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Eternal Love Episode 39
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"ep 39 review SPOILERS"

1. After walking Li Jing through her experiences being hurt by him in painfully precise detail Li Jing tries to explain that had he known she were injured and the severity of her situation he would have acted differently. She explains that he does not love her; that he is essentially in love with the idea of her. She explains that he looks for things he can't have or have lost but read more he does not cherish them when he has them. Li Jing fixates on her inability to forgive him.

--I personally think he needs to forgive himself because she has made it clear many times that she wants nothing do to with him. she says he is the only man she has ever completely loved but too much time has passed and she is different now. She tells him they are acquaintances now and bids him a farewell.--

--Props to Ye Hua for respecting her space and not interrupting her, speaking I suppose to how much he loves her. He alone notices how much it hurts her to sever ties entirely with Li Jing. I can imagine she was probably doing him a service by ending things completely and for her it was hard because she was saying goodbye to an old friend, someone she once loved in fact :(

2. Phoenix god goes to see Mo Yuan and curiously asks Mi Gu to keep it a secret

3. So now learn from phoenix gods inner dialogue that Kunlan mountain is actually formed dragon bones (guess that makes it special) and he has sensed some divine energy at its base--I think he is suspecting that Mo Yuan will awaken again

4. Phoenix god stops by Kunlan and runs into an old desciple of Mo Yuan who passes on the info that ghost lord stopped by and said he saw si yin in the mortal world (probably Bai Quian when she was a shifu) and another follower went to check it out. the whole place has been spruced up and cleaned....almost as if

5. Bai Quian arrives in the heavens secretly with Yu Hua to recuperate. After some flirtatious banter we see her yet again avoid the subject of the feelings between her and Yu Hua. It is extremely easy to notice because she avoids making eye contact with him and makes an excuse to escape. Without fail she has done this multiple times since meeting him.

6. Ye Hua takes her to several places she has been, even showing her the flowers he grew 300 years ago after su su jumped to her death. She experiences feelings of discomfort at the palace of beauty and her old servant falls to her knees in tears in recognition. Bai Quian dissuades her and again rejects that she is su su. I find it interesting that Bai Quian has not once thought about why so many people have mistaken her for su su.

7.Su Jin is horrified to learn that High Goddess Bai Quain has been brought to the goddess of beautiful youth, a strange occurrence indeed

8.How can Su Jin compete with a badass like Bai Quian? Everyone seems to love and revere her. And she has power to boot. Now her competition isn't a dead girl but a living breathing high goddess. Su Jin is going to do something dumb I can sense it; she is going to get sloppy because she's gotten away with it so far and she is confident in her position in the celestial court...but Bai Quian is a high goddess and a queen and apparently su su and su yin she has waaaay to many people on her side.

9.Bai Quian learns that su su loved peach blossoms hence Ye Hua planted them. ...sorry I find this child actor extremely annoying. He shows up.

10.Baby prince assumes that she is pregnant because he read that a woman can't hold a baby from another family when she is pregnant (what is this kid reading?)

11.They go the realm of supreme purity, where if you recall Yu Hua recovered following his battle against the mermaid lord, i believe. Yu Hua takes her peach blossom fan and with her permission plans to write a (love?) poem on it

12. Baby prince and her take a bath together. Ye Hua continues to focus on all the similarities between her and Su Su and talks to himself about it.

(around moments like this, that seem to drag, I want to see some Dong Hua and Fengjui...)

13. Si Jin tries to get the sea princess to feed Ye Hua something so he sleeps with her. I guess she figures if Bai Quian is offended and breaks the engagement she can then dispose of the princess afterwards. If she succeeds it is the kind of betrayal someone like Bai Quian could forgive. Case in point, Li Jing. I mean she also killed herself as Su Su because she thought he was with Su Jin, and there was no physical evidence.

14.Sea princess tries to get Yu Hua to eat the soup, promising this is farewell soup since she is leaving the nine heavens. He agrees because she once save A Li. He doesn't eat it, because he has some smarts. Instead he interrogates her. He immediately brings up the incident of the water push in the mortal realm....he pressures her until she confesses that she pushed her. She confesses then that the soup contains a drug that can make him like her.

