I am wondering if you guys ever dropped an famous drama and felt it was overrated?

Descendants of the sun

I'm pretty awful when it comes to highly rated and raved series. My judgement of the series is a bit harsher than usual and if it doesn't satisfy me in any way then I drop (there are a few I somehow managed to finish though). With that said, here's a list of dropped dramas I felt were overrated and not to my expectations:

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (Actually liked the romance, but hated the underlying crime theme.)
The Bride of Habaek
A Gentleman's Dignity
Hello Monster/I Remember You
Kill Me, Heal Me
Uncontrollably Fond
Descendants of the Sun
Boys Over Flowers
Reply 1988 (series in general)

I'm not great at keeping interest in a number of "popular" or talked about dramas, namely:

The Bride of Habaek
The Heirs
Descendants of the Sun
Playful Kiss
Shut Up Flower Boy Band
The Legend of the Blue Sea

Descendants of the Sun. I've seen 4 episodes, put it on hold and the only reason why I might continue it another time is so I can know what people are talking about lmao. But until now I've been hating it a lot, really don't get the hype at all..

Definitively Reply 1997 and Misaeng. I don't hate these dramas to drop them but I just find them meh maybe I was not in the right mood for slice-of-life Dramas. Maybe I should rewatch them because my taste has changed. 

Goblin, I didn't even finish the 1st episode

Suspicious Partner, meh..

Weightlifting fairy (dropped at ep 10 I think)
Healer (dropped at 12 I think)
dots (dropped at ep 6)
legend of the blue sea (dropped the last four episodes)
Uncontrollably Fond (dropped at ep may be 2)
Hwarang  (dropped toward the end) 

There are many more these are the ones I remember. I just didn't like these, even though they are popular

Boys Over Flowers is the worst kdrama ever!!


Reply 1988

Reply 1994

Reply 1997

I couldn't even finish first episode.

and CDrama Boss & me: I put it on hold three times, I just can't watch it, nothing exciting happen in this drama.

There are some drama that is just meh, and i just end up dropping without much thought, but there are some dramas that i just hate, and here are some of it:

Heirs - i just can't get over how irritating 90-95% of the character and narrative was. It was only Bona and Chanyoung that i like.

Lovers in Paris - this is the number 1 drama that i super hated because of the ending. Heirs and Lover in Paris are two of the reasons i have a HATE-love relationship KES.

Reply 1988

W: 2 worlds

Boys over flowers

A Gentleman's Dignity

legend of the blue sea

Uncontrollably Fond

Dream high 


I don't hate them, I just think that they  were overrated and didn't catch my interest