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"ep 3 spoilers ahead"


Last Episode Recap: Xiao Quiang won the night with the Emperor only he did not show up; Ru Yi performed the dance under the moonlight and before the emperor no less (neither knows the other's identity); the palace guards are looking for the thief who stole Empress Wende's mask...

1.We open to Ru Yi who is who has returned to Chenqing hall (I still cannot figure out if she is extremely read more brave or extremely stupid). Perhaps she is hoping to capture a glimpse of the mysterious man she danced with? The emperor is there, and nearly catches her, but Xu Hui saves her in the nick of time. For reasons unknown, Ru Yi does not return the mask that she has stolen in spite of it being the perfect opportunity to do so. She instead keeps it. Xu Hui, an outstanding example of practicality and safety, reminds her that she could be killed just for entering the prohibited hall but that is not enough to phase our heroine.

2.Xiao Q. spies Ru Yi pulling out a brocade box. For reasons unknown to the audience, Ru Yi does not put it away but leaves it on her bed, in plain site. (I question the smarts of this girl). Unsurprisingly, Xiao Q. plots to bring down Ru Yi again (this is the harem, after all). During the formal presentation of the Prince of Lanling dance, Ru Yi will dance the lead. Her mask is taken, and the only mask she can wear is the Empress Wende mask she stole.

3.The emperor and all three consorts watch the show unfold. They are naturally shocked that she is wearing the mask, and Ru Yi is shocked to learn that the man she danced with is the emperor. She is ordered to remove the mask, and then questioned in front of everyone: Did she know she committed a capital offence? No.

4.Noble Consort Wei, who is in charge of the inner palace, naturally has the right to punish her. She tells Ru Yi that if she can come up with a poem praising Empress Wende in seven paces, she will pardon her. Ru Yi says she will try it but then admits she cannot. For reasons that defy common sense, Ru Yi blurts out that she actually finds the empress pitiful. This shocks everyone. Ru Yi is locked up, and will be punished severely.

5.Later, Virtuous Consort expresses regret that she did not stand up for the girl and let her fall into Noble Consort's clutches. Her position, we learn, is tenuous because (for reasons unknown) something happened that put her in a position where the emperor chose to spare her life and that of her brother. We also learn she is the mother of Prince Qi, and part of her collusion with Noble Consort is to protect her son.

6.In prison, Ru Yi is mistreated by the eunuch who tries to extort money before feeding her. Ru Yi displays a very plucky spirit when she is able to inspire enough fear in him to drive him off. Later, he returns with her favorite foods. Although she rejects them, we learn that they were sent by Virtuous Consort. Then, in a surprising shock, the emperor choses to summon Ru Yi to his chambers.

7.The emperor summoned her to ask her a question. He wants to know why she found the empress pitiful. Ru Yi, never one to avoid being audacious, asks a question first and wants to know if she will get killed for answering his question truthfully (I don't blame her) she also wants to know if he danced with her that night ,and he explains he was not dancing with her that he merely caught her because she fell (uh-huh).

8.Ru Yi explains that she found the Empress Wende pitiful because she spent many lonely nights away from the emperor--how else could she have found the time to compose so many volumes on etiquette in between raising 7 kids and running the harem? She must have been extremely lonely. Ru Yi then says that she believes the emperor feels regret for not cherishing her while she was alive. (This seems to be a fair assessment)

9.The emperor says 'You think you are smart, right?' and then punishes her to live in Chenqing hall, to clean it, and to copy the entirety of the Examples for Women (the show reports it is 10 volumes but Wikipedia states it is 30 volumes).

10.The Noble Consort Wei stays up late waiting for the emperor but is surprised to learn that he is not coming because he normally plays chess with her when he is upset. She learns first of Ru Yi's sentence, something that she sees as a reward because no one, not even the consorts, are allowed to set foot in Chenquing palace, and Ru Yi will be able to have access to the original copies of Examples for Women. She is then enraged to learn that the emperor did not come see her because he was busy seeing Ru Yi. This is an insult to her and it also makes her plot to move her niece into the palace that much more difficult.

