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can someone tell me who's the artist and name of song being played when he came with the balloons? Thanks.
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"episode 30 reviews ahead"


In memory of the dearly departed, gone too soon:

1.Zheng Wei/tutor/chancellor
2.Chungxin (Crown Prince's Valet/best friend/lover)-Killed by the emperor
3.Zhuang Yuanji/Minister (technically moved to death row, probably dead) called the crown prince inept
4.Commander Wu (killed to satisfy the prophecy)
5.Wang Yanan (I believe she is Xu Hui's personal attendant)-murdered by Xu Hui
6.A lot of soldiers during the rebellion

1.We open to Consort Yang speaking with her attendant. Now that read more Meniang is in Yeting, it is highly unlikely she will be released. Her attendant believes her search was a waste of time even though she discovered something. The Consort believes that Meniang is different, and that as long as she is alive anything is possible (I cannot tell what Yang's motive is). Her attendant reports that Meniang had a childhood friend, Li Mu (recall she once wanted to marry him) who was connected to the Li Xiaocheng rebellion. He was banished but is on his way to Chang'an.

2.Li Zhi will recover but the emperor is concerned for his health....The emperor visits Meniang and it is a continuation of their conversation only he wants to know if she told Li Zhing to kneel in the rain, she said that she told him not to bother the emperor and to protect the crown prince. The emperor must be confused if he is visiting her...elsewhere Li Mu fights free and is allowed to escape after servants from Consort Yang assist him...

3.Meanwhile, the emperor hesitates to announce the edict to depose the crown prince. Elsewhere Li Zhi bursts into Consort Yang's room and asks for her help and Consort Wei decides that Meniang needs to be killed after learning the emperor visited her. Back to Li Zhi, he and Consort Yang learn that someone, we don't know who, went into Yeting (I can only assume it is Consort Wei's people) She rushes to save her (is this part of her plot?)

4.Meniang has a nightmare that the emperor is killing her--she awakens and sees someone trying to kill her! Meanwhile, eunuchs won't let Consort Yang and the prince in. they use force, and a soldier (Li Mu?) essentially slaughters everyone. He kills everyone, saves Meniang who passes out (Is prince Wu almost killed?) (he has a ring on...)and the emperor arrives (having learned that something was happening) and Li Mu gives him Meniang...

5.Elsewhere Consort Wei is terrified her people will turn on her. Xiao Q overhears her (maybe she can do something now?) While Consort Yang meets with Li Zhe and cautions him to be careful. Meniang awakens with Xu Hui beside her. Meniang explains the emperor knew all along and somehow thought she was colluding with crown prince and she doesn't know what went wrong (she also tells her that Li Mu is in the palace).

.....Not the most interesting episode.
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"episode 29 spoilers ahead"


1.General Hou stirs his troops with a rousing speech. He insists that they must regain their honor that the crown would rudely humiliate him with a demotioin. The revolt begins, and the slaughter is on.

2.Elsewhere, Crown Prince prepares his soldiers. Meniang bravely walks up to him in a dramatic scene. He looks at her, and she tells him this is foolish. She says he is cruel to do this read more to his father, because his father would never abdicate he would rather die. he refuses to stop, so she pulls his sword and points it at him. He walks towards her, and she cries because she cannot kill him. He orders her to be tied up but not hurt, and he promises to spare her for past help. She says he will regret this.

3.Zhangsun is told by Chong'er that the Crown Prince has revolted. Zhangsun calls them imbeciles...

4.Xu Hui is taken away by the emperor, ignoring her warning that the revolt is actually happening. The emperor confronts his son head on. He says he must be his son if he led his army into this courtyard. They are surrounded. He learns that the emperor summoned Li Ji, another general, and we learn that the emperor has known for 2 weeks that he was planning a revolt! The soldiers ares slaughtered, the prince is betrayed by his own lietunenant, and Rui'an discovers Meniang and unties her.

5.the emperor says he will spare his life. But Crown Prince says he is not an idiot and knows how the politics work. He tells him that he can never please him, and wonders if he hadn't rebelled, would he have disappointed him for not revolting? He fights him in a kind of duel, but loses. He also learns that the emperor never intended to depose him, and he glares at Meniang who has arrived and accuses her of betraying him.

6.the emperor immediately sees Meniang in private and wants to know what is going on. She explains she did not collaborate with the prince. he slaps her. She says it clearly doesn't matter at this point what she says so he should kill her. The emperor refuses to kill and says he will (basically) keep her around as a reminder that a woman did not bring him down. She is arrested. Li Zhi defends her innocence. he wants to save her. She says he should try to plead for crown princes life.

7.Elsewhere, Prince Wei is practicing his look of grief/concern when he hears that his brother has betrayed the emperor (this guy is something else). He sees Consort Wei and is burning paper. (I finally realize that Crown Prince Wei has been deceiving her, using his mother as a means to manipulate an alliance with Consort Wei. He probably doesn't give a fig about his mother, or Consort Wei. This guy might be a sociopath). Both are confident that Meniang, now in Yeting, is beyond redemption.

8.Fuji reports that even Zheng Wei was involved. His ministers say he should lose all posthumous honors; the emperor refuses to do this and say his good acts outweigh his bad acts. Outside Li Zhi kneels in the rain on behalf of crown prince. Prince Wei arrives and joins him. The emperor tries to get him to stop but he refuses. The emperor wonders who to give the crown to. He knows Prince Wu is not an option. He knows Prince Wei is capable but admits that the thought o f giving him the crown makes him his skin crawl (Justice!) He finally sees Li Zhi as a candidate....