15. Si Jin steps in and stands up for her, probs because she knows that if the other girl confesses she will sell her out. this is where I would think Yu Hua would use some crown prince authority to interogate her in private since she confessed to attempted murder and attempted...statutory rape? There was a drug in there.

16. Bai Quain comments on how pretty Su Jin's eyes are (that will be weird when she gets her memory back)--Yu Hua I imagine called her in so she could see Su Su was back--he is really nice and sends the sea princess home. He also tells Si Jin she should go too if she is so attached.

17. Bai Quian chastises Yu Hua for bringing her to the palace in the first place and lets her stay, and calls him out for thinking a woman in love would just come to her senses. The scene ends with Su Jin in shock and the princess begging to stay.
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Eternal Love Episode 38
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"ep 38 review"

1. In the very first scene Yu Hua finally has a confirmation to two burning questions: where was Bai Quian all those years ago, and did she take something to forget her memory? Phoenix god tells the truth, to the extent that he knows: that she was missing, that she was found injured, and that he gave her the potion to forget at her request. Phoenix connected the dots and assumed she read more was Su Su, which Yu Hua confirms. Yu Hua explains how he know Bai Quian and Su Su were the same, beginning with her mannerisms.

2.Proving to be unusually dense, Yu Hua tells phoenix he suspects she wants to forget him becuase of Mo Yuan. HOW DOES THAT MAKE SENSE? Mo Yuan is dead. Su Su had no memory of him when she lept to her death, and also, Yu Hua did a number of awful things to her, beginning with failing to protect her, ignoring her, not explaining anything to her, lying left and right, AND TAKING HER DAMN EYES OUT OF HER HEAD!! I really find this to be a poorly scripted part. Ye Hua needs to take responsibility for his behavior and begin with an apology. Pardon my angry outburst at obvious blame dodging, I find it hard to believe that is his biggest insecurity. I would be more concerned about her remembering what he did than about Mo Yuan, who is currently dead, and therefore, not in anyway a threat.

3. In a stroke of genius Xian Xu uses her vulnerability to cause a guard to have his guard down. She kills him and (while carrying around her still dead baby) grants a most unusual request: Li Huan reveals the curse, that the death of him and his siblings will strengthen his father. He wants to awaken him and have him kill everyone. This seems reasonable to Xian Nu as she is too weak to do anything. I kind of respect Li Huan for this extremely brave move, it isn't like he will be able to know if his father is ever successful. But his hatred and bitterness transcends even that. What is truly awful is he tells her exactly how to kill his sweet sister. Even Xian Nu finds this request to be vicious. I genuinely pity Xian Nu, I always have. She kills him and takes his jade which is supposed to help him find his sister.

4....In a death bell far far away Ciang Ciang stirs and he says he raised only one good child because his child sacrificed himself. Ciang Ciang says he will slaughter the entire world.

5. Xuan Nu clumsily makes her way through the woods while carrying her dead baby (it's really sad she doesn't have more confidence) she is using her own blood I think to keep the child's body from decaying. Now a fugitive, she is hiding from ghost soldiers. It is extremely sad to watch. She becomes homesick and chooses to see her mother. Sadly, she overhears her mother essentially disowning her and stating angrily she has no daughter, focusing on her traitorous behavior. Sadly, she can't accept responsibility for her actions and continues to blame Bai Quian. She is a little right--I mean Li Jing was in love with Bai Quian, however Bai Quian had no control over any of that.

6. Xuan Nu nearly runs into Li Jing ho is waiting to see Bai Quian. This seems to cement her desire to punish everyone. Can't say I blame her. Even on the eve of her own execution her husband is trying to see Bai Quian. If Li Jing had loved her even a little bit I don't think she would have become so twisted. But he tolerated her kept her close (physically I mean), bullied her (which was undoubtedly a trick just to get him to notice her, even if it was negative attention) and didn't even try to hide his feelings for Bai Quian. I'm not saying it makes her behavior okay but I can feel empathy for her.

