. Some things have been beautified, thus losing much of the original complexity in their relationship dynamics. Also, some balance is lost between dark and light, making the full picture somewhat crooked and haphazard.

    But I still love this dramatization of a great manga, because of the parts that truly captures the story--and because there are far too few dark fairy-tales in the assortment of BL.

  • Dousoukai

    30. Dousoukai

    Japanese Drama - 1993, 10 episodes

  • Esola

    31. Esola

    Japanese Movie - 2013


  • First Love

    32. First Love

    Japanese Movie - 2007

  • Followers


    Japanese Drama - 2020, 9 episodes

    Not BL - but has gay characters.

  • Forbidden Love

    34. Forbidden Love

    Japanese Movie - 2008


    Old School Japan

  • Forever Summer

    35. Forever Summer

    Japanese Movie - 2015

  • French Dressing

    36. French Dressing

    Japanese Movie - 1998

  • Fujimi Orchestra

    37. Fujimi Orchestra

    Japanese Movie - 2012

  • Fujoshi, Ukkari Gei ni Kokuru

    38. Fujoshi, Ukkari Gei ni Kokuru

    Japanese Drama - 2019, 8 episodes


    I haven't watched all episodes in subbed version--(only eps 1-4 were available fansubbed when I watched the drama. I'm planning to rewatch it ASAP...) and even though I do speak some Japanese, I can't claim to understand more than part of the dialogue, when I watched eps 5-8 unsubbed. 

    Even so--this drama is AWESOME. It's something unique, showing the confusion and coming of age of a gay teen in a society that does not accept homosexuality--from a totally different angle than anything we've seen before. 

    The framework with Queen's music and all kinds of little poetic and philosophical adds (I loved the play between the leads when imagining love stories about the things around them...) gives a unique touch and the narrative voice/storytelling from the MC is done in a great and imaginative way. 

    Some people have totally misunderstood the whole thing about "gay dude in a relationship with a fujoshi". Watch the damn thing before you draw conclusions. Wanna bet on how many gay kids have tried straight dating before they figure out what will work and what never will? And their relationship is beautiful--no matter if it's romantic or friends, because their connection is real. The point here is not to promote reprogramming gays, but to show how confusing it can be to accept oneself--and how pressure from society and family can make us try to fool ourselves and do things we don't truly wish to do.

    This is definitely (based mainly on the episodes I have been able to watch with English subs) the best Gay themed story to come from Japan, to date. 

  • Given

    39. Given

    Japanese Drama - 2021, 6 episodes


    Looking forward to this live action--with equal amounts of horror and excitement... 

    Release July 17th 2021.


    40. GONIN

    Japanese Movie - 1995

  • Hana Kimi Remake

    41. Hana Kimi Remake

    Japanese Drama - 2011, 11 episodes


    Japanese remake of "Hanazakari no Kimitachi e". See notes in list description. Skip this one and watch the original drama instead...

  • Hanazakari no Kimitachi e

    42. Hanazakari no Kimitachi e

    Japanese Drama - 2007, 12 episodes


    Not BL--but with a certain story component.  See notes in list description.
    Silly, low-budget and quite corny--i.e. a pretty typical Japanese drama for that time. But it has heart and the Shoujo manga on which it's based, is a classic.

  • His

    43. His

    Japanese Movie - 2020


    Movie sequel to the 2019 drama series "His: I Didn't Think I Would Fall in Love". 

    It was really good, actually. Better than the drama. 

    Like its previous installment, it continues that "organic" feel--realistic and sombre in tone and expression. It doesn't make a fuss of things, it doesn't stray into melodrama, it just tells the story of two guys and their relationship through ups and downs. Exactly my cup of tea.
    The Japanese BL usually goes in one of two directions; either it really stacks up a shitton of enhancers as to reaaaally make the audience FEEL it--or it refrains from all of it, and lets the acting and scenes speak for themselves. This belongs to the latter category. It took me quite a while to react to the fact that there was absolutely no score whatsoever. (Later on, there was a bit.) And you know what--it wasn't needed. It actually even made it better.
    When they get it right--no one does realism as well as the Japanese. 

    I like cutesy and cheesy BL as well--but what I find most rewarding, are stories like this one. Fairytales can be nice, but what touches me--are the love stories that are relatable. 

    Since I love this type of storytelling, I really appreciated the effect that the simplicity of direction and production, brought. The acting is good as well. 

    Not to be missed. 

  • His - Koisuru Tsumori Nante Nakatta

    44. His - Koisuru Tsumori Nante Nakatta

    Japanese Drama - 2019, 5 episodes


    This was a breath of fresh air in the assortment of sweet teen BL. A simple little thing--light, (very) innocent and endearing. 