9.Li Zhi passes out, and Prince Wei tells an unconscious Li Zhi that he needs to stop upstaging him (bwahhahahhaa)

Comments: I don't know how I feel about Meniang's actions. She chose to do the nice thing, and it landed her in prison. I am not a fan of killing people, obviously, but she will have to survive....especially if she wants to prevent the really bad people to get power (People like Consort Wei and Prince Wei, who enjoy toying with peoples lives and destroying them for fun)
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"episode 28 spoilers ahead"


1.Emperor discusses with his servant, Wang De, how he has learned that Hou pillaged and allowed his men to take concubines (wasn't that the norm back then?). he also thinks he is too close to the crown prince and he is aware he has been pretending to be drunk. He plans to make him a Minister in order to keep an eye on him and to also reduce his clandestine meetings read more with the crown prince. I believe he has him arrested to send a message.

2.General Hou is arrested by guards at a brothel and he appears to be quite drunk. Meanwhile, the servant girl's body is found. Xu hui, Meniang, and Rui'an are at the morgue. She seems to have drowned. They dismiss her head injury as being due to the rocks (rather, Xu Hui supplies that info) but Rui'an believes she was murdered. He begs to go to her room and look for clues. With Meniang there, Xu Hui has no choice but to relent. While going through the room, he notices that the candlestick he gave her has gone missing....(!)

3.the emperor visits the general who is suddenly sober. He tells him he wanted to see him away from the prying eyes of the courtiers and offers him a position of minister. Since the emperor himself is offering, he can't really refuse. He appears gracious and accepts it. During this meeting he says that the Li Xuchang rebels may have been related to Sui/Consort yang but the emperor dismisses this since that has been taken care of.

4.The emperor visits a dying Zheng Wei and he promises to honor his service by having one of his daughters marry his son. He also tells him if he will depose the prince (but we don't get to see it)

5.Crown prince burns veneration people and he explains to his wife why he was so close to Chengxin. She laughs and bitterly says she wished he told her sooner. The paper is for his shifu, who he knows even into death tries to help him (referring to the message about the coffin)

6.Soldiers are watching the new Minister Hou (he is putting on an act) while a white cofin carrying Zheng Wei goes through the city. Crown Prince knows he will revolt. Xu Hui runs to the emperor and tells him the crown prince will revolt, and the emperor says 'let's see what happens' (he has to know)

7.Menieng decides to see if she can dissuade the crown prince. Xu Hui tells her that is not a good idea but she does it anyways (I agree with Xu Hui. That is pretty dumb)
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"episode 27 spoilers ahead"


1.The episode begins with a serious confrontation. It is rather odd, as both Xu Hui and Meniang are clearly not acting like their usual selves. Meniang seems to be walking on egg shells and Xu Hui is clearly fishing. Xu Hui asks her if she would actually help the crown prince, after reading the note. Meniang asks her what she would do. Xu Hui says that if she were her, she read more would help them, but she is not as kind.

2.Xu Hui explicitly tells Meniang that the choice is hers to make but she is on her side (I cringe every time I hear that). Meniang admits that she plans on delivering silk to the crown princess. She also admits that she plans on telling the emperor that the crown prince is revolting (the scene is so weird, like Meniang is being very careful about what she is saying, and it almost feels like she is testing Xu Hui). Xu Hui expresses surprise that she would do that, knowing that the emperor will probably hate her for delivering that kind of awful news....

3.Elsewhere, Crown Prince is satisfied because General Hou has returned. Meanwhile, the eunech, Rui'an continues to flirt with Xu Hui (or is it Meniang's) servant. They seem close. He gifts her with a candle sick with her name on the bottom.

4.Xu Hui makes a copy of the note she found, only she reverses the signals so black=deposed white =crowned prince. She asks her servant (the one Rui'an likes) to slip the note in with the silk going to crown princess (Xu Hui is crazy! this has to do with national security!) Crown Princess receives the note, gives it to the prince....

5.Meanwhile, General hou arrives. He has a drink with the emperor and appears to get very intoxicated. The servant asked to deliver the note confronts Xu Hui, and Xu Hui finally admits that she is trying to frame Meniang. She has wanted to know for a while. The girl is upset by this says she won't do anything like that again, and will tell Meniang.

6.Crown Prince meets with General Hou, who faked being drunk it seems. He says his crown is in jeopardy. the general hesitates, hoping that they will not have to revolt, but ultimately agrees to support him as he detests the courtiers.

7.Xu Hui kills the servant! (this murder reminds me of the American film unfaithful). She bashes her head with the candle stick the girl received as a gift(!) This is an extremely poignant scene because it shows the horror of what people do in the palace to achieve their ends. Xu Hui did not plan to do this, she clearly panicked and clumsily kills her. The saddest part is as she lays dying, she hears Rui'an say that he loves her and wants to be a couple with her....Xu Hui is in shock at her own actions. She panics, and rushes to find Mo gong gong in the laundry, who hides the body by dumping it in the river.