11.Noble Consort bitterly reflects on how fickle men are, how this proves that they will always fall for someone else, and she considers her next move as it is likely that others will see Ru Yi as a rising star and align themselves with her, including the other consorts who do not like her (I really like Noble Consort's character).
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"Cool concept failing on Delivery "

Its an interesting concept, crashing a wedding on the first episode with no backstory. I found myself wondering more about the best friend than I did about the missing lead. The acting in the first part is slightly laughable and I already find myself wondering if I can keep watching for the next 23 Episodes
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Because of You Episode 1
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"Optimistic Beginnings "

The episode is backstory for future episodes. Though knowing it would be useful because normally Chinese Dramas get very complicated very fast if you don’t know the backstory to the overall plot. Introduction the the main character as a child as well as her life situation. Though the plot looks promising, It's not a stellar beginning so, I’m being optimistic.
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Radiant Office Episode 12
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by Bobh
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"So Far "

So im really getting to love this, does anyone know how many Ep left?
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"ep 2 spoilers ahead"


RECAP: Able Consort has hung herself; Noble Consort exhibits all the qualities (ruthless, ambitious) one might need to dominate the Inner Palace/Harem

1.We open with the girls receiving a lecture on how to improve their dancing (they are practicing the Masque Dance to Honor the Late Empress). Here they learn that the Able Consort Liu has hung herself. The girls express shock but the instructor tells them that this is their read more opportunity. Also, whoever leads this dance has, based on tradition, gained an audience with the emperor (Competition will be fierce as they must compete with one another to gain the coveted position of lead dancer)

2.In the next scene, the Pure Consort (recall, she was the one accused) encounters Noble Consort & a sobbing Virtuous Consort in the gardens. Noble Consort apologizes (in a really unapologetic way) and Pure Consort replies that the Able Consort was the one who suffered. As Pure Consort walks by she turns and gives Noble Consort a look with daggers in her eyes. These two clearly do not get along.

3.This sums up the politics quite well: Noble Consort tells Virtuous Consort to stop crying, after all 'what's one more body?' (I love her! so wicked, so good at what she does! reminds me of Cersei Lanister)

4.In the next scene, the emperor enters the memorial service for Able Consort and finds Pure Consort burning paper for Able Consort's memory (I have no idea if Pure Consort is as she appears or if this is part of her game). The emperor has her stay, and it is like a mutual support kind of scene where he acknowledges he knows that the harem is dangerous and she insists that nothing matters, as long as he is well (a virtuous woman only cares about the emperor, after all)

5.Back to Noble Consort who is such a boss! She is checking her reflection however the sobbing from Yeting Palace annoys her so she tells Chong-gong (a guard? eunech?) to find a way to cut their tongues out (is that an over-reaction?). She also tells her maid to tell her niece, Xiao Quiang that she will arrange a meeting between her and the emperor

6.Both Ru Yi and Xiao Quiang are among the girls who master the dance. They are asked what the dance means. Xiao Quiang (the writers make her seem so unlikable) gives a predictable answer (shout out to Prince of Lanling!) however Ru Yi's answer seems to be more depth and makes her sound more intelligent, and the instructor seems to appreciate it. I don't think the appreciation is from the answer, but from Ru Yi's creativity which can make her stand out (if you want the emperor to like you wouldn't you want to send him a unique girl instead of a regular?)

7.Noble Consort's maid is willing to use very rare and expensive ginseng root as a bribe to the dance instructor to have her niece selected but the instructor seems to not care and basically tells her to go away then she brings up an incident to blackmail her (Noble Consort is smart!)

8.Meanwhile, Ru Yi is talking to Xu Hui (the latter seems to have given up and says she is not a good dancer and she should not practice. is this who she really is or a game face?)

9.bwahahahahaa I'm sorry, Xiao Quiang's mannerisms are so is so obvious she is picking on Ru Yi because she feels like she is Xu Hui says 'Xiao Quiang is despotic she must have the backing of someone'....lolz Ru Yi says one cloud can't hide the sun, I take it that means her bad behavior can't hide the more dazzling Ru Yi

10.Both Ru Yi and Xu Hui are sent to do the laundry and then must wait for a letter from a consort lady (they can't afford to offend anyone) meanwhile upstairs the contest begins. As they wait they try to ask where the consort lives but the girl there can't speak...because she has no tongue. They get back as the contest ends--Xiao has the audacity to call Ru Yi a coward for not being there (makes me so mad!) and the other girls are mad Ru Yi wasn't there because now Xiao (who is extremely disliked) is the lead Prince Lanling...

