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Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (2017)

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Do Bong Soon is a woman with superhuman strength. With her strength she gets hired as the bodyguard of the spoiled CEO of the gaming company Ainsoft, Ahn Min Hyuk. Min Hyuk is being threatened by an unknown enemy, and is determined to solve the problem himself out of his distaste and distrust of the police. In Guk Doo is a policeman and Bong Soon’s crush since childhood. When series of kidnappings read moreoccur in Bong Soon’s small, quiet neighborhood Dobong-dong, their little community is thrown into chaos. Combined with the job of protecting her boss’s life, Bong Soon’s already unusual life has gone wild. However, she must be careful; if she missuses her strength, she could lose it forever.

  • Native title:

    힘쎈여자 도봉순
  • Also Known as:

    Himsseonyeoja Dobongsun; Powerful Woman Do Bong Soon; Strong Girl Do Bong Soon; Strong Woman Do Bong-soon;

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Apr 17, 2017
  • Overall 7.0
  • Story 6.0
  • Acting/Cast 9.0
  • Music 7.0
  • Rewatch Value 3.0
The production and cast were promising. The storyline was quite messy.

The entire artistic production would receive 9/10 from me for a romcom drama like this. The direction was great; the set and props were outstanding; the cast was full of both eye candy and skills. The cinematography was amazing. It was good to look at. I just wish they gave much more effort into blending their multiple genres together.

THE CAST: read more I'm never a fan of any of them, but I believe they did a really great job. The set of 3 leads owned their roles. I even believe that the writers wrote this story with Park Boyoung in their mind. Tiny and cutesy role is definitely for her, and she's a good actress as well. This is only my second drama with her, however, and I believe that the next one with her is gonna start boring me a bit. Her tone and acting is just so *her* like she was in Oh My Ghost. This happened to me with Hwang Jungeum in every single drama she was in as well.


The story, however, was a strange mix of romance, comedy, supernatural(?), police investigation, and even bloody thriller. How would they mix into a good storyline? There's no way. I believe they needed to take out at least one, or tone down each of them to make everything flow.

The dynamic of this storyline is super strange. It was like an incredibly bumpy road instead of a smooth rollercoaster. The comedy element was almost too forced that it wasn't funny. Some parts were even disgusting that just made me fast-forward throughout the show.

The thriller part started out really strong in the beginning which tipped off the consistent cute and comical tone of the entire Do Bongsoon character. That villain character was just too over-the-top that the entire sub plot around this guy doesn't fit in with the tone of this story at all.

Plus, the entire reason Bongsoon and Hyungshik got together was because *his* case, not the one in her neighborhood. He was being threatened, and that case was solved so easily and quickly. It was definitely just there to bring the two together.

The love story between the two/three leads was nothing special. Nothing really developed or had an impact on any characteristic change. It was just there out of nowhere. I have to admit that they were cute and fluffy together though. They were almost too cheesy together and I usually don't prefer that kind of super cringy stuff, but I believe it helped even out the darker tones regarding the villain. It still isn't the ideal way for such purpose.

But all in all, I wouldn't keep watching until the end if it wasn't entertaining. Like I said, I liked the cinematography and the cast a lot (surprisingly, given that I'm never a fan of any of them). It was something to watch in my free time and I did take my time to finish it. The bad parts weren't soooo bad that it let me down. At least the first episode started off nicely. If you wanna see for yourself, I don't recommend you against it. I have a reputation for dropping series halfway through if the first few episodes are slow and have too much flashback. This one was fine.
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Apr 16, 2017
  • Overall 7.0
  • Story 5.0
  • Acting/Cast 9.0
  • Music 9.0
  • Rewatch Value 5.0
So how would I describe this show? This story tried to be too much. It was a romance mixed with slapstick humor, and dark thriller. How did those elements combine? Not too well, actually....but the parts that were good were good enough to keep me watching until the end.