Comments: I found it interesting that they show how one might dispose of a body in those days. Up until now people have just vanished, but this was a process that could easily get you killed if you were caught. For Xu Hui, who has never killed, she has to deal with the mess, the clean up, the disposal. It isn't as easy as these shows make it sound. It's also pretty awful and has a profound impact on a person. Like, imagine how de-sensitized people came to killing?
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"ep 26 review spoilers ahead"


1.Menieng is shocked that Crown Prince plans to revolt. She insists that this plot is a foolish idea and threatens to tell the Emperor. Crown Prince is confident that she won't tell the Emperor because 1)she has no evidence of a revolt 2)He only plans on abdicating and 3)He believes that she might endanger herself since she has supported him up until now (I sincerely pity Crown Princess because her husband read more is making a foolish mistake; he's already seen one failed rebellion did he learn nothing? On the other hand, if the Emperor does depose him, then it's only a matter of time before his brother has him killed. So at this point it is sort of all or nothing. So complicated! These plots and schemes essentially force people to do crazy things!)
Crown Princess begs Menieng not to tell the emperor. What will she do? Would the emperor even believe her?

2.Elsewhere, the Emperor speaks to (Xu De? The servant always with him) and learns that the Crown Prince has been drinking again. This seems to annoy him. This servant also reports that Menieng was sent going to the Eastern Palace but it is unclear who she was visiting. After the servant leaves, Xu Hui, who listened in to the entire conversation, appears with a towel. He tells her she must have been standing there for a long time because the towel she brought is no longer heart. Xu Hui falls to her knees and basically plays dumb (but he knows she is pretty smart) and she reveals she has been uneasy and concerned for Menieng because she has been assisting the crown prince as she feels obligated that he saved her life. She also makes a point to say she is worried that Menieng is going to 'go to far' in helping him.
(The emperor is not an idiot. He has also seen the machinations of many concubines and consorts, like Consort Wei. I am certain he sees through this)

3.Elsewhere, Xiao Q is still trying to figure out what to do. She wants to see the emperor, but she learns that it is a harem rule that pregnant women not see the emperor in case he is repulsed (basically) by their pregnant bodies. She becomes close with one of her servants and is able to manipulate her into eating her heavily medicated food. She considers escaping, and is able to bribe a servant to help her see the king. She considers using jewelry but decides that is too much, and decides to give her a few coins. The girl agrees.

4.Consort Yang (haven't seen her in a while) confides in her servant and essentially assesses that Menieng is sinking fast; she chose to root for the wrong time and will have to suffer the consequences. In my opinion, it is unclear how Consort Yang will use her. She has her servant dig into Menieng's background in order to see if there is anything in her family that stands out (perhaps she wants to blackmail her?)

5.Xiao Q is caught by her Aunt before she can see the emperor. Xiao Q has displayed no cleverness thus far, and it is actually to her advantage. She plays dumb and insists she missed the emperor and didn't tell her Aunt because she did not want to put her in an awkward position. Consort Wei makes a point of listing several horrific cases of concubines being killed, never naming the culprit, but incidents include dying from infection after blush essentially turns to acid and burns peoples faces off, people being poisoned, people having miscarriages, and you finally realize that she is listing all of the horrible things she has done to women in the harem. It terrifies Xiao Q, especially after she learns her Aunt had the girl who helped her killed.

6.Meanwhile, at morning curt, Prince Wei is there. It seems clear: someone plans to announce that the Crown Prince be deposed. In a surprise, Honorable Wei, who is basically at death's door, arrives and the deposition does not occur...

7.Elsewhere, Chancellor Zhangsun is visited by his son Chong'er. Chong'er wants to know why Wei attended court even though he was so ill. Zhangsun says it was a political move: he wanted to say that he is still here, hasn't died and is a pillar of the state. As a result, no one would dare to suggest impeaching the crown prince, but once he is gone the crown prince will be alone. He explains essentially that Hon. Wei wants to not have a repeat of the previous prince he tutored (emperor's brother, whom the emperor killed for the throne)

8.In a bold mood, Meniang meets with Zheng Wei for the first time. He expresses satisfaction at being able to meet her, and she humbles herself before him, insisting the honor is hers. She tells him she wants to repay him helping her, even though he explains he did not do it for but the king and crown prince. She tells him that the crown prince plans to revolt and force the king to abdicate. Wei appears tired as he thinks on this. He wonders if the Crown Prince is destined to walk the same bloody path as his father. He asks her to relay a message to the crown prince: that a forced abdication is possible, but he must not kill his brothers. Also, he must not act until he knows for certain the emperor will depose him. Wei believes this may make him hesitate and even change his mind. Menieng is surprised he doesn't want her to tell the emperor. He says that is not a good idea, because should she tell him, the emperor will be furious (like shoot the messenger) and hate her. Also, he believes that there is time to prevent this from happening. He explains that after his death he will ensure that 1)he finds out if the kind is going to depose him 2)have his coffin paraded through the city 3)black cover on coffin means deposed, white means not deposed He says this is all he can do for the prince. Uneasy, she agrees to help him....

9. Finally, Zheng Wei tells her that at the court, every person, even he, puts on an act and thus you should always do what you must do without regret, only then can you be happy. He has no regrets. He did his best (basically) and she shouldn't mind the future. They bid farewell, and it is understood that she will probably never see him again. She tells him she is lucky to have met him in her life.

10.In her room, she writes a simple note that says black=deposed white=not deposed. It is for the crown prince. Xu Hui suddenly entrs, and she hides it. (She is Extremely suspicious as she hides the note. It is a very contrived scene, but necessary to push the plot forward). Xu Hui finds the note and looks at her....

Comments: Things are heating up. Xu Hui's true colors are coming out and Menieng still needs to learn how to play this game. She hasn't really dirtied her hands yet because of her powerful friends, but that may change. Currently she has involved her self in some serious things and so the consequences will have a long lasting impact....
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The first half of the episode focuses on the modern era story. So much betrayal for money interest going around.. ugh.