11.Meanwhile, Purse Consort learns that Ru Yi was not selected. She very quickly surmises that the instructor must have been blackmailed since she has never accepted bribes before. But she has a plan. She expresses pity for Xiao Qiang because her aunt will treat her as another Consort Liu (well when you look at it like that I do pity her)

12.(This is kind of amusing) Ru Yi winds up in front of Chengqing hall (entry prohibited) it is late at night. She starts darting around the hall to avoid being seen by some servants (she is probably not supposed to be out or here)

13.Meanwhile Xiao Quiang is supposed to see the emperor, but he isn't there! He's getting drunk! He is thinking back to Empress Wende, whom he cared for, and repeats that the dance is about regrets (precisely Ru Yi's answer). He is on his way out and he looks at Ru Yi, who has snuck in and is performing the dance even though know one is there to see it (she thinks) and there is a contrast between her simple outfit and Xiao's garish over the top red outfit--

14.It is a very romantic scene as the lonely emperor seems to be falling in love with her instantly. She doesn't stop dancing to bow (i'm not sure if she is aware of his identity). He picks her up and she looks kind of like a little princess. She plays a little coy/hard to get as she continues to dance with him, not allowing him to interrupt the dance by kissing her. He grabs her shoulder, and this frightens her. She runs away. But still looks so pretty like a dream.

15.Back to Noble Consort. Her servant girl is voicing some concerns about Xiao being sent into the palace, and views it as an insult since she has a low birth. But the Noble Consort reminds her that her father and brothers are dead. That only her Uncle remains as a single minister at court, and that their family power is waning. Xiao is basically a back up plan.

16.The emperor wakes up in his bed. Apparently he got plastered and his servants carried him back. He is updated: he learns Xiao knelt waiting for him all night, that she is also the niece of Noble Consort...and that Empress Wende's mask is missing meaning he did not hallucinate the beauty dancing. he issues orders to quietly find the thief (the guy in charge of this task does not know the meaning of quietly)

17.Xiao is upset about being ignored however when she learns they are looking for a thief she clearly sees this as an opportunity...
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Pretty Li Hui Zhen Episode 1
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"ep 1 spoilers ahead"

So I very rarely watch modern dramas. I am giving this a try because I am a big fan of the leading actress. Here goes.

1.We open to a girl who, by American standards, might be considered 'cute' in a 'I don't care how I look' kind of way or a 'nerdy' kind of way. She seems a bit awkward when she talks. In dramaland, she certainly would be considered 'plain' or read more even 'unattractive'. Again, that is dramaland standards. Her drawn on freckles are very obviously fake. She appears to work at a grocery store. This is Li Hui Zhen.

2.Elsewhere, a girl named Qio'er is dancing on some rooftop bar, insisting that her friend come and party (I find it amusing that she answers this call while putting up some Maxi Pads) (also, in ever drama that I watch, no one can dance). Apparently it is her birthday and she shares that she only accepts cake from one person but tonight will graciously share it to avoid wasting it.

3.....I envy this girl and her giant pile of gifts....Li Hu is a nice friend I would have gone home. She shows up to the party after everyone is gone, her friend is drunk, but waiting for her cake (i guess she is the cake maker of cakes that only she eats)

4.We get some flashbacks: Apparently Zhen'er (Li Hui Zhen) and Qio'er's mother were BFF's and married and gave birth the same year. They also lived next door, so the girls grew up as sisters. Zhen'er says something happened that changed their lives and families but does not say what...

5.It is evident that Zhen'er is both cute and completely eccentric (she reminds me of Miss No Good). Anyways, she is trying to get a better job. Qio'er (her roomate) tells her to be confident and to borrow some of her clothes and to try her best. Zhen'er doesn't feel comfortable in most of her friends clothes and she picks the kind of clothes that I rememember wearing when I was a teen and didn't want to stand out: baggy clothes that don't fit but are comfortable, and unfortunately cause you to stick out as a poorly dressed person.

