Whisper (2017)

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Shin Young Joo is a female detective, a section chief with charisma, although she spends most of her time with petty criminals. She has to pay the debt of her family and often speaks harshly, but inside she has a golden heart. Lee Dong Joon is a righteous elite judge, brilliant in mind, but with a warm heart and he always has a friendly ear for those who are weak. Both work read moretogether to solve a case of corruption, involving the greatest law firm of the nation, Taebak, which turns out to be one of the biggest scandals ever.

*from writer Park Kyung Soo (Punch, Empire of Gold, Chaser)

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    Gwitsongmal; Advance; 진격;

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Both dramas include lawyers who solve a crime that is close to home. In Defendant the victims were his wife and daughter whilst in Whisper the assailant is his new bride and her lover (so he his less inclined at the beginning to solve it). In both dramas they have a female helping them solve the crime. Both have similar feeling to them as well.
Recommended by AmynaA
Both dramas deal with powerful plotting women and men that are changing sides. In both dramas a murderer plays an important role and involves nearly all the people.
Although the K2 has more action to offer for now, the suspense and the mystery and plotting between the characters is a lot similar.
Recommended by zuojenn

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    abeer 2 hours ago - edited

    The last two episodes were a great disappointment, didn't like them at all, i'm thinking of dropping the drama.

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    giocare 4 days ago - edited

    Has the extension been confirmed?

    • Reply
      namopanik 2 days ago

      yes, +1 episode. But no episode on May 9 because of the election.

  • Reply
    suju5 5 days ago

    Ok, am I the only one who finds Dongjun's straight and neat hear annoying ?

  • Reply
    namopanik 5 days ago - edited
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  • Reply
    nuka 5 days ago

    she is not that smart, ouri Soo Yeon!

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    namopanik 6 days ago - edited

    Ok, is there anything similar to this drama? A combination of chess-like power struggles, flawed characters and sophisticated visuals (and I primarily mean visuals)? I'm fine with jdramas too.

    • Reply
      Ziran 6 days ago - edited

      I think one of the best examples of what you're looking for would be the Korean drama 'Giant' (2010). Very high quality, and did super well in Korea with the last episode averaging 40%! It's epic in the truest sense, chess-like power struggles all the way
      through—and anyone who has watched the show will tell you it has the best k-drama villain of all time (Jo Pil Yeon).

      Other than that I think you can't go wrong with the previous works of Whisper's writer. The Chaser is my personal favorite (you'll be hooked form the first episode) but 'Punch' and 'Empire of Gold' are really good as well.

      As for Jdramas, I haven't watched many but I hear good things about 'Karei Naru Ichizoku' starring Kimura Takuya.

    • Reply
      namopanik 6 days ago

      Thanks for the recommendations!

    • Reply
      Ziran 4 days ago

      No prob!

    • Reply
      3ngin33r 10 minutes ago

      Shiroi Kyoto

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    Olivia 6 days ago

    Although I love this drama I can say that although I can see where the Yeong Joo is a badass female ... she also is a hot head. There are moments that she thinks before pulling the trigger && other times she's just trigger happy & not thinking about how her being rash affects the people around her. It's sometimes annoying but at the same time understandable. This drama has me rooting for people that I'm not sure if I like or dislike them.

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    Sash 6 days ago - edited
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    Ziran 7 days ago - edited

    But I much preferred the director's choice of background music in Punch. It was powerful, thrilling and blended perfectly with the show's many suspenseful moments. Music isn't bad here (And I get the director's reasoning for going the ambient route, given the show's title), but looking back at Punch—one could wish Whisper had more captivating instrumentals.

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    Ziran 7 days ago - edited

    This drama is all quality but I'm not surprised—writer Park Gyeong Su never disappoints! I've adored all of his previous works as well; The Chaser, Empire of Gold and Punch. I love how he uncompromisingly explores the darker sides of human nature; and that he does it with wit, intelligence, and excellent world building.

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    XIIVX 7 days ago - edited
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      namopanik 5 days ago
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    inspirit91 7 days ago
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    ines 8 days ago

    I guess this drama is not for everyone, but I'm absolutely loving it. I get so into the story while watching each episode. Usually this type of plot involving revenge and legal stuff isn't my style... I don't know why I find this drama so interesting.

  • Reply
    Poia 8 days ago

    I wasn't sure about this one. Revenge and endless backstabbing it's not my favorite genre, specially with legal or political plot. But I have to admit the first 4 episode interested me enough to keep watching. Still a long road to 16 episode or more!?

  • Reply
    displacedmoon 8 days ago

    i think the reason i like this drama so much is that it reminds me of some of the outlandish latin telenovelas i grew up watching -- very little is realistic, crazy nonsensical plots suck you in but go absolutely nowhere, everyone is out for their own necks, and the backstabbing is vindictive as hell. lol. this drama is definitely not for everyone.


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    South Korea
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    Mar 27, 2017 to May 22, 2017
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    Monday, Tuesday
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    60 min.


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