    Japanese BL used to be so syrupy and manga-plastic-fake that I couldn't stand it (but one took what one could get, back in the days when Japan was the only go-to for a fix of boys-on-boys.) But nowadays, their style has started to change a lot.

    My preference in BL/Gay themed things--even if I like everything from super-artsy stuff to braindead junk--are the stories of the more mellow and realistic kind, the everyday love stories of normal guys--because I find reality beautiful enough to be worth telling about. If it's too glossy, too shiny, too unrealistic--it doesn't get to me. But when the setting, and the people, are real--I can relate on a deeper level. 

    This is a gentle little coming-of-age love story, set by the coast--in the Kamakura area, the surfing Mecca of Japan. The setting with surfing and the ocean, was something I've longed to see. There are quite a few surfer-BL mangas and I love surfing and especially I love the ocean. (One of my all-time-fav BL movies is a surfer one--the US indie flick "Shelter" from 2007. A simple, low budget little thing, but it's lovely.) We can all agree on that the sea always has had a special place in love stories. It's romantic, period. Here, it also gives a feel of youth and freedom. 

    The production is simple, but sufficient and enhances the realism. The acting is very good from basically everyone but Kura Yuuki (Nagisa) has something special. (And the kid is ridiculously beautiful.)

    The story is a bit oddly paced so it becomes too rushed in the conclusion--and the focus isn't really where it should have been, a lot of the time. Which is the only reason I don't rate this higher. 

    A movie sequel was released this year, too. I'll be eagerly waiting for a subbed version.

  • Hong Kong Night Club

    45. Hong Kong Night Club

    Japanese Movie - 1997

    (Yes. It's on the right list. It's a Japanese flick.)

  • Hush!

    46. Hush!

    Japanese Movie - 2002

  • Itsuka no Kimi e

    47. Itsuka no Kimi e

    Japanese Movie - 2007


    Old school generic Japan.

  • Jinroh Shokei Game

    48. Jinroh Shokei Game

    Japanese Movie - 2015

  • Junjou

    49. Junjou

    Japanese Movie - 2010


    Old School Japanese kind-of-classic. Adapted from the manga with the same name, by one of the most popular BL mangakas of that time, Fujiyama Hyouta.  I do like the manga, but the movie is pretty crappy. Mostly due to really weird miscasting and acting.  

  • Kare ga Boku ni Koishita Wake

    50. Kare ga Boku ni Koishita Wake

    Japanese Drama - 2020, 4 episodes


  • Kare ga Boku ni Koishita Wake Season 2

    51. Kare ga Boku ni Koishita Wake Season 2

    Japanese Drama - 2021, 10 episodes

    Sequel to drama "Kare ga Boku ni Koishita Wake". 

  • Kasa wo Motanai Aritachi wa

    52. Kasa wo Motanai Aritachi wa

    Japanese Drama - 2016, 4 episodes

    Doubtful whether it belongs on the list or not. I haven't watched it and I doubt I will, but supposedly the BL content is very, very small and perhaps rather should be called Bromance.

  • Kekkon Aite wa Chusen de

    53. Kekkon Aite wa Chusen de

    Japanese Drama - 2018, 8 episodes

  • Kinou Nani Tabeta?

    55. Kinou Nani Tabeta?

    Japanese Drama - 2019, 12 episodes


    One of the most charming, and different, gay themed dramas from recent years--a great example of the super-refreshing new path that Japanese BL/Gay has chosen to explore. Straight-forward, more realistic every-day type of stories, far from the fluffy and silly junk they've churned out previously. (Other titles would be "Fujoshi Ukkari Gei ni Kokuru", the "Ossan" series and "My Brother's Husband"--the latter I unfortunately haven't been able to get my paws on. Yet.)

    This is SO charming, SO lovable, SO down-to-earth and just... cozy.
    Like a nice, hearty meal. ("Kinou Nani Tabeta?" = "What did You Eat Yesterday?")

  • Kinou Nani Tabeta? SP

    56. Kinou Nani Tabeta? SP

    Japanese Special - 2020, 1 episode


    Special for the drama "Kinou Nani Tabeta?"

  • Kira Kira Hikaru

    57. Kira Kira Hikaru

    Japanese Movie - 1992

  • Kuroi Gashu: Shogen

    58. Kuroi Gashu: Shogen

    Japanese Special - 2020, 1 episode

  • Lesson of the Evil

    59. Lesson of the Evil

    Japanese Movie - 2012

  • Life: Love on the Line (Director's Cut)

    60. Life: Love on the Line (Director's Cut)

    Japanese Movie - 2020


    Compiled movie version of "Life - Senjou no Bokura" mini-drama.