6.She runs to her interview, past a bunch of smartly dressed sharp looking people (my heart goes out to her). Oh during her interview she is unable to answer her questions well (she is too honest and does not B.S. to play her self just makes the other candidates look better and her like an old woman who is unable to get a job....essentially she doesn't interview well)

7.The girl beside her is told to point out Zhen'er's weakness (WEIRD) and the girl says she doesn't have a responsible attitude because her hair and clothing are disorganized, and appearance is something you should take care of yadayada

8.Her girlfriend seems supportive of her. Zhen'er goes home and sees Quo'er in a car with a new guy--apparently she changes men as fast as Zhen'er changes jobs--we are treated to Zhen'er creeping around the car (I really can't help but notice that Quo'er's legs seem like unhealthily thin but that could just be her body type)

9.Okay, so Quo'er struggles with trusting other people and loving them, and her personality she says makes it hard for people to accept and love her. In contrast, Zhen'er is eccentric and is herself but this causes others to judge her and makes it hard for her to form relationships. Through flash backs we learn that Zhen'er wants to be a kid again, and go back to the days with her male childhood friend (a cute chubby kid)

10.Apparently this guy grew up and is extremely pretty. She seems to have found him online and is excited to see him again (I think in her mind they can just pick up from before). he was in America for 12 years...

11.That night, at the designated meeting place, Zhen'er immediately assumes that a guy who is a bit chubby is 'him'. But she finds it isn't him just as the real guy walks by, not even noticing her (ouch). Over the phone she tells him that they are standing in the same spot. He turns around, looks at her, and says he can't find her (OUCH). Then he goes to Quo'er, says she is the same as when they were kids, and sits down...

12.She begs Qio'er to pretend to be here but once he starts to get a little flirty she makes up an excuse and leaves (I have a feeling this guy will be sort of obtuse and shallow).
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"ep1 spoilers ahead"

--HERE WE GO; 1/96!--
The Tang Dynasty had multiple reforms of the Harem Ranking System. Based on this show's timeline, there should be a reform following the reign of Taizong. For the purposes of clarity, this is (historically) what the ranking system should look like:

2.Consort (1 person per title)
Noble Consort (Guifei)
Pure Consort (Shufei)
Virtuous Consort (Defei)
Able Consort (Xianfei)
3.Imperial Concubines (1 read more person per title/all equal in rank)
Lady of Bright Deportment (Zhaoyi)
Lady of Bright Countenance (Zhaorong)
Lady of Bright Beauty (Zhaoyuan)
Lady of Cultivated Deportment (Xiuyi)
Lady of Cultivated Countenance (Xiurong)
Lady of Cultivated Beauty (Xiuyuan)
Lady of Complete Deportment (Chongyi)
Lady of Complete Countenance (Chongrong)
Lady of Complete Beauty (Chongyuan)
4.Other titles:
9 Ladies of Handsome Fairness, Nine Beautiful Ladies, Nine Talented Ladies, 27 Ladies of Precious Bevy, 27 Imperial Women, 29 Ladies of Elegance

*Cairen, I believe, refers to the Nine Talented Ladies because it means 'Talented'

Characters Introduced:

Ru Yi, Cairen--Lead Emperor Taizong Li Shimin
Xiao Xiang, Cairen Li Chengqian, Crown Prince
Xu Hui, Cairen Li Ke, Prince of Wu
Li Tai,Prince of Wei

Noble Consort Wei, Virtuous Consort Yin, Pure Consort Yang, and Able Consort Liu

Xuanwu Gate Incident-Refers to then Prince Li Shimin setting up a coup at Xuanwu Gate, where he killed the crown prince and his other older brother. He was crowned the crown prince, and 60 days later his father abdicated, making him emperor. (Don't feel too bad for them; his brothers apparently tried to poison him before the coup)

1.Our drama opens to a dramatic narration of the events that presumably will unfold. We are told that this is the Tang Dynasty, the most glamorous dynasty, led by Emperor Taizong. At its heart is Chang'an, the first recorded city of having a population of 1 million, and home of the Imperial Court. Here is the harem, housing 40,000 women, who scheme to attract the emperor's gaze while the administrative and civil court is full of men who scheme to overthrow the emperor....We are barraged with a number of names who will become important obstacles to our female leads future and told that in spite of everything she perseveres to become the empress...but for now, let's focus on the present.

2.A group of young women are on their way into the palace. They all bow when ordered (you must bow when an imperial family member is passing by) but our lead, 14-year old Ru Yi, stands there trying to catch a glimpse of the person inside the palanquin only to find it empty. She is scolded for not bowing and she defends her actions, explaining it was empty but she is told that even if it is empty one must treat it like it is the emperor inside :/

3.The scene changes to the emperor, who is watching his sons train. We learn (through narration) that he ascended the throne after killing his brothers at Xionwu Gate. He has three sons. Although they appear to get along, they in fact are all rivals for power and their scheming will make it easier for Ru Yi to later become empress...