The corrupt president makes the evil teacher burn the original painting in front of the screaming trio and gallery owner.

Seo Ji Woo's husband is betrayed by his friend and suffers a car accident.

Back in Saimdang's time, she finally wins the competition after drawing a fruit tree using red fruits's read more juice.

There's a time jump two years to the future where we see Saimdang's and all the drifters have set up a village (I wonder how.. must have the back up of the kind, surely) and her husband is nowhere to be seen. I predict infidelity with the tavern owner.

Lee Gyeom sees the japanese trying to capture some women and rescues them.

I don't know who says this drama is boring. In every episode a lot of things are happening and they all end in cliffhangers. I'd be annoyed with that is I had to wait one week to see what happened next... that's why I waited until the series finished airing before watching the second half of this drama.

I really want to know how the modern day's characters will solve their problems.
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"episode 25 spoilers ahead"


1.(I actually flubbed a little, since I am reading from notes. Consort Wei expresses her doubt at the beginning of this episode)

2.Wang Gong Gong delivers a message to Menieng to go to Ganglu Hall. Here the emperor is getting drunk in his room of candles. (Can I just say I find Xu Hui more deplorable than Consort Wei because Consort Wei, you know right away what she is about but read more Xu Hui is betraying her sister, basically)

3.The emperor is drowning his sorrows. He tells her that he killed someone, and as a result the Tang dynasty and state are better off for it. He's helped stabilize the state (this is like a life lesson to Menieng--the end justifies the means). He is sad, explains that he lit a lantern for the Crown Prince who is alive, even though he killed Chengxin (I wonder if he feels like now he has to depose his own state for stability). He says she is the only one who can drink with him, that his own son tried to kill him over this valet, and that he learned it was because Changxin resembled Changxun, and that he did not deserve to die the way he did.

4.Seeking to cheer him up, she coaxes him outside, and succeeds and putting a smile on his face.

5.Meanwhile, the Crown Prince is visited by Li Zhi, they drink together. (Li Zhi is consistently portrayed as an innocent nice guy, oblivious to the games around him).

6.Courtiers wonder if the Prince of Wei is going to be the new crown prince. Prince Wei learns that half of the crown prince's followers have left or defected to his side. However, the emperor still has not mentioned the incident at all even though everyone knows what happened. This makes Prince Wei impatient, especially since he is trying to 'cleanly' depose him (i.e. he sets the trap, and the prince's reactions lead to self incrimination; the crown prince could have made it though if he weren't so weak)

7.The emperor meets with his advisors and the issue of the northern rebels comes up again. Some say that now is the time to act since the northern revolt is in disarray and its leader is a bad ruler, however this bad leader is good at war, and they can't afford a loss. Hon. Wei changes the topic to something everyone has been wondering: who will run the state after the emperor leaves.

8.The emperor essentially says he will decide in a month whether or not to depose the prince and asks if Hon. Wei had deceived him from the start. He explains to him that he was always loyal but is responsible for not teaching the prince well. He again begs him to give the crown prince a chance, which triggers the emperor into anger because he has given him many opportunities. He storms out. Wei follows him, collapses, and finally gets the emperor's attention. The emperor hears him out. Hon. Wei tells him even if he does not want the crown prince to rule who will replace him? It cannot be Prince Wu, who is a good military man but terrible statesman with Sui blood to boot. It shouldn't be Prince Wei, because he is a schemer and would make a good advisor (however the emperor admits he has yet to form an opinion about Wei).

9.On his way back, the emperor encounters Li Zhi who admits he is troubled after visiting the crown prince. he tells the emperor that he would like to help shoulder his burdens. The emperor is happy to see Li Zhi (probably thinking ah, one who might be a good candidate...)He tells Li Zhi that he is a good child, and encourages him to see him more.

10.Honarble Wei visits the Crown Prince and is upset that he has relapsed into drinking. He leaves, stating that the crown prince doesn't even want to help himself and doesn't know what to do as he coughs up blood...

11.Meanwhile, Menieng has made the choice to try to help the Crown Prince. Xu Hui tries to deter her and says that she is playing with fire (basically) since she almost got killed because of the prophecy (true). She encourages her to leave him alone. Menieng explains that she feels obligated to help since he saved her life.

12.Crown prince is visited by crown princess, and here we learn that he has been faking that he is drinking water (!) what is he planning?? Later that night, he buries some of Chengxin's belongings and the Crown Princess, who has brought Wu, tells her that she is worried, that he is pretending to be drunk and meeting with people she does not recognize. The prince (unsurprisingly) overhears them and wants to know why Meneing is helping a drowning guy. he complains about all the injustices done him and she basically tells him to grow up, that this is going to happen all the time if he becomes emperor and he needs to get over it. She suggests he learn to swim (someone had to say it). He laughs and says he has already lost the crown but not the kingdom--he is planning to revolt!
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"episode 24 spoilers ahead"



1.Xu Hui discusses the strange incident with Xiao Q seeming to want to mend the rift. Xu Hui only tells her that she went to visit her and became angry, and feels guilty for ruining the chance. She carefully words everything, appealing to Menieng's desire to actively help, and Menieng falls for it: she volunteers to deliver food to Xiao Q and help mend the read more situation. She doesn't know that this food may contain the necessary goods to induce a miscarriage.