7.Yay Fengjui and Dong Hua!!!!!!! So it's raining when we open to this couple. He carries her on his back!!!! This is just so darn sweet, because immortal Dong Hua would never deign to do something so romantic. He says he can't bear to see her feet wet so he carries her. She's still wearing the bell she stole. Awwwww. This will be burned in my memory.

8. Next scene is discarded clothing and cuddles on Dong Hua's bed....oh my gosh he says he wants to have a baby with her (basically he says I have been doting on you for so long i.e. we have been sleeping together for a long time) and she admits she has no control over that (perhaps si ming did not write that into her story?) the scene ends with them making love again. I think they have had more sex than any other character in the series, and that includes Li Jing (sorry was that crass?)

9. Dong Hua spoon feeds Fengjui...omg I melted during this scene. She asks him, 'Will you always treat me will' and he promises 'I will always treat you well'.

10. Why does she have to break his heart??? Why does Dijun want her to hurt him? WTF? I knew it. he is a sadist/masochist. Making her hurt him and enjoying the suffering. Dijun, who knew you harbored such dark thoughts??? She shouldn't have to do that to someone she loves! What could be worse than hurting the one you love? That's it Dijun. I am breaking up with you. You can't hurt my girl like that!

----i know this is going to have negative consequences later. But i feel like if she doesn't do it, then it's also bad. I am feeling great conflict and frustration!--sorry readers. I am writing this literally as I watch the show so you are all reading my feelings as they pop up--maybe she will have his love child now that would be a twist

11. meanwhile someone...i think 18th? (feels like dragonball z with all the numbers) runs into Li Jing's sister who is working as a maid somewhere. i think it is safe to assume they will fall in love, leading to another complicated love story.

12.Ye Hua and Bai Quian run into Li Jing on their way to heaven. When I think about all the people Li Jing has had to apologize for, I really feel bad for him. His one mistake was messing things up with Bai Quian and it has haunted his every waking minute. And Bai Quian will never forgive him.

13.He tries to give her the jade stone...and she essentially says we don't need it. She encourages him to lives his life and move on as she has. She clearly tells him that she was once in love with him but she was also naive. She explains how she felt after he lied to her about the stone, and how he disappointed she was. END EPISODE

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Eternal Love Episode 37
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"ep 37 summary spoilers! kind of boring episode"

1. Xian Nu is imprisoned by the ghost lord. This line stays with me, 'In the 70000 years that we have been married I have never truly understood you'. I am not sure if this means that having seen her behavior around Bai Quian he finally understands her or if it emphasizes that he can never understand her. Either way, she is still his wife, and I think Li Jing is someone read more really unsuited to be a ruler because he does not seem to want to hurt other people intentionally. He seems to not be happy with the task of punishing her but he tells her that at the end of the day, he is ghost lord first and so he sends her to the Artic and await a day to be punished (he has to skin her and tear her limbs off, I think, is what Ye Hua requested).

2. Of course she is placed in a cell next to the eldest ghost prince. Of course they are going to collude together. Which also begs the question: how is it that two of the craziest people are placed so close together? Must be dumb luck. Or a writer who has new plot line he wants to write.

They are both so deluded. And so obsessed. Xian Nu and he are now filled with hate and thirst for revenge; she is willing to risk Li Jing's life if it means she can kill Bai Quian by working with Li Huan. I find these two characters extremely interesting, because members of the ghost tribe are so different from the rest of the tribes--they are much more human in their actions and resolve. And without a doubt more passionate.

3. Third prince explains to Yu Hua the history with Mo Yuan and his relationship with Si Yin in a way that has Ye Hua questioning if he is just a fill in for Mo Yuan (I think they may be the same person, but who knows).

4. Mio Qing (sea princess) is lectured by third prince and tells her to go home; she is wasting her time. It is obvious by her expression that she has become steadily disheartened since arriving. Which may be the first time someone in the show has actually wavered in who they love; everyone else seems to be so obsessed with one person. Of course I don't mind this. But it should be noted if that is in fact true. Maybe there is still hope for the sea princess if she can remove herself from Si Jin.