4.The emperor challenges his sons; whoever wins gets his horse. They all lose (it is unclear if this is on purpose or if the emperor is that good). He provides a critique of their skills, and we learn that the second prince, Li Ke is overly clever and is like an assassin in his attacking while the youngest son is the most skilled but worries too much. While the crown prince is praised for his valour but reminded he must know when to attack and when to retreat. Then he points out that had they worked together they would have defeated him--

5.Meanwhile, the new imperial wives are having their blood drawn (?) and measurements taken. An unnamed woman asks why they must submit to this given their status, and the man in charge answers that this is something set down by Noble Consort Wu (ranked just below the empress in terms of inner palace power).

6.The girls will be trained, and basically treated like maids until the training ends. Xiao Xang refuses to be measured, finding it beneath her, and we learn that she is the niece to the noble consort. She is exempted from measuring (WTF? Nepotism!). Unsurprisingly, Ru Yi mutters that she is a snob under her breath (my girl calls it as she sees it) however Xu Hui warns her to be careful (sage advice since Xiao Xang is clearly favored and has powerful friends)

7.We change scenes, and go to Fenglu Terrace, where the girls are presented to Noble Consort Wei, Virtuous Consort Yin, Pure Consort Yang (who seems a little ill), and Able Consort Liu (who rubs her belly--is she pregnant?)

8.OH MAN I can tell this is going to be some epic drama. Noble Consort Wei expresses concern about Able Consort Liu's pregnancy and emphasizes that these weeks are important and she should be careful not to let another incident like before--I assume a miscarriage--happen (this a thinly veiled threat). Next Virtuous Consort picks on the sickly Pure Consort Yang who mentions she is weak but shoots a barb at her: if everyone were as pure as her things would be good, but if she didn't come and troublemakers were selected then they'd be in trouble (this seems like a sarcastic criticism)

9.These women are so's an extremely hot day and they have these girls standing in the blistering heat for quite a while (like exerting power?) before even allowing them in (one girl almost passes out!) Of course Ru Yi is picked on--she introduces herself and is essentially humiliated in front of everyone as her innocent question 'you know my father?' gives her the answer that while he is the Duke of Ying he is actually a merchant who purchased his position with money.

10.The consorts whisper that Ru Yi has unsurpassed beauty but has a 'stubbornness in her eyes' something the Emperor does not like....they receive their first assignment: to learn a dance and perform it on the Day of Commemorating the Empress Wende's death (she was the mother of the crown prince and apparently extremely virtuous, she wrote the Examples for Women, basically all about deportment and behavior for women, that the girls are studying in the series, and was in many ways the exact opposite of Ru Yi, refusing to even discuss matters of state with her husband because it 'wasn't her place')

11.It is interesting to note that the Consorts walk a fine line: they must select girls to serve the emperor but must also protect their own positions...a very fine line...

12.After the ceremony ends, Noble Consort takes the time to brag about a gift of wine the emperor gave her and invites everyone to her palace. Able Consort who is pregnant agrees to go but not drink. Virtuous Consort must practice her sutras and can't go, and Pure Consort is feeling ill. Able Consort suddenly falls down the stairs, and they panic, summoning a doctor, and she accuses Pure Consort of pushing her...

13.Liu Lanzuan, Siyao (I think a servant to Virtuous Consort) explains that her mistress could not have seen what happened because she was busy watching her steps. I am not sure of Ru Yi is extremely brave or extremely stupid: she defends the Pure Consort (since she saw this go down) and accuses Able Consort of falling down all on her own. This earns her the attention of the Noble Consort (who looks pretty mad)

14.Scene changes and the girls are lighting lotus lanterns (I know, it seems abrupt) and Ri Yu explains that although her mother to keep her mouth shut her father told her to do what she wants so long as she does not feel guilty, thus she spoke up even though it attracted attention.

15.Change scenes: all the consorts and the emperor are meeting with the doctor. Not only did Able Consort miscarry, but she will not be able to bear children again (making her useless). Noble Consort claims responsible without noting that the evil doer got away...He also immediately pardons Pure Consort and notes she had nothing to do with it. But he knows a new Cairen testified that she did not push her...(Ru Yi has enemeis...)