2.Meanwhile, Prince Wei is irritated that his plan to use Chengxin has flopped now that he is dead--he wanted to kidnap his mother and blackmail Chengxin. But he has a back up, because he has learned that Chengxin is not actually dead...He has a letter sent to the Crown Princess, and orders that it be delivered anonymously.

3.Meanwhile, Crown Princess is going through Chengxin's things because she wants to know how he managed to obtain her husband's attention (she is fixated on her husband but I think she truly loves him; she tolerated Chengxin when she thought he might help the prince). She receives the mysterious letter and is shocked to learn that Chengxin is alive on Mount Mong (I won't lie, I thought maybe that Prince Wei hired an impersonator, but it's true) The crown princess arrives and sees both Chengxin and the prince there, meaning the crown prince has lied to the Emperor for this man. She leaves. So she doesn't hear the Crown Prince talking to Chengxin, who will shortly leave for Mongolia and live quietly....The crown prince should not have hesitated but immediately sent him away...

4.Menieng visits Xiao Q who is with Consort Wei. Xiao Q manages to steal a satchet without anyone noticing. I don't think she should trust Xu Hui; I know she is desperate but Xu Hui could easily kill two birds with one stone and make it look like Menieng was helping her miscarry.

5.Xu Hui continues to wreak havoc, and it is so easy for her because she has a pristine reputation. She is able to convince the princess, who came to speak to Menieng, to talk to her. Xu Hui learns that Chengxin is alive, and she plots. She tells the princess that they can help the crown prince by having Chengxin killed. She encourages her to see Honorable Wei, since she knows his schedule, she knows exactly where she can meet him clandestinely...

6.Next, Xu Hui meets with Menieng, tells her what the crown princess tells her, and tells her where the emperor will be to help divert attention, but she basically does that to get her out of the way. As she leaves Xu Hui coldly whispers that it is her fault for siding with Menieng (sums it up perfectly)Meanwhile, Xu Hui sees the emperor, suggests they go to the gardens, and he just happens to see and overhear the conversation between Crown Princess and Honorable Wei: he hears her tell Wei that Chengxin is alive, and first Wei does not believe her, but then he does and he says he will take care of it...The emperor is ANGRY

7.Afterwards, Xu Hui encounters Menieng and plays the dumb card and talks about how upset she is that she messed everything up but Menieng tells her not to worry about it...

8.Meanwhile, the Crown Prince is with Chengxin. He reveals that the reason he has been so attached to him because he resembles a cousin he cared for deeply, Chengxun (I know, of all the names). He shares that all of his friends, everyone he cared for, were guarding Xiaongu Gate and were killed by his father. he says he wants to see at least one friend survive.

9.Chengxin goes into the woods and he runs into....the Emperor! The emperor accuses him of being the worse for manipulating his son into lying to him. Chengxin says they are merely good friends, he tells him this is his fault and that the crown prince is innocent. The emperor hesitates, especially when he hears that his son is attached to him because he resembles Chengxun. The crown princes comes outside, and Chengxin yells at him to turn around and run, but he does not and he sees his father behead him (OMG!) and the prince is so upset he pulls a sword on the emperor and tries to kill him (OMG!) But the emperor gets through his rage when he basically calls him crazy for trying to kill him over a valet. The crown prince is arrested....

10.That night Prince Wei burns paper for the people he has killed (so this is called Joss paper burning, usually done in veneration of the deceased, typically you burn like money to help the dead have a life of luxury or shorter stay in hell)(I am somehow cynical that he possesses guilt over his actions) He assesses the situation and states they have about a 70%chance of seeing the prince deposed.

11.Consort Wei is strangely vulnerable around him, ruefully asking if they will ever finish scheming but he is reassuring to her (are these two lovers? if she is to be empress wouldn't that mean he plans to marry her?) (they are also strangely vulnerable and we see that circumstance and fate seemed to make them into these ruthless people: he lost his mother because of scheming and she lost the ability to have children. the two were taught very bitter lessons early on that no one is to be trusted and you can only survive by eliminating everyone else)

12.Prince Wei reassures her that the emperor would not let sentiment get in the way of reason. he also suggests that she take the opportunity to take out Menieng at the same time she disposes of Xiao Q...

---I have mixed feelings. The emperor almost did his son a favor by being the one to kill Chengxin, that way he did not have to do it. But he is also a hypocrite, in my book. In addition to this, Crown Prince really continues to demonstrate that he would not be the best emperor if only because he cannot handle criticism or injustice--he rails against the plots against him without understanding that this is the reality of being emperor and he needs to get better at the game if he wants to survive--
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"ep 23 spoilers ahead!"


1.We open to morning court. The emperor would like to know where the crown prince is. Someone suggests he is out hunting (this is like saying 'the crown prince would rather play than take on serious matters of state'). This greatly angers the Honorable Wei (Tutor). He calls this man out for slandering the crown prince with no evidence.

2.Fortunately, a guard announces that the crown prince is just outside. Court read more is dismissed, and the crown prince enters...carrying a box (I cannot emphasize how sad this is, that his father ordered him to essentially kill his lover. I think it makes the emperor something of a hypocrite, because was he not going to allow Meniang to live by having her flee the country? But the person with the power gets to make all the rules...) The prince offers it up like a trophy and promises to turn over a new lead (essentially). His father congratulates him for finally acting like a crown prince.

3.Meanwhile, Crown Princess learns that Chengxin is dead and is so happy that she decides to throw a celebration. She also learns that the courtiers were impressed with the crown prince's display of authority (essentially it is a good sign because it means he is choosing to put the state before all else, including personal attachments).

