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5 Reasons to Watch: KBS Drama Special "Let Us Meet"
Drama Recaps - Dec 11 2017

Set in the 1930s, a sassy shop employee dreams of getting married despite her poor situation. She meets professional matchmaker Cha Joo Oh. At first they are both clashing heads - but soon sparks start to fly.

Drama Fangirls: Where Do You Rank?
Editorials - Dec 09 2017

A look at fangirls within dramas, but also where do you fall in the ranks of drama or idol fangirl worshiping!

Disney Casts Liu Crystal as Mulan in the Upcoming Film Adaptation
News - Dec 06 2017

Beautiful and multi-talented Liu Yifei lands coveted role of Mulan in the 2019 live action Disney Film

3 Dramas That Fans Are Still Impatiently Waiting For
Editorials - Nov 30 2017

Whatever happened to these dramas and would you watch them?

HappySqueak's Weekend Movie Recommendations
Editorials - Nov 24 2017

Time to relax and enjoy some great movies over the weekend! Here is a selection of romantic comedies with a little drama to spice things up.

Oppa Gangster Style
Editorials - Nov 22 2017

The tropical and bold fashion of Drama Gangsters! Let’s take a look at this reoccurring theme!

Currently Watching: Black
Drama Recaps - Nov 11 2017

A girl who can see the shadows of death that cling to people about to die, and an icy cold Grim Reaper who has just possessed the recently deceased body of her childhood friend. OCN's Black.

HappySqueak's Weekend Movie Recommendations
Editorials - Nov 03 2017

3 great films to enjoy through your weekend. Try these if you need something light and fluffy, melodramatic, and a non-romantic drama film that will have you rooting for the main leads and all their friends to find happiness!

Currently Watching: Go Back Couple
Drama Recaps - Oct 29 2017

With their marriage doomed in frustration and resentment, these two leads travel back in time to 1999! Their goal: not to fall in love or get married again!

Currently Watching: The Big Boss
Drama Recaps - Oct 03 2017

The Big Boss is the perfect blend of creative storytelling mixed with imagination. Presenting a light hearted, slice of life that you will definitely enjoy!

Currently Watching: Save Me
Drama Recaps - Sep 08 2017

One of the Kdramas to excel through the summer slump has kept its viewers on the edge of their seats! Here's why you should check out Save Me.

Why Not To Watch The Netflix 2017 Film Adaptation of Death Note
Editorials - Sep 07 2017

While there is nothing wrong with interpretations of amazing stories that leave deep impressions, some are simply better left in their original state.

The Time Travel Dramas of 2017
Editorials - Aug 29 2017

The time travel theme has been really strong this year! Check out these 2017 titles which infuse the fun and curious theme of sending a lead back to the past or present future.

Sung Hoon slays in new Photo Shoot for BNT
Editorials - Aug 08 2017

His latest water photo shoot set by BNT is worthy enough to rival the looks and power of Water God Habaek himself!

Exploring Character Jobs and Workplace Positions in Dramas
Editorials - Aug 05 2017

While romance is not always the main occupational hazard at most jobs, conniving and plotting co-workers can be. Here are some interesting lines of work we see leading and supporting characters cast in.