4. Some guy named Bi Feng confesses to Bai Quian (I like her character a lot but I get tired of the trope of 'every guy loves one girl' and vice versa) Bi Feng shouldn't confess since Ye Hua is pretty possessive. Anyways, we are treated to an awkward scene as Ye Hua interrupts and Bai Quian must reject him in a respectful manner in front of Ye Hua (who I imagine is seeking a confirmation of her feelings) and she hides behind etiquette and her clan, stating she has no choice but to marry Ye Hua.

--I can't help but notice, as I am sure anyone reading and watching can, that she loses her cool facade around Ye Hua and becomes clumsy and shy; it's cute--is it bad that I kind of want her to knock Ye Hua around for what he did to her eyes?--

5. For the billionth time Yu Hua tells Bai QUian he loves her and how he will never leave her. Perhaps residual PTSD froom her memories is making her reject him again and again and again. Perhaps the betrayal of others in the past is impacting her decision. It could be stubborness since she had no control in selecting her partner. Who knows. And now we have to deal with Yu Hua wondering if Bai Quian loves Mo Yuan or not.

6. 18th explains how everyone got drunk that night and Si Yin went missing with Mo Yuan. Who knows how to hold her drink better than anyone else....? Tell me WHY Ye Hua hasn't figured it out yet but he solved the mystery of XianNu so quickly? Come on writers!

7.Si Jin has a plan for the sea princess to follow--we can all bet it is nefarious.

8. I do feel for Bai Quian who has to endure the stares of her friends and family who are clearly suspecting their relationship to be romantic, something she is not ready to admit which makes her more defensive.
Overall I found this episode to be more of a 'tying lose ends' and 'setting the stage for more things' episode. It wasn't very interesting and merely granting closure on some things only to plant the seeds for new conflicts.

I won't lie was extremely sad there was no Dong Hua and Fenjiu in this episode. It isn't that I don't like the maine couple, I don't know why, I just like Dong Hua and Fenjiu more perhaps because of how unrealistic their pairing is while Bai Quian and Ye Hua seems far more practical/realistic. It should be noted that the interactions of Bai Quian and Ye Hua are more understated and subtle, a skill that is arguably much more difficult in writing and acting to pull off and make interesting. So i can respect the writing and acting. I also think that my adoration for Journey of Flower makes me more likely to like Fengiu although I might like Fengiu even more because of her mischief-making and reckless behavior.
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Eternal Love Episode 36
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"ep 36 spoilers--fengjiu is married!! And Bai Qian gets some revenge"

1. We open to Bai Fengui whose hand is firmly grasped by Dong Hua. He is gazing into her face intently and she begs him to stay by her side. He promises to stay by her side. She seems to become uncomfortable (she wears her emotions on her face) and tells him the other concubines have been waiting outside. He allows them and as they come in he asks if she would read more accept the title Pure Consort, making her even more uncomfortable and the Royal Consort to remark that it would be improper to which he replies 'when has anything ever been proper in my harem' O_o

2.Change scene to Bai Quian who is with Yi Zhen who is excitedly trying to show her a cute animal. But he makes the mistake of touching her. Ye Hua who is watching shows himself and says he is here to claim his wife. Si Ming knocks the boy out, erases his memory, while Ye Hua explains to Bai Quian why he is angry.

3. Chance scene to Fengjiu who, poor girl, is visibly troubled. She clings to her aunt and looks like a lost puppy while she asks her what she should do--and says that Dijun a.k.a. Dong Hua looked like he was about to cry while looking at her. Her Aunt, either because she is impatient with Fengjiu or trying to make her feel better, I'm not sure, tells her she must have imagined it and blames the water (I genuinely believe that if Fengui weren't so worried she would have accepted that lame reason). But Fengiu is adamant. He was upset.