This show started off strong and I was loving it up until about a little over halfway, when it dawned on me that read more the story was just kind of nonsense. But the leads are so freaking adorable (and probably every teenage girl's dream fantasy romance) that they kept sucking me back in every week. I said the other day that I didn't think I'd had a girl crush on anyone in a show yet, but Park Bo Young may have reached that status for me. And Park Hyung Shik is almost too pretty - but his acting as Ahn Min Hyuk crushing on Do Bong Soon --- I just "can't even" with him. Too cute for words. They were so cheesy together, but this ahjumma was eating it up. Seriously....this romance is what the show has going for it. But even that is unrealistically done. This show is just fluff....lots and lots of fluff.

The story line is chaotic. There is an evil villain that is just too horrifying to be in a rom-com. It was very jarring to go from sweet romance scenes to a creepy masked kidnapper who is terrorizing young women. And the slapstick antics of the gangsters and the high-school gangsters and the screechy femme planning team leader was funny the first time but became just useless filler that was pretty annoying fast forward material. And a lot of people hated that, although played for laughs, the mom seemed abusive (may be why the writers tried to explain that one away in the final episode.) There were funny parts, sure, but they overplayed their hand with them quite a bit.

The only thing I would rewatch in this show is the moments with Min Hyuk and Bong Soon.

Would I recommend it....sort of. I mean, you'd have to know going in that the story makes no sense, but as a backdrop for a super cute, cheesy beyond belief romance...if you can deal with that then, yeah, go for it. I was entertained for sure (otherwise the rating would be like a 4). But if you need a plot that is logical and a more 'mature' (not THAT kind of mature, but more grown up) romance, then this one won't be right for you.
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Both feature adorable male leads (who happen to be CEOs of successful gaming companies);

Both feature leading ladies who are very unique, and who work in video game development;

Both male leads fall in love with their rather quirky/unusual leading ladies;

Both shows have second leads who are the leading lady's childhood friend.

SWDBS and LR are romantic comedies, but SWDBS has some incredibly dark thriller moments that are lacking in LR, while LR has more melodrama/teary moments than SWDBS.
Recommended by Nernel
Both protagonists have supernatural streight and try to fight evil with it, while continuing their everydays' life.

It's both everyday-life drama mixed with superhero-supernatural streight.
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    Benedict May 21, 2017

    The ending was cute, but fell a bit flat for me. Wish there were more interactions between the leads at the end. The scenes with them were done separately.

  • Reply
    soojungstrash May 18, 2017

    park bo young is bae

  • Reply
    SreevidhyaSriram May 18, 2017

    Awesome drama in this story is wanted in other asian drama...i like this drama very much as well its ost is superb!!!!!! No words to describe this drama for me...

  • Reply
    anusathiya May 16, 2017 - edited

    For me...
    Bong soon was one of the best entertainment....
    I loved everything about this drama....
    The leads were so lovelyyyy together....loved their pair!
    Baek tak constriction was real fun....I had a whole heart'd laugh cause of those never had the old clique of hero having a child hood love and it was girl centered....personally I loved this series

  • Reply
    Panda May 15, 2017 - edited

    I think im one of the few people who commented on this dramas page at least 10 times a day. I really loved the main leads both of them were so cute and hot #melting.
    But but after episode 10, so 10 hours into this... things that didnt bother me before started to bother me now.
    - the couple are so damn cute TOGETHER but when they are separated they are just not that good. But together they rock, alone they are boring.
    - serial killer plot was so amazing for the first 3 episodes then voldemort mask and some ugly dungeon AND random gangsters i cant keep up with all this, i cant even remember half the things that are going on, my memory sucks come on.
    - her mother constantly pushing her to sleep with the male lead didnt bother me, her mother beating up her dad didnt bother me, i was enjoying the drama too much to be bothered.
    - Jisoo is there as decoration. Just because Kdramas need a second lead and he is cute so he is there, he didnt do anything (waste of young talent) i feel like he didnt want to be there. The korean cops in the drama are like suffering from memory loss, bad eyesight and "i dont care about catching criminals syndrome" cops here to eat black bean noodles every episode.
    - Bongbong the female lead character became a bully towards the middle? She beats a random guy using her power... i hated that.
    - the gay jokes were too offensive for me, i told my friends im bothered, they told me to Suck it up. I couldnt "PUN intended"
    - overall its a good watch and the comedy was really fire when it was fresh

  • Reply
    Jen May 14, 2017

    Quite sloppy show

  • Reply
    Dilaa May 14, 2017

    For me, it was a good drama if you just want to laugh. It was funny and and cute at the same time. Of course, you shouldn't take it too seriously. The investigation/mystery part is quite obvious and not very interesting.

