New Year, New Dramas! 

(Dramas I Completed in 2017)



First K-Drama: You Who Came From the Stars


First J-Drama: Tatta Hitotsu no Koi


First Thai Drama/Lakorn: Full House


First C-Drama: Love Me If You Dare



First TW-Drama: Autumn's Concerto



My Current Top 10 Favorite Asian Dramas:

1. Another Miss Oh (Korean Drama)


2. Age of Youth (Korean Drama) 



3. Dear My Friends (Korean Drama)


4. Signal (Korean Drama) 


5. That Winter, The Wind Blows (Korean Drama)



6. The Princess' Man (Korean Drama)


7. Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (Korean Drama)


8. Kill Me, Heal Me (Korean Drama)


9. It's Okay, That's Love (Korean Drama)


10. Jealousy Incarnate (Korean Drama)


So, I'm fairly NEW to drama-land (April 2015)!


So take care of me, okay? I don't have nearly as many dramas under my belt as some of the veterans here. 


I mean, it's kinda scary that this place literally breaks down the amount of days, weeks, months, or even YEARS that someone has been watching dramas....By scary I mean impressive!


tumblr_nwauhdtQp61r5c02zo1_500.gif know, addicting and all that, so no judgment here--I'm sure fairly soon I'll get up there to the: "Holy crap?! That person has watched over 387 days worth of dramas?!?! ......Congratulations, I'm impressed." category. Soon, it will come soon. 


But I think the most important step is realizing and admitting that I have an addiction. 


And also admitting that my life at this point would be too sad to return to the normal "No dramaland" world...


My biggest annoyance with this addiction is basically the friends/family now saying that I'm into those "Dumb Asian Soap Operas"....


.....Which, look....just stop it. Don't comment about something you don't understand.



More for me? ......I guess?



For those of you interested in my rating system:

10 - Absolutely perfect--touching, and either impeccably written (or my enjoyment levels went through the roof). Example: The Princess' Man (Kdrama) Highly recommend
9.5 - Pretty darn close to perfect and a stunning drama. My enjoyment levels were extremely high. Example: I Hear Your Voice (Kdrama) Highly recommend
9 - An amazing drama that was very well put together. I thought it was fantastic! Example: Healer (Kdrama) Highly recommended
8.5 - A really good drama that was very enjoyable and a fun ride. Example: My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (Kdrama) Highly recommended
8 - Well above average in most parts and very entertaining. Example: Secret (Kdrama) Recommended
7.5 - For the most part, it was well put together. A nice watch. Example: Coffee Prince (Kdrama) Recommended
7 - Some flaws, but not enough to deter from enjoying and watching. Example: Love Me If You Dare (Cdrama) Recommended
6.5 - A little above average. Enjoyable, but it has some problems. Example: Secret Garden (Kdrama) Recommended with a grain of salt
6 - Only slightly above average. Some pretty big problems/inconsistencies, but still more good parts than bad. Example: Daisy (K-Movie) Recommended with a pretty big helping of salt
5.5 - Pretty darn average. Some enjoyable parts, but also some pretty bad parts. Example: Tatta Hitotsu no Koi (Jdrama) Recommended only for certain moods
5 - The definition of average. Equal parts good and bad. Example: The Heirs (Kdrama) Recommended only for certain moods
4.5 - Slightly below average - we are encroaching on bad territory here. Some good parts, but not enough to make-up for the bad. Example: Boys over Flowers (Kdrama) Don't recommend
4 - Below average - only a few good parts, but it's crushed by all the badness. Example: Faith (Kdrama) Don't recommend
3.5 - Really below average. I didn't enjoy it, and there are only a couple parts I liked. I rolled my eyes waaaaaay too much. Example: Orange Marmalade (Kdrama) Don't recommend
3 - Bad. Just really, really not good. Maybe only one small thing I liked. Example: Itazura na Kiss (1996) (JDrama) Don't recommend
2.5 - Terrible. It was extremely frustrating and I have trouble picking out things I liked. Example: Aftermath (Kdrama) Don't recommend
2 - Horrible. Don't understand how anyone could possibly like it and I'm confused by anyone who rates the drama high. Example: Aftermath Season 2 (Kdrama) STAY AWAY!
1.5 - Horrendous. Bad everything and it's a miracle that I even got through it. Example: Spellbound (K-Movie) STAY AWAY!
1 - A Travesty of a piece of work. Everything went horribly and I hated it. I forced my way through it and probably fast-forwarded waaaaaaaaaay too often. Probably even makes me mad and I'm angry I can't rate it a .5! Example: Kang Koo's Story (K-Special) STAY AWAY!

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