4.Elsewhere, Meniang (looking almost like she is in withdrawal from drugs, I am not sure if she is still recovering from her arrow wound or if this is from stress) goes to the private candle room and lights her first candle for General Li (this would be the man who was killed as the Lady Wu). She apologizes to his spirit (this doesn't sit very well with me if only because he literally stood no chance; it isn't like fighting to survive in the harem when you know you are in a battlefield....maybe I am wrong)

5.Meanwhile, Xiao Q is very pregnant. She manages to slip out of her palace and spies on her aunt in her garden area. She is happy to hear her discuss how happy she is that Xiao Q is pregnant...until she learns that her Aunt plans to kill Xiao Q and adopt the child as her own (very common--a midwife or doctor would use a knife and make a cut in the right spot and you essentially bleed to death). This horrifies and shocks Xiao Q, who never once thought her Aunt would plot against her (she has had a big reality check and needs to find some friends fast unfortunately she alienated just about everyone in the harem, probably just as her Aunt wanted. Wei must have been planning this since she entered)

6.Consort Wei receives an invitation from Crown Princess to attend her party. She has been hiding Xiao Q to 1)Keep her under her thumb but 2)to bring her out at the right time. She believes this is the best time to show her around, so no one speculates about the pregnancy or her intentions. She can play the part of adoring Aunt (she is so wicked but I really like her character). Xiao Q hopes to find the time to meet up with her old friends (remember the two girls who were always following her around?)

7.At the party, Xiao Q breaks her bracelet and while the maids frantically pick it up she sees her friends. But before getting there she over hears them talk--one has been promoted to Cairen, the other is a Jieyou, and they both talk about how much they hated sucking up to Xiao Q and how she is only good for the connection to Consort Wei--they also wish she and her child dies in birth (close call there...) Menieng and Xu Hui walk by, overhear it, and defend the child as innocent. Xu Hui also condemns them and says that while the girls did not get along it is in the past and they never held a grudge. (Is there hope for Xiao Q? How ironic to ask Menieng for help...)

--CRUEL IRONY: Xu Hui states that the palace is full of backstabbers like Menieng....I can't wait to see her taken down...they say they lowest circle of hell is reserved for traitors...--

8.Xiao Q is able to use the high emotions of a pregnant woman to disguise her tears but she is feeling pretty hopeless. She is being watched by her Aunt and seeks to speak to Meniang. Unfortunately, she runs into Xu Hui first. She is able to get Xu Hui to come visit her, under the guise of starting a new beginning (man, bad luck to get Xu Hui...)

9.When Xu Hui visits, Xiao Q is able to get the servants to wait outside while she speaks to Hui. She writes on the table that the walls have ears. They retreat somewhere secluded and Xiao Q begs her for help and explains her situation. Xu Hui tells her that she came to the wrong person, that she couldn't support her against Consort Wei who is too powerful. She then (and this is pretty messed up), with an empathetic voice, repeats how awful it is by clearly explain that Xiao Q can look forward to a painful death, her child being taken away and never knowing her, and no one mourning her death (Xu Hui was always this twisted?) she then tells her that she could survive if she aborts the baby...(I am certain this is a capital crime) and she might be able to help her there, but she has to let her know what she decides. Consort Wei's people arrive only to walk in on a (staged) argument between the girls. This reassures Consort Wei that Xiao Q has no one to depend on her but her.

(Random: I kind of think of Dr. Evil when I see her petting that cat.)
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Tunnel Episode 10
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19 hours ago

"Stupid behaviour"

Agh.. here i thought it was going great and then comes this effing episode. The Most stupidest Award goes to Shin Jae Yi for her actions in Episode 10.And we are to believe these actions are done by most distinguished criminal profiler who studies criminals as her job... Her character did a 180 in this episode.
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22 hours ago

"episode 2 spoilers ahead"

I have to list names in order for this episode to make sense. It is clearly setting the stage by introducing an enormous amount of information early on. Thus, this episode is less about plot advancement and more about flooding our minds with info.

1.Xu Yourong 'Rong'er': Gives the Impression of being Serious, Reserved, and Respectable; daughter of Mrs. Xu and Sheng's Marriage Partner (neither know what the other looks like)-Lishan read more Academy
2.Nan Ke:Gives Impression of a daring, proud, loyal girl. In love with Qiu Shan
3.Black Gown: Nan Ke's Shifu/Wants to take down the Holy Empress
4.Qiu Shan Jun 'Quishan': Tiandiao Academy-Impression is that he is Capable, Rigid, Skilled, Moral (I think he is smug and judgmental)(I also think he is in love with Rong'er)
5.Bai Lougheng, Princess of Beast Clan: (My favorite) Seems to be adorable, playful, a bit of an airhead but extremely (book)smart and good at solving puzzles
6.Uncle Kim/General Yu Jui of Beast Clan: Caring/Babysitter for Lougheng/Capable
7.Mrs. Xu/Engagement Master: Presents as proud, arrogant, and concerned about status/images, Ruthless but seems to have Rong'er's best interests at heart
8.Mo Yu:No-nonsense, a favorite of the Holy Empress
9.Prince Chiuliu: No Opinion yet
10.Ya'er: A Cassanova-type, flirtatious and arrogant, direct
11.Tang Thirty Six: A little narcissism, disdainful, clever/inventive, respects intelligence

Places: They were just named by Mrs. Xu
1.Tianshu Musuem
2.Abyss Bridge
3.Li Gang Palace

1.Tiandiao Academy: Considered the Best & Most Difficult to Enter
2.Guojiao Academy: Shut Down for Doing 'Unacceptable Things'
3.Star Hunting Academy: The Army
4.Qingyao Academy: Ladies Only
5.Cultivation in Zongsi Academy: Considered the Cruelest
6.Lishan Academy: Does not pull from the exam/Hand Picks members

1.World of Zhou Dufo/Holds a Great Power (accessed via Zhou Garden?)