4. Si Ming and Ye Hua enter, and we learn that the disaster fate of love involving Zi yhen and Dong Hua has been averted however because Dong Hua did not fall for the fated lady then Fengjiu must take her place. Otherwise it would be interfering with fate. This reason alone is what convinces Fengjiu to do it, and i have to respect her for her selflessness, while she loves Dong Hua she genuinely wants to repay his kindness still and does not want to selfishly take advantage of him. That is difficult to do. I personally would take full advantage of a chance to be with the beautiful Dong Hua, even if he is not in his mega hott god form. ---We also learn that she has to hurt Dijub by giving him something sweet and then hurt him--

5.Change Scene: We learn that Si Jun is shocked that the little princess from the sea had the guts to push Quian into the water (yes, it was her who did it) but because she failed she now needs to figure out how to get rid of her because if Ye Hua investigates he will be angry if he traces it to her. So what does she do? I am continually delighted by her duplicity and manipulative nature: she says she will help the girl become Ye Hua's woman. Yup.

6.Chance scene to Dong Hua who is creeping outside of Fengjiu's room. He says he could stay there all night long and seems to clearly be infatuated with her. He goes inside....

7. Let me use this point to say that I hate Dong Hua's beard and mustache SOO much.

8.Dijun asks if she would like to play 'go' she says she doesn't know how. He says he will give her anything. He says he has been struggling to remember how they met. He believes that they first met when she first slept with him (a.k.a. Lady Chen) She asks him if he is really going to spend the night here, and he asks if that is inappropriate, and she says no. She is afraid and thinks about her father who would be mad if she slept with some guy outside of marriage. So Dong Hua agrees to marry her again!!!!!!

9.I love weddings! We are treated to a lot of famous Dong Hua 'looks' as he waits for his bride! (You know, that kind of intense unblinking analytical/overall intense stare) This is so shocking and awesome because it is the guy who is the most unfeeling and arguably eccentric in the universe. Lusting for a woman. Mind blown. Also reminds me of the fact that he is like as old as time, hooking up with one of the youngest immortals alive....

10.They sleep together....times like these make me wish that China didn't have such strict censorship I wanted to see more kisses, not an implication! Sigh....

11.Change scene-We learn more high immortals are catching the same sleeping sickness. Bai Quian learns that Xian nu took on her appearance and kidnapped not just Mo Yuan but her son. I love how quickly this character acts, she immediately is out for blood. No hysterics or concerns for the consequences. Super kickass.

12. Change Scene-Ye Hua has magically connected everything Xuian Nu--apparently there was a goddess whose murder intent hampered her ability to have children. She got around it by killing high immortals and making an elixir. Caper solved. When he learns that Bai Quian went alone to the ghost kingdom he storms off

13.Si Jun lectures the young princess to never be like 'that woman' who causes Ye Hua to disrespect palace kingdoms The little sea princess seems to be uncomfortable but agrees she is right.

14. Bai Quian kicks a lot of ghost ass using her fan in a great action scene. I think she can handle it herself as she is a high goddess. But she is injured. And then she plays a little game of words with the ghost rider queen who looks pretty bad ass herself (love her costume) . Bai Quian basically slaughters all of her soldiers blindfolded---

15. Xian Nu uses Mo Yuan and the boy as a living shield, stopping the sword from killing her just as Ye Hua shows up. I don't blame her--i would have used them too were I trying to accomplish what she was trying to accomplish. In a refreshing display, Ye Hua ASKS if she wants to kill her or does he want him to kill her. She tries to, but Li Jing intervenes because Xian Nu uses Bai Quian's face.

16. The truth is out, and you can tell how deluded she is because she explains to Li Jing the plan to save their son. Li Jing can either brutally punish her himself or go to war. Ye Hua gives him this choice. Seeing her situation unravelling Xian Nu results to begging Li Jing. It is evident that Li Jing knows he is right. He begs for mercy on her behalf--Li Jing is just too nice--and then Xian Nu is dumb enough to boast!! Her old face is returned to her for this.

17. Xian Nu seems to suffer a mental break at having her old face returned. In a fit of madness she blinds herself.

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Eternal Love Episode 35
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"Ep 35 spoilers"

1. It doesn't really add up that Dong Hua is the father of the reincarnated Yi Zhen but time moves differently. It seems too convenient for me. Oh well.

2.Ye Hua with his hair down!!!! He and Bai Qian share a bed but it is innocent. She likes him a lot I gather to allow this.

