I am not a k-drama addict and i only watch a few dramas that catch my attention.

I thought of joining this forum to know more interesting dramas and to read reviews.

If there is a drama that you would like to recommend, feel free to PM me :)

Drama genre that i like:

1. Comedy

2. Family, friendship

3. Fantasy

4. Action

Don't ask my opinion here cos i might not agree with what you say because i often have different opinion with many people. My opinion is not popular because i always like dramas that are not popular with majority of people. 

I love the original story and plot, not too much focus on romance because i hate too much romance. I hate arrogant rich guy poor girl type of relationship too. I like a strong male / female lead who knows what they want and will fight for it. I hate ridiculous, bullshit and illogical plot in dramas. I don't really like depressed dramas too, life is already too hard, i don't want to watch depressed drama to make my life more difficult. ohh.. the most thing that i hate in dramas is when the pilot (1st episode) is so good only to watch it deteriorating becoming a weird drama (or becoming a cheesy romance drama), it's so deceiving & disappointing for me and that's the most hated drama for me.  

I love dramas that i can have some lessons to learn from, a handful of good quotes and life lessons. I don't write reviews, maybe i will do it if i have more time, too lazy to do it. I love to read reviews and comments tho. I also like anime, j-drama, some good western shows. Thanks for becoming my friends here. Ciao.

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