16.Xiao Xang, meanwhile, has gathered a little group of followers and puts on airs, accusing Ru Yi of playing a trick to catch the eye of the emperor (she is so obnoxious)

17.Back to the emperor: he orders his consorts to not tell Able Consort about her inability to have kids (aww). He walks with the doctor who admits to the Emperor that all of Able Consorts miscarriages were not accidents, and the Emperor says he has gone soft (I guess referring to him letting this go) He clearly blames the Noble Consort

18.The emperor reads some of the lotus lantern wishes, and most pray for his attention. Xu Hui's contains a poem he wrote when he was younger. Ru Yi' blank. The emperor immediately recalls she is the one who testified in defense of Pure Consort....

19.Meanwhile, Noble Consort is losing her sh** over the fact that her plot didn't work (I assume it was hers). She isn't worried about Ru Yi, convinced that her attention seeking behavior will lead to an early death. She despairs over the fact that her clan is slipping from power, so the emperor has been ignoring her (there is a lot happening in this show, a lot of political history lessons)

20.Noble Consort is RUTHLESS. In a meeting with Able Consort, we learn that she has been controlling Able Consort's life for years, threatening to have her father killed if she does not obey. Thus, Able Consort has induced many abortions and miscarriages and killed for Noble Consort. Now Able Consort looks back on her life and is in despair. Noble Consort tacitly implies she could always kill herself...the episode ends with her taking her own life...

The costumes are STUNNING, as is the make up, the hair, the attention to detail is amazing
Ru Yi has interesting make up; I imagine they did her make up in a way to make her stand out in a sea of women, which is not easy--she makes me think of Snow White...
I have had to research a ton of things to supplement the show as I know nothing about this time period
This is going to be a pretty dramatic show, with lots of betrayal and murder. Can I handle it?

What I like: So we have some new faces who will have to contend with the powers that be. I also find it interesting (even though I might dislike their behavior) I certainly can respect that these ladies had to fight tooth and nail to get the emperor's attention; that they are here to help their families, and that your chances of gaining the attention of the emperor was pretty this is WAR
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Coffee Prince Episode 15
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4 days ago


I am glad Eun Chan isn't letting herself be controlled by her boyfriend. Just because she loves him and agreed to marry him, it doesn't mean he should decide things by himself and tell her when and how to do things. I hope she doesn't change her ways in the following episodes. That would go completely against the non-gender conforming message the drama was telling the audience. There is always a middle read more ground. It is natural that both have to give up on things and change aspects of themselves, but it shouldn't be how Han Gyul's mother and grandmother want (they want to turn her into a submissive, brain dead housewife).

Lastly, Yoo Joo proposing was so cute <3
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Chicago Typewriter Episode 1
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5 days ago

"nice drama right from the start"

first episode is unexpectedly good. this is one of the rare drama that can catch my attention only a few minutes after watching. i really like it so far, but i guess it's too early to make a decision whether i'll like this drama or not.
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Gochisousan Episode 2
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"Spoiled Glutton"

Only on episode 2, but I must say I find the main character, Meiko, to be a spoiled glutton. Her father owns a Western-type restaurant, so she's much better off than most during the period, and yet she steals food, not because she's hungry, but because she's greedy.

Meiko's mother punishes her and yet the grandmother indulges the child's greed. The lack of discipline is throwing off my pleasure for this drama, read more but I will continue hoping this child will soon learn the error of her ways. The opening of episode 1 gives me hope.
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Princess Jieyou Episode 9
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"ep 9 spoilers ahead"

1.We open to a beautiful day in the grasslands. Our two leads are alone, together, and Wen is attempting to hunt a goat. Because he misses his target she teases him, leading him to pass the bow and arrow to her. She doesn't do a very good job readying the arrow so he puts his arms around her (!) and his face is so close to hers (!) as he gives directions. read more She releases the arrow and it hits the goat. She runs up the hill and looks down, and the scene is shot in a way that makes her almost look like a Madonna. He seems to be looking at her as if wanting to comment on how lovely she looks, but he just smiles (if only their lives could be so simple...)

2.A group of what looks like merchants appear. Wen moves closer and the camera zooms in on unique things about them (i think this is to show Wen's assessment of them), he sees they have tattoos, knives, and that they seem ready to attack. He turns back to her and nods his head, and she takes this as a signal to ride off. Next Wen turns into a god of death, performing some truly gravity defying moves (I doubt you could do this in real life but it looks cool; he is so badass)

3.Somehow, she is magically good at shooting arrows because she returns to help him out..