3. Ye Hua gives her some protective beads and kisses her forehead after asking her to read more do his hair.

4.Bai Quian spends her time as Yi Zhens shifu (yawn sorry this episode really dragged for me)

5.about 15 min in Bai Quian encounters her niece who faints to avoid talking to her. She worries about being taken away and her aunt learning she used the two lives curse to stay and serve (wink) dong Hua

6. Ghost queen plans to use the elixir chamber to burn mo yuan and make a life saving drink for her son. Even her own soldiers appear disturbed by this taboo magic

7. Bai Fengjiu explains her reason for using the curse that she can love Dong Hua by day and be free of those feelings at night. She then says it is essentially a more legit form of love to love when no one is looking. I take this means she is okay with just serving Dong Hua and either no ready to commit or she has made her needs (and love) second. She also explained that she is supporting Dong Hua until he meets the woman he is to love on the fated day. Being dumber than a sack of rocks (in a cute way not annoying) she hasn't realized that the woman is her. Also probs why she hasn't slept with him.

8. Her aunt calls Don Hua lacking in goals but Bai Fengjiu defends him explaining he has never experienced true love. She also confirms he has not raped her after her aunt asks, her aunt tells her she plans to remove Yi zhen from dong huas trial of llove.
---I cannot imagine Don Hua raping anyone even as a human---
9. The Phoenix god is summoned to help a sea kings eldest son who is in a coma. The Phoenix god explains he is safe but must investigate some things first.

10.Bai Quian explains that Yu Zhen will be saved from the trial by having someone push the emperor into the water while invisible. I guess the attention will be on the emperor and not the beauty they are fated to love. Snake goddess volunteers in spite of the danger of using the spell. So the next option is second prince

11.second prince wonders if Bai Qian picked him out for of revenge for canceling the engagement FYI anyone who uses their powers in the mortal realm will get in big trouble. His wife talks him out of this way of thinking. He goes to see Bai Quian and remarks on he resemblance to Si Yin ( how has none figured this out yet?)

12, Don Hua is watching some dancers ( I miss his god form....) and Bai Fengjiu is watching Don Hua. In the brush Si Ming and Ye Hua are watching everyone else. The plan is ready to start....

13.she is able to use her power as a shifu to lure Yi Zhen away. A roc bird appears and Don Hua suspects it to be an I good or bad?

14.a woman is snatched by the bird and drops into the water. Someone invisible pushes the emperor into the water and everyone focuses on saving him. Apparently Don Hua cannot swim. Bai Fengjiu jumps in to save him. Ye Hua uses his magic to intercept Bai Quian because someone pushes her in the water.

15. We learn of course that this was si mings plan all along and he explains in a few months Bai Fengjiu will get what she wants.... I assume she will become Don hua's lover !!

16. The emperor Don Hua awakens in Bai Fengjiu arms....awwww

17.we learn that the one who pushed Bai Quian is the sea goddess princess now servin Su Jin. Su Jin is upset because while not her plan she failed. She clearly needs to get rid of her in case Ye Hua investigates. I am certain she believes everything is justified because she loves him.
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Eternal Love Episode 33
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"Summary 33 spoilers"

A large chunk of this episode continues to follow Ye Hua, Bai Quian, and their child. Ye Hua essentially moves into Bai Quian's home. She can't really say no. I think she could use her cunning to avoid him but I believe she is attracted to him she allows him to kiss her and continues to mind the kid. At one point Ye Hua is attacked by shadow assassins and we learn read more gods from the East Sea have been attacked as well but no one knows why.

It is the celestial emperors birthday and Ye Hua returns home alone. Su Jin has the idea that if Bai Quian breaks it off she is gold but is concerned about reports of them spending time together. She orchestrates a plot: she invites the young cousin of Ye Hua ( the emperors grandson/second princes' son) knocks him out feeds him alcohol and then sets it up so it looks like she has been molested. She explains she fought him off but would still like to die while in the presence of the emperor and the princes. Su Jin can read people well and she knows this will anger the emperor as this grandson is his once favored second princes son. Enraged the emperor refuses to grandson and has him sent to he mortal realm to endure 60 years of hardship.