Episode Guide:
1.Before leaving the mountain, Sheng receives an engagement agreement. When he was young his shifu saved the life of a girl, Xu Yourong. The grandfather of this girl engaged her to Sheng. Sheng plans to break the engagement since there is no guarantee if he will past the age of 20. As he leaves, he bows dramatically, and Yu Run, his buddy, is holding back tears and tells him he will wait for his return (but he probably thinks he will die and will never see him again)

2.In the next scene, Yourong is practicing her music when another girl engages her in a sword fight. It is actually a serious fight, this girl is Nan Ke of the demon clan and she wants her astrolabe. She succeeds, and she injures Yourong. As she is stumbling back, Yourong (who I will refer to as Rong'er) encounters Sheng. He gives her medicine to suppress the poison (also tells her she is poisoned) and tries to help her out with his mighty powers of negotiation. Nan Ke does not want to negotiatie, and pardon my language, she essentially b**** slaps him (this was funny) and Rong'er must intervene. She entraps her in a bubble that briefly makes her unable to move. Sheng and Rong'er flee.

3.Quishan intervenes (his entrance is very dramatic) and Nan Ke halts at the site of him. She says she likes him and does not want him involved. Quishan reveals himself to be a complete jerk by trampling on her feelings and essentially saying a demon is a demon (basically, you are evil, I won't be with you)(I feel bad for her, no girl should be spoken to like that! enemy of women). Because she does not want to fight him, she returns the astrolabe and leaves.

4.Sheng offers to give Rong'er treatment for the poison that will help suppress it but she explains she can use cultivation to take care of it (this gives the impression of a strong girl who does not like to rely on others). He respects this and they part ways, without learning each other's names...Sheng dubs her Ms Chijan (I think)(meaning first meeting) and describes her beauty as 'like the clouds' (OMG bwahahaha)

5.Meanwhile, Nan Ke returns to Black Gown (because, you guessed it, he wears a black gown) who expresses concern that her weakness could get in the way, but she insists she is loyal and will do her best to support the plan of trying to defeat the phoenix clan (human clan)

6. Qishan returns the astrolabe to Rong'er. She rejects his aid. We learn that in 2 days time they will meet the empress together and discuss the Zhou Dufu--apparently Rong'er can calculate the trajectory/has access to the key which can open it via Zhou Garden (I think they said this they talked very quickly/subtitles were fast). Both demon and human clans are looking for because inside is a strong power. (I have no evidence to support this but Quishan seems a bit off I wonder if he is black gown; plus you usually meet these masked people early on in the show case in point, Journey of Flower)

7.Sheng enters the city, is both awkward and interested as he explores the new things the city has to offer...

8.We are introduced to Bai Lougheng of the beast clan (I like her a lot) she has just awoken from studying but it seems to be the last thing on her mind. She wants to go play. Uncle Kim (general) explains she must go to Tiandiao Academy. It seems her Meridians are blocked and they need some good doctors to fix it. We learn she also enjoys breaking sword formations (a puzzle lover?)

9.A silly scene unfolds as Sheng enters a restaurant entitled golden wings and expects the real deal. He runs into Lougheng here who brings him to an Inn. She also sniffs him and concludes he 'smells wonderful'. A shady guy has been following her but he runs off every time he spies Uncle Kim.

10.Elsewhere, Black Gown meets with this shady guy, who complains it is hard to track beast princess. She has something called the Interspacial Bug, a powerful tool of some sort. Black Gown will go to the demon king and obtain his Demon Smoke to use against it.

11.Elsewhere, in a scene that is purely fan service, Quishan swims half naked in order to achieve a green glob of 1,000 year old lotus seed. He delivers this glob to Rong'er who acknowledges his act because apparently it is guarded by dangerous beasts (this guy has to be up to no good I am really getting that vibe from him). I think he is in love with her.

12.In the 'capital' )I am not sure what to call it, Holy Empress is holding morning court. The empress acknowledges the importance of preparing for an attack from the demon clan (her outfits are so pretty). She also declares that the Examination period is to begin and people should begin to select scholars, and she confirms that Guijao will not open for apparent crimes committed.

13.Meanwhile, Sheng visits the engagement master. There he meets Mrs. Xu, the daughter, I believe, of the man who engaged him, and the mother of his fiancée. She is extremely cold and rude, and basically implies that Sheng has no class because he hasn't seen any of the sites the city has to offer nor has he tasted the rare tea she prepared for him (as if to say he could not recognize or appreciate its worth). She insults his shifu, says he is a nobody, and will not marry Rong'er. He then says that he planned to break the engagement (offending her) and now he is not going to break it unless she apologizes to his shifu. He leaves.