4.Marquis Xi Changshan (he is pro Xiognu) is being completely unhelpful now that news has come that Xiognu troops are attacking the border area. General H makes it known to him that the princess is currently out there, and that Xi should send troops to help her and the commoners, to avoid a diplomatic fiasco. Unfortunately, he adamantly refuses, insisting that he cannot send troops out unless they are to escort the princess. He also explains that General H should stop making things difficult...

5.General H goes to help and makes it clear to everyone that Wusan did not send troops but the Han envoy protecting the Heqin did (this should bolster her image). Meanwhile, Wen and Joeyou were captured and are in cages....General H is looking for her but has described her as a maidservant to the Heqin princess...

6.That night, Han and General Li (Wusan) are attempting to attack a Xiognu camp, but they are completely surrounded in a surprise attack. We learn from Han that this is an attempt by Xiognu to use the Heqin princess as a way to provoke Han (since they hate one another). Because fire arrows are used in this attack, Jieyou and Wen are in danger of burning to death in their cage.

7.This is a very poignant scene as Wen demonstrates his love and devotion to Jieyou as he refuses to leave hers side. Unfortunately, a little girl whom they befriended is killed in front of them during the cross fire, depicting the brutality of war, and giving Jieyou a brutal lesson in what war does. Wen has to physically restrain a hysterical Jieyou who wants to help the dead girl

8.Not long after, an unconscious Jieyou is delivered to General H, who orders him to protect her well. In the company of Feng Lio and A-Tsai, the two women take care of an unconscious Jieyou. She comes to and has a private talk with Feng Liao about her feelings for Wen, which Fen tells her not only does she know, but an idiot would know they care for one another. She also tells her she respects her for being so daring as to elope with the kunmi's brother, but goes on to tell her that a lot of people have a lot of hope that she, as a Han princess, can reduce or end the endless fighting in the border areas of the empire....(after seeing that kid die I think she is 100% less likely to elope)

9.In an intense (an completely unexpected scene) General H confronts Wen. Wen wants to (basically) elope with Jieyou, consequences be damned. But general H makes it clear that she has a greater mission. They get into a fight, and General H deals what looks like a killing blow (remember, Wen still has injuries from earlier) and tosses his body in the river. He returns to the camp and tells Marquis Xi that they encountered Xiognu on the road and they killed him (Xi is horrified at this news because that is the king's favorite brother)

10. Jieyou overhears, and she pulls Han into a tent. In an extremely charged scene (such excellent acting on both their parts!) he tells her he took an arrow in the heart and is dead. General H looks like he is about to attack her (like it looks like he is almost bitter/happy to tell her this news because he might like her or be jealous of Wen) and she starts to laugh and tells him she doesn't believe it. He gives her the dagger, and she looks furious, and nearly kills him, wanting to know how he came back alive (nevermind he is bleeding pretty bad) and he insists that Wen wanted her to have it, to protect herself (he would do that)

11.In a great speech, she tells him that she is the only one going against destiny, that she has always lived for herself and never felt selfish, that her one act of selfishness led to her greatest happiness but also heartbreaking consequences (her acting is so good! her facial expressions are fantastic!)

12.Meanwhile, at the capital of Wusan, Marquis Xi meets with Kunmi and is able to maintain the Kunmi's trust (WTF?) and he also is sure that Wengui is not dead because of his skill. Kunmi will not release news of his death until the body is found and confirmed. He Gu, the Xiognu princess, arrives and in order to appease politics, Kunmi meets her.

13.Meanwhile, Jieyou, demonstrating her remarkable ability to either move on,or more likely, bury her feelings, tells General H that they must move past this and she is not angry at him (probably she knows she needs as many friends as she can get moving forward) (wait till she finds out what he did...)
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5 days ago

"Não consigo assistir os doramas"

Gostaria de saber como faço nora assistir os dramas, quando eu clico aparece uma mensagem escrito que o vídeo não está disponível
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The Heirs Episode 8
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5 days ago

"So good"

This show is so good I seriously wish there was a season 2 I am still undecided between who I want Cha Eun Sang to end up with so for now I will say both
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Princess Jieyou Episode 8
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6 days ago

"ep 8 spoilers ahead"

1.We open to Jieyou riding in her cart and the General Wen beside her. She sarcastically remarks that she never thought he'd be a general. He bitterly replies that he smells something sour (I guess implying that he thought she was great but turns out she is like everyone else, greedy and grasping....) He then angrily says he has to organize her Big Wedding before galloping off, with her glaring after him read more clearly upset.