Throughout this entire 'theatrical event' Ye Hua clearly can tell this is an act ( he acts with his eyes very well) and he gives Su Jin a cold warning after he confronts her in private: he tells her she should quit while she is ahead, that he has allowed to live because she gave him the lamp and more importantly she has su su's eye.

Finally the episode turns to mortal Bai Fengjiu and mortal Dong Hua. She is summoned to Dong Hua bed chamber and he tells her that his first love and mother of the crown prince chose to be a nun after birthing their son and will not see him during her bi monthly visits. Bai Fengjui offers some uplifting advice that makes him smile and he Lyell her that her flower mark looks familiar and fascinates him and he wants to look at it constantly then he leans in to kiss her. She panics ( recall she is like a teenager in terms of age and for all purposes an inexperienced virgin) and uses the tray as a shield before fleeing in embarrassment. She also can be heard breaking his cup.

Me: I truly do not like it when dramas incorporate young actors like the son. The acting is overly cute and the story lines boring because of the child. They are using it to push the romance forward and it is a weak device. I continue to enjoy the delightfully wicked Su Jin whose obsessive love is now impacting more lives and I can't wait to see the development of Dong Hua's relationship with Bai Fengjiu. I find their romance so interesting and it has somehow eclipsed my interest in the main storyline.
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2 days ago

"great but..."

Okay so I like how they wrapped this up with all the personalities leaving and him collecting up loose ends but I don't understand the company part. NO he did not want to work there to begin with so is he now like a silent owner? Not a big issue but this end left me feeling empty, just a little. I loved the main character though, the way he portrayed all the read more personalities was great and I could not have imagined one person doing so many roles.
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Signal Episode 11
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"Oh my"

For me this whole case was so difficult to watch because it was heartbreaking in every way possible. Maybe it was because Cha Soo Hyun was a victim herself, or maybe it's because I felt bad for the culprit, even though his childhood with his abusive mother doesn't justify any of the killings, but I still had a really hard time getting angry with him, because he was so messed up that read more I thought that what he got and what he has become was punishment enough for him. Also I was so shook when I saw the scene where the culprit's mother killed his dog and put it in one of those plastic bags and continuously told him (while putting him in a small bag) that that would bring him comfort, because it explained why he killed all of these women in the first place and why he killed them this way. I don't think he himself realised that he was committing crimes with killing them. On the contrary, I truly believe that he thought he was helping them, doing them a favour with ending their lives. He was trying to give them comfort. Do for them what he couldn't do for himself. It's messed up, really. And so sad. Everything about this case was sad and depressing. Beginning with the culprit's past to Cha Soo Hyun's empathy with the victims and to her becoming a victim herself.
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Radiant Office Episode 1
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By far the worst first episode I've ever seen! The characters' back stories are poorly introduced. Scenes are messy. Music is out of place and sound FX like a child's play. Story line predictable and boring. And worst of all actors and actresses are all terrible.
It all comes down to the director. This is the first of 500+ drama that I've seen that I've dropped on the very first episode!
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Kill Me, Heal Me Episode 1
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It's one of the best pilot episode I've ever seen. It got me hooked and intrigued.
And I'm curiously waiting for tge upcoming episodes! !!
I love Ji Sung and Park Seo Joon both, so it's definitely a treat to my eyes!!!!
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Because of You Episode 4
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"As if ..."

This episode and the previous one were really full of inconsistencies and I have to say I find the writing really weak and flawed, I'm even wondering sometimes why I am still watching dramas like that but somehow there is something about ''Because of (Meeting) You'' that makes me click to the next ep, probably because it's addicting in its own way at least for now, I don't know ?!
And the characters read more in this drama really give me headaches, especially Hui Jie, she's so evil and despicable, I really can't understand people like her and why they have to act this way, being scheming and destroying other people's happiness just because of a stupid greed. What she did to Xiu Hua and her husband simply for a mere competition is simply inhumane.