  • Life: Senjou no Bokura

    61. Life: Senjou no Bokura

    Japanese Drama - 2020, 4 episodes


    I literally went "OHMYGAWD!" when I saw that this is coming as a drama. YES! YES! YES!
    Based on an absolutely lovely one-shot manga--and this mini-drama turned out quite lovely, too. A bit of a different flavour compared to the earlier years of Japanese BL--fully in line with the freshness and "closer to reality makes it more beautiful, not less so", that they've delivered during the past couple of years. 

    Sweet, quite simplistic and lacking all that over-the-top melodrama/exaggeration in acting and direction, that used to wreck far too many Japanese productions. An EXCELLENT choice of manga to adapt to a Live Action--and an excellent result, as well. It managed to catch the air and feel of the original work, bringing it to life with dedicated and believable acting and script.


    (Btw; If you read comics and decide to read/have read the one this is based on--do not miss out on the larger work which this one has more or less copied. "Complex", by Manda Ringo. Get through the first, messy part--and you will be rewarded with a knock-out of a BL...)

    DO NOTICE the extremely gratifying cameo in the end--our (at least my) beloved boys from Taiwanese BL-drama "HIStory 3: Make Our Days Count" make a quick appearance! :D (I literally shouted and jumped up and down). Without spoiling too much--it was somehow a little bit of comfort to see them in an "alternative universe" as opposed to the actual drama...

  • Like Grains of Sand

    62. Like Grains of Sand

    Japanese Movie - 1995

  • Love Place: Shiawase no Katachi

    64. Love Place: Shiawase no Katachi

    Japanese Movie - 2013

  • Love Stage!!

    65. Love Stage!!

    Japanese Movie - 2020

    Live action-adaptation of the super popular classic BL manga with the same name. 

    (Which I haven't read, since it's not my cup of tea. Whether I will watch the movie depends on the reviews, I guess.)

    Upcoming June 5th 2020.

  • Lychee Light Club

    66. Lychee Light Club

    Japanese Movie - 2016

  • Mayonaka no Kita-san, Yaji-san

    67. Mayonaka no Kita-san, Yaji-san

    Japanese Movie - 2005

  • Midnight Screening with the Vampire

    68. Midnight Screening with the Vampire

    Japanese Movie - 2014

  • Monsterz

    69. Monsterz

    Japanese Movie - 2014

  • Mood Indigo

    70. Mood Indigo

    Japanese Drama - 2019, 6 episodes


    Based on Marukido Maki's manga "Indigo no Kibun" which in both comic and drama form is a sequel to "Pornographer", but chronologically a prequel. 

    Warning for VERY explicit content. (Or a plus point--depending on your level of tolerance for R-rated content...)

  • Naughty Boys

    71. Naughty Boys

    Japanese Movie - 2001

  • No Touching At All

    72. No Touching At All

    Japanese Movie - 2014


    Doesn't have the best of ratings, but I think it's a fairly decent adaptation of the classic BL manga "Doushitemo Furetakunai" by my House Goddess Yoneda Kou.
    It's low-budget and simplistic, but a good effort. Definitely one of the more qualitative of Japanese BL movies.  

  • Okoge

    73. Okoge

    Japanese Movie - 1992

  • Ooku

    74. Ooku

    Japanese Movie - 2010

  • Ossan's Love

    75. Ossan's Love

    Japanese Special - 2016, 1 episode

    First version of the "Ossan" series, a shorter special. Also see the two drama versions plus special plus movie.

  • Ossan's Love

    76. Ossan's Love

    Japanese Drama - 2018, 7 episodes


    Second version of the "Ossan" story, here in a drama version as opposed to the previous version, a shorter special. Me like!  

  • Ossan's Love: In the Sky

    77. Ossan's Love: In the Sky

    Japanese Drama - 2019, 8 episodes


    Third version of the "Ossan" series--it's strange, you have the same story repeated over and over but in this drama you have a different setting compared to the earlier one. But the same story and MC.  

  • Ossan's Love: In The Sky Special

    78. Ossan's Love: In The Sky Special

    Japanese Special - 2019, 2 episodes


    Special for the second drama version of the "Ossan" series.

  • Ossan’s Love: LOVE or DEAD

    79. Ossan’s Love: LOVE or DEAD

    Japanese Movie - 2019

    Movie sequel to the first of the two full lenght drama versions of the "Ossan" series.  

  • Ototo no Otto

    80. Ototo no Otto

    Japanese Drama - 2018, 3 episodes


    Supposedly very good, but I haven't gotten as far as to watch it.

  • Our Future

    81. Our Future

    Japanese Movie - 2011

  • Patalliro!