2.Later, General H speaks to Jieyou, who dramatically says that she won't turn back no matter what, because she doesn't have that choice anymore. But he points out that when she made up her mind, 'that man' (a.k.a. Wen) hadn't appeared. She look at the road back to Chang'An and she looks so sad,..

3.That evening, General H speaks to Feng Lio, who clearly likes him and is explaining why she is a good choice but he seems amused and indifferent, She also teases him that he is (basically) a masochist because he pays more attention to Jieyou the more mean she is. This seems to create some sexual tension between the two as he gets more angry (and more handsy)

4.Wen goes to her tent and they have a bitter confrontation, each pointing the finger at the other. She blames him for everything--he didn't come find her, he made her lose her freedom, he pushed for the princess, and now here she is. He accuses her of not meeting him when she was supposed to. She tries to make him jealous by plotting out to seduce his brother, and he storms off, angry....

5.Jieyou takes a horse and leaves (bad idea) and masked men show up to kill her. Wen turns into a god of death and kills them but is injured. They go for a swim for reasons unknown and then she sees how bad his injuries are. She strips him (this is a fan service) and then she uses her body to keep him warm while General H frantically searches for her....

6.General H is supposed to hand Jieyou over to the envoy sent by Kunmi but he can't produce her. He makes up a lame excuse. the envoy leaves, goes to see Kunmi, and insists that Wen must be having a secret arrangement with the Han, should not be trusted, and might even be trying to harm him....

7.Meanwhile, Jieyou and Wen put on commoner outfits and have a festive night of dancing, pretending that they are normal people...

8.Meanwhile, the Xiognu attack, and Feng Lio steps up and disguises herself as Jieyou (she could be a double) and saves General h's but...
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Princess Jieyou Episode 7
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6 days ago

"ep 7 spoilers ahead"

1.We open to Jieyou undergoing extensive and intensive bride training. She has to learn everything from etiquette to formal education on classics, formal language, etc.

2.Jieyou offers A-Tsai/Cai another escape but she is adamant that she will go. Jieyou remarks that from here on out it is just the two of them...

3.Meanwhile, Wen has returned home and reports to his father. He learns Kunmi has agreed to a marriage alliance with read more the Xiongnu (what about Han? what will Wen do when he finds out his 'wife' is marrying someone else?)

4.Wen meets with Kunmi. From their conversatioin we learn that Kunmi will wed Hu Gu, the daughter of the Chief of Xiognu, someone who they have known since childhood, is the number 1 beauty of the Xiognu (of course) and is known to be sneaky (of course). She will be the next Queen Mother, and Wen cautions him to be careful because she is sneaky but Kunmi doesn't seem to care....

5.In the next scene, the emperor is sending Jieyou off in a stunning/unique bridal outfit. She makes one more request of the emperor, that when she dies of old age, she is buried in Han (so dramatic). She looks back once, and the look on her face/in her eyes is so sad! The scene changes to General H who is personally entrusted by the emperor to be Jieyou's personal guard and the Han envoy, and to let him know the moment there is a problem AND investigate the cause of Princess Xi Jun's death...

6.Crying buckets of tears as she says good bye to her adoptive father...

7.In contrast, we go to Mi Gu, who is leaving her father and she is vowing to 'win' (so different from Jieyou's tearful goodbye; Mi Gu is much more cool and confident)

8.Meanwhile Wen is talking to Kunmi about his future marriage (he obtained permission) to bring back Jieyou (little does he know his brother is about to marry her!)

9.On the way to Wusan they stop as they enounter a 'man' who is clearly a girl, Feng Liao. General H overreacts but Jieyou finds it amusing. She reveals the woman's identity and then she manages to gain a new friend in Feng Liao, who agrees to escort her to Wusan. (Fang Laio is Genera; H's future love interest?)

10.The Xiognu appear to be following them. Then there is an attack (epic), guess who comes to the rescue? WEN! What will she do? EVERYONE can sense there is something between these two--so sad...not fair....(why can't he turn greedy, assassinate his brother, and marry her....?)
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