Anyway here are some of the flaws :

About the car crash, (first I'm asking myself how Hui Jie didn't notice her daughter was in her car on one of the back seats, it's almost impossible not to notice, I mean didn't she look at the rear-view mirror, not even once?
Also When she went to the hospital to see how the situation was with Xiu Hua and her husband (since Hui Jie is the one who caused the accident) Xiu Hua then showed her family an evidence that Hui Jie was at the scene, showing one of the earings she left at the scene, Hui Jie of course denied and suddenly picked up the pair of earings from her handbag that she was wearing the night of the accident. What ? ...

... I think it's even more suspicious the fact that she had the earings with her and in her handbag on top of that (in my opinion it's the same as admitting she is the culprit, because she was so happy to have them with her and to show them to her mother in law and husband as proof.) I guess they didn't need more evidence to believe her o,O. Uh ! Total nonsense

I need to mention I really dislike the women in this drama, they are so malicious and vile, particularly Hui Jie. 'Would even dare say it feels like some of them are actually not educated, judging from their behaviour and personality. I don't want to sound too pessimistic or mean but I actually needed to release my anger.
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4 days ago


Yoo Jung is so high of himself in most parts and it's annoying the hell out of me. And what's with his hair??? He looks nice but the hair... Also, I feel so bad for Seol here. She's kinda stupid sometimes though, or maybe just too kind.

I'm always waiting for In Ha's scenes. Love Sung Kyung so freaking much!!
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Eternal Love Episode 12
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6 days ago


I'm so bloody addicted to this show. I was expectingtye least cause I'm not into long dramas. But believe me when I say it's addictive. U will definitely get charmed by Ye Hua.
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6 days ago

"There's no way that actress Im Ye Jin is her grandma! "

There's no way that actress Im Ye Jin is her grandma! Unless she had her daughter super young and then she had her granddaughter super young! Even then. No way.

However, she does make a really awesome grandma! She flipped the tables on that mean teacher. Not to mention flirting for band practice space for her dear grand daughter!

It's very cute about love at first song writing! Ha-ha. It's a bit read more sad, and real, to have her fantasies shattered about her mystery man. Though this drama brings forward the simple fact of misunderstanding someone.

I love that So Rim's friend pretty much fainted when he thought So Rim was fainting! So well done. What a cute and convincing job of it, not to mention the expression on his face. He might clearly have a crush on her I still love how caring her male friends are of her. Wanting to protect her.

More the the past between Crude Play is revealed. Not to mention more of Han Kyeol. The reality behind his choices and maybe the joy of music has become blurred by the harsh realities of the industry. True no one knows how hard it is for him, but then he doesn't really open up to other people.

I really don't have much idea about The Liar and His Lover. I'm trying to keep it that way! I do like the feel of this story. Though Han Kyeol, despite back story, is simply a jerk at this point. I won't lie I'm a bit creeped that So Rim is in High School. Thankfully she is a senior so technically things could get less creepy.

Overall I think this is a very fun and bright feel to it. I do have a soft spot for dramas with music and singing dreams. I also like the slightly more adult feel (Han Keyol's now ex-girlfriend and the CEO).
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6 days ago

"Rough start, but very enjoyable. "

Rough start, but very enjoyable. I do believe that this will be very enjoyable for me. It also doesn't hurt how happy I am to see Lee Hyun Woo again! I truly loved him in To the Beautiful You. With Joy (of Red Velvet) really bringing the Joy to her character So Rim (I know, I know I went there) I think they'll be a great pair!

Overall I think this first read more episode could have done a better job at bringing the story together, but the basics are given. It was enjoyable.

I really loved the flash dance/band performance to confess ones feelings. (Though I felt so bad for the confessor!) Not as bad as the girl who got the flowers taken away after she picked them up! Poor girls.

Oh, and the fanservice tease has already began! Han Kyeol dancing and taking off his shirt, but we didn't get a body shot. ^_- They're playing the fans already.

Overall a fun start. I'm very curious as to how much the Crude Play member will be part of the story and such. I do like the basic concept and think this could be another great music drama. I really like how all the cast members play off each other in this first episode and expect great things later on down the line.
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