  • Reply
    RhopalocerA May 13, 2017 - edited

    It was an awful experience. I'm so not enjoying this drama. If only I did'nt already downloaded the full eps of this drama I would have dropped it long ago maybe at ep 6. I finished it just for the sake of finishing it..>.< The story was downright boring. It's cute and nothing else. The kidnapping and abuse serial case was gotten so overused and draggy to the point that made me yawn and thinking when will the police get to the perpetrator. And the romance, I just don't feel it.. :(

    • Reply
      KrisS May 20, 2017

      I'm in episode 3 and I'm so bored. The new shows in this site get high ratings even if they are not that great.

  • Reply
    Iffah May 12, 2017

    ngl, idk why the ratings are so high...this was meh in my opinion.
    and wfkbj is much better imo!!! if you're choosing between this or wfkbj, choose weightlifting fairy! :D

  • Reply
    Tszzzz May 11, 2017

    Currently watching this drama right now.. Its alright I guess.. I expected more of this drama. I already have been skipping so many scenes because they either looked like some fillersor were just boring.
    Glad to see I'm not the only one struggling, despite the 8.8 score.

  • Reply
    Isinuyasha May 10, 2017 - edited

    People recommended me this drama because I was absolutely in love with "Weightlifting Fairy KBJ" and maybe this is the reason I didn't enjoy it in the end, because I had different expectations. I don't see any similarites and cannot recommend it in the same way. Apart from the fact that the main girl is strong and the main couple is (trying to be) cute, there is nothing in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon that reminds me of WF KBJ. It tries too hard to be cutesy and carefree but also dark and suspense-filled. What I enjoyed about WLF was that the main girl knew what she wanted and she made her interest known, both to her first crush and to the main guy. That's what I love in general in a drama, when the main woman goes after what she wants (even if it takes some time) and it's not only the guy pursuing and being all lovesick. (That's why I love "Oh My Venus", "Another Oh Hae Young", "Pasta", "Healer", "Coffe Prince" etc.)
    Here the main girl spends ages acting cute so that Park Hyun Shik can find her completely adorable and spend the rest of the show pining after her, with her being "adorably oblivious" as Korean drama writers like to make their women. I found this extremely distracting and not pleasurable to watch, looking back. Her behaviour sometimes didn't really fit with the whole strong woman trope. It also started going down the "noble protagonist" route near the end.

    All in all a cute drama if you've got free time but I wouldn't re-watch it. The actors are good, it's not their fault the writing is weak. Don't watch it if you expect something identical to Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo.

    • Reply
      Catdavelar May 10, 2017

      I couldn't agree more. I saw this with WFKBJ in mind, and it doesn't make any sense that they are associated. They are in completely different levels (for me).

  • Reply
    dramaholic_piglet May 9, 2017

    I honestly don't understand how it got a very high rating.. I just finished watching it and there's nothing really special about it. I guess I expected too much. When dramas are soo good, I can finish it in 2 days but it took me a week to finish this drama.

  • Reply
    imhakunamatata0 May 9, 2017 - edited

    is it really worth it to watch this? I've read several reviews and my friends told me it was just okay. Nothing special

    • Reply
      Alex May 9, 2017

      I agree with your friend, it's just okay. But it depends on your tastes and on what are you looking for, tbh.

  • Reply
    EstherT May 8, 2017 - edited

    The ending was really cute!!!

  • Reply
    guccigall May 8, 2017

    I watched this because I really like Ji Soo but dropped this after Episode 4.


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    Feb 24, 2017 to Apr 15, 2017
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