    82. Patalliro!

    Japanese Movie - 2019

  • Pornographer - Spring Life

    83. Pornographer - Spring Life

    Japanese Movie - 2021

    Short-film sequel to drama "Pornographer".

  • Pornographer: Continued Spring Life

    84. Pornographer: Continued Spring Life

    Japanese Movie - 2021

  • Quite Ordinary

    85. Quite Ordinary

    Japanese Movie - 2011

  • Renai Shindan

    86. Renai Shindan

    Japanese Drama - 2007, 12 episodes


    Old school Japan.

  • Restart after Come back Home

    87. Restart after Come back Home

    Japanese Movie - 2020


    So... Waiting for this title, I was apprehensive. 

    Furukawa Yûki in a BL role? Could work. I've never been a fan, but he did do a pretty good job in "Erased".
    How about the manga? Well... it's cute. Mediocre, but cute. 

    I finally got my dirty paws on the movie, a while ago.

    It's actually really cute, and a good adaptation of the manga :) Furukawa, once again, convinced me that he's actually talented, and not just the annoying dude from sleazy, crappy Shoujo-adaptations. He was pretty fricking adorable in this one :) 

    It's innocent, it's grounded, it's simple and it's really, really sweet. Totally in line with Japan's new style in BL--and I really, really love their 180-turn. (Or, perhaps their TWO 180 turns... From plastic manga-crap--to two polar opposites... Everyday love--and dark and twisted...)

    I'll admit that I've only watched it unsubbed, so far. There doesn't seem to be any English subs available yet, but they should be out soon. My Japanese is weak, I'm far from skilled enough to be able to pick up more than the rough outlines of dialogue--but I HAVE read the manga, so I'd say I get the picture well enough to be able to rate the flick. 

    Definitely worth a watch!

  • River's Edge

    88. River's Edge

    Japanese Movie - 2018

    Not BL, but a gay MC. Adapted from award-winning manga.

  • Saimon & Tada Takashi

    89. Saimon & Tada Takashi

    Japanese Movie - 2018

  • Same Difference

    92. Same Difference

    Japanese Movie - 2014


    Super-crappy adaptation of a crappy, clichéed yaoi manga. The actual physical BL content is so tame that it's ridiculous, if I remember correctly.

  • Seven Days: Friday - Sunday

    93. Seven Days: Friday - Sunday

    Japanese Movie - 2015


    Second part of installment, see part one for comment.

  • Seven Days: Monday - Thursday

    94. Seven Days: Monday - Thursday

    Japanese Movie - 2015


    This two-part installment isn't exactly a heavy-weight, and is lacking in many departments, but I still do recommend it for anyone who loves the original manga on which it's based. "Seven Days" is one of the most beloved classics in Shounen-ai manga--with good reason. It's just so sweet, light-hearted, fluffy and cute, that you can't help but to love it. 

    The movies are flawed, but a good effort. The directing and technical work, as well as the lovely OST, creates an atmosphere that really catches the one from the manga. It becomes a simple movie (x2) but so is the manga. Uncomplicated and cute. 

    The biggest issue, or more like; the only big one--is the acting. Hirose Tomoki blows it. He's just not a good actor, period. He tries his best, but it doesn't work. When he isn't overacting, he's stiff and awkward. His co-actor does a better job, but not exactly stellar. (Except in that one scene. "I was thinking about you". If you've read the manga, you know which scene I'm talking about. There, for a moment, he totally shone.)

    But overall--if one doesn't take it seriously, it's a cute watch that leaves you with a smile and pink, shiny cotton-candy-fluff feelings.

  • Shinjuku Midnight Baby

    95. Shinjuku Midnight Baby

    Japanese Movie - 2016

  • Shitsuren Hoken

    96. Shitsuren Hoken

    Japanese Drama - 2011, 13 episodes

  • Shujin-ko

    97. Shujin-ko

    Japanese Drama - 2019, 6 episodes


  • Silhouette of Your Voice

    98. Silhouette of Your Voice

    Japanese Movie - 2017


    Movie adaptation of the Shounen-ai manga series "Hidamari ga Kikoeru" ("I hear the Sunspot") by Fumino Yuki. 

    Not that good... there are good points. Some acting is decent--some is not, though. The light and "spring-like" atmosphere of the manga is caught well. But the extremely short runtime really makes things weird and everything is kind of just left hanging, considering that the manga had come much further than what the movie covers, already back then.

  • Snakes and Earrings

    99. Snakes and Earrings

    Japanese Movie - 2008

  • Sori Nokoshita Natsu

    100. Sori Nokoshita Natsu

    Japanese Movie - 2009

    Very long short-film.