14.Outdoors a girl who serves Rong'er explains that he should just agree to Mrs. Xu's terms because she will try to kill him. He refuses. (Mrs. Xu has her left hand man 'take care of this' and she says that Rong'er only has eyes for Quishan...somehow I think that is wishful thinking)

--This feels like a Grimms Fairy Tale, like when the prince meets the poor girl, not realizing she is a princess and insults her--

15.Holy Empress says the 6 Ivy Examination will start, Mo Yu will assist the Prince of Chiuliu. She meets with the empress and is close enough with her to have a bet. She insists that Ya'er will be the star of this year's examination, but the empress finds him to be frivolous and immature. She would bet on Rong'er if she would participate (I don't think we find out who she thinks will win)

16.We meet Ya'er who is exactly as the empress describes him. Mo Yu feigns indifference when she sees him, he calls her Sister Mo, and he basically announces that he is arrogant and domineering--just as his clan is perceived...

17.Sheng accidentally wanders into the area where scholars are applying for the exam. We learn all about the schools. Before we learn why Giajiao is shut down, a guy shows up with mechanical wings. He is Tang Thirty Six, a show off who normally rides mythical beasts. He is the Eldest Young Master of Wenshui Tang Family, renowned, and known for their wealth. He pulls the wings in and makes it rain silver, and everyone greedily tries to grab the silver but Sheng, who looks bored and uninterested. This attracts Thirty-Six's attention, and Sheng compliments his wings but points out some failures in it. This (I am so glad he is not unable to take criticism) seems to earn Tang's respect and he seems to respect intelligence. He wants to know more about what could be this a new friend?

Comments: No real plot advancement yet. I find Sheng's character a little hard to pin down because he will seem mainly smart/wise and yet suddenly naïve and innocent, like when it comes to the battle. The jury is still out on him. Some of the characters seem promising. The sets are nice. The opening song, I personally don't like but the shows music so far seems good. I don't like fan service and hope to see less of that. I hope to see more of demon clan as they interest me.
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Tunnel Episode 2
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1 day ago

"Good environment"

This episode is all about the adjustment of Choi Jin Hyuk to the modern times. But the process itself isn't shown great. I mean it takes a lot of time for him to realize something is wrong when everything he sees shud trigger a thought. Also there are lot of coincidences which make me think of Makjong. The writer should better explain these coincidences in the future.
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Tunnel Episode 1
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1 day ago

"Got my interest"

The episode starts in 1986, as we follow the serial murders of young women and how our lead character tries to catch the killer.

The show looks good with nice cinematography and taking. Choi Jin Hyuk played a believable detective.
What I didn't like in this episode is the drama tries to be funny at certain times when it shud not. Also when a young woman who was like a sister to read more Choi Jin Hyuk dies, there is not an emotion conveyed for the loss. All we get is a sour face which I really didn't like.
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2 days ago

"episode 22 spoilers ahead"

1.Xu Hui seeks out Mo Gong Gong who relays Prince Wei's message: she should focus on the harem. He will help her get rid of Meniang and she must help him depose the crown prince (where does Consort Wei factor in because she does not like to share power....)

2.Meanwhile, Xiao Q throws a tantrum about the medicine she must take. But she really does throw it up every time she tries read more to drink it. I have a bad feeling every time her Aunt appears, and worry what her plot is...Elsewhere Cr. Prince makes plans to send his lover away...for his safety

3.At the horse track Li Zhe and Crown Prince race horses together (Li Zhi is often portrayed as innocent). The emperor arrives and tells Crown Prince that he liked his apology and then walks him to some records. They are all about his lover, Chengxin, and Crown Prince implores the emperor to believe him when he says that he is not connected to the prophecy. The Emperor believes him, burns the reports (which was delivered to him in a twisted way) and tells him that he must kill Chengxin because it will solidify his hold on the crown and prove to the public that he is strong.

4.Elsewhere, Prince Wei is so happy he might bust. At the same time he learns that Crown Prince is sending his lover away (he wants to implicate him in the prophecy) he also learns Xu Hui has committed to his cause.

5.Xiao continues to suffer under the strange medication she must take and endure her Aunt's extremely controlling behavior. I wonder if she is poisoning her or plans to take the baby as her own after killing her?

6.The prince takes Chengxin hunting but is unable to kill him...upon his return his tutor lectures him and tells him that it is Chengxin's honor if he can die to serve him and that the Crown Prince's own worse enemy is himself.

7.Elsewhere Crown Princess walks with Menieng. Menieng and her both believe that the person being executed for 'Wu' is some Commander from nowhere. Menieng seems to not have any qualms over this (she's becoming more ruthless--she doesn't want to die). She empathizes with Crown Princess who shares (essentially) that even if she is not the crown prince's lover she wants him to value her. Menieng tells her that for a man like the crown prince, who values power, she needs to prove herself his equal and stop bowing down to him.

8.Li Zhi and Menieng have a random encounter in the library. He gives her the art of war, and tells her he has been studying to support his father when he challenges the rebels in the north. She compliments him and says he has really grown up.

9.The Emperor and Menieng meet up. he confirms he is going on an expedition soon and wlll be gone for 6-12 months. She wants to go. he says no, she says she will be like Mulan. he basically says he wants to protect her from the horrors of war. He then takes her to a private room where many candles are lit (like over a hundred) and shares every time he has felt uneasy about killing someone he has lit a candle in memory of the dead.

10.Elsewhere, the crown prince gets up in the middle of the night and meets with Chengxin. He drinks a lot and Chenxing seems to know why he is there with a sword. He begs him to be sober when he sends him off. They then go to a spot on the woods, that Chengxin has picked, and he closes his eyes and the both cry as Crown prince